November 24th, 2012


non-committed long distance relationship

I was dating someone for 2 months recently from Australia and I just moved back to America for a year at least to take a commited job. It was the best relationship i've ever been in and we were crazy about each other, but because of the distance, we decided not to stay committed/monogomous and just keep in touch and see how it goes (in a year we'll both be free from jobs and school and so we viewed it as light at the end of the tunnel). I want to talk to him way more than we are doing, even though we've skyped 2 times. I send him little fb messages when he's online sometimes and he doesn't reply to them, but I guess he just doesn't see them or figures he'll reply later. Because it's night time for me when it's the afternoon for him, I'm always the one who has the urge to Skype him. I want him to talk more, but this may be because I just left him 4 days ago and still really miss him/it hurts. 

Should I have a serious conversation about it or just wait until the pain gets better and ease up? My life will get busier in a few days when I start my job, so I wont feel the need to talk to him as much, but right now, I feel a little crazy.

Has anyone had this complicated, non-committed long distance sort of relationship thing? How did you handle it?

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What would you prefer?

Exiled from and refused entry into your country for the next ten years
House arrest, cannot step more than a foot outside your current house/apartment for the next ten years.

What would you prefer?

Shave your head bald, not allowed to grow out longer than an inch for the next five years
Absolutely no hair cutting or trimming of any sort allowed for next five years, grow it out

Your local municipality is having a sale of used city vehicles. One of these must become your new personal vehicle for the next 5+ years. Which do you choose? (Any expensive equipment will be removed before you get it)

Fire Truck
Garbage Truck
Corrections Dept. Transport Van
Police Segway

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I have a sweater that is 40% wool, 30% acrylic, and 30% says hand wash and dry flat, but I kind of want it to shrink up. How horrible for the sweater would it be to just dry it anyway? Have you ever done this?

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Why not?
Because I said so
Because we do not use that word in this house
Life sucks
You suck
Because you touch yourself at night
Because no one cares what you think
Because it makes the baby Jesus cry
Eat your damn vegetables and shut up already

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You're invited to be involved in a Kris Kringle/Secret Santa thing this year. You are asked to write down three things you would like (spending limit $40).
What would you ask for?
eat me

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You've come home from a really tough day working/being productive/using your brain. All you want to do is throw yourself down in front of the T.V., relax and unwind.

You may also have junk food for the occasion.

What are you watching TQC?
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Next month I will be flying for the first time. I will be gone for a week and am wondering, what is the largest size luggage that I can bring? What qualifies as a "carry on?" I definitely want a carry on plus a checked bag so that I can carry liquid makeup, lotions, etc. How much can these bags weigh? Basically, how much crap can I bring with me? I'm worried that I won't have enough room for all the clothes I want to bring. Any info is greatly appreciated :)


I have googled with mixed results.

1.Is it possible for a tick to burrow itself completely under the skin?

I have felt a lump on my cat's neck before but I just thought it was a little fat pad or lump like dogs get when they are older, since the cat is supposedly about 8 years old. Today he was relaxed enough (in simplest termshe's a rescue, so he is skittish sometimes) that I could pull back his fur and look. There was a tiny scab, and then where the lump is was darker, and I can kind of roll it around, so to speak. It feels like a little ball.

I plan on calling the vet on Monday, but I was just curious if anyone knew about this stuff. People on google are saying either OMG NO WAY JOSE! or UM DUH, YES IT CAN! I'm confused.

If it is completely under the skin, I assume there's nothing I can do about it, right? I remember  my parents removing ticks from my dog when I was a child, but that's because the butt was always sticking out.

2. While I'm at it, how can I get my cat to lose weight? I will also ask the vet. I'm feeding him the right amount, he is on diet food. He goes outside daily but I'm pretty sure he just basks in the sun. His vision is not that great so he doesn't really like to play, I think because it scares him.