November 23rd, 2012

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Do you and/or your family have any traditions/superstitions/rituals that you use?

My mom is a total hippie and she taught me at a very young age how to get rid of hiccups.  It is such a silly thing but it comes handy!  :)

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I have the opportunity to interview for a job on a private island in Hawaii. The town has a population of about 3,000 people but Maui is accessible by a 45 minute ferry ride. The job likely wouldn't pay much at first, but working for a world renowned resort has a lot of benefits - complimentary stay at any of their resorts [for weekend visits to Maui, for instance], free meals, discounts on a lot of things around the island, etc... they also offer relocation assistance.

Pros: I'm turning 24 tomorrow, and I've just spent the last 15 months living in San Francisco [first time moving away from home... eager for more adventures] I don't have kids, or pets, or a boyfriend. I'm brave and embarked on my San Francisco adventure impulsively - packed up my car and moved with hardly any notice and absolutely no plan, and figured it out along the way. At least this time I'd have a job lined up, LOL. My other option would be likely moving to the East Coast in a few months, so either way I'm going to be far from my family and friends.

Cons: I'm used to living in big cities, with a lot of social activities available [even if I don't participate] and I am very good at making new friends. I'm a little worried that I would feel isolated on the island - I imagine a small town like that must have a big sense of community [or hope?] but the idea of being on an island with no friends, or with all older married friends, does intimidate me. However, if I hated it I could always move back, right? And transferring with a world renowned resort would probably be fairly easy. The time alone may also encourage me to write more, and finish my degree online [which I desperately need to do]

What would you do, TQC?

Food pantry?

I have a bunch of unopened pasta, canned goods, gravy mixes, etc. Is there anywhere I can donate this stuff??? I've been Googling and everywhere seems to be accepting monetary donations. I'd hate to waste all of this food, but it's stuff relatives have given me that I won't eat. Is there some kind of "find a food bank near me" app?
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extra restaurant charges

Happy greedy-black-friday! Have you ever had a restaurant charge you way more than you signed for? (As in, the waiter added an extra little # for a bigger tip?) What did you do and how did you handle it? Thanks!
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Is Two Better Than One?

For the folks here who have dual citizenship, why do you have it and do you think it's a good thing to have?

For everyone, would you post a photo that you took of two similar, or two identical, things?
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tqc, have any of you been on an internship? i just got asked to come in for an interview next week, and im not sure how to prepare. what kind of questions will they ask? what am i supposed to know? what should i wear?

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Have you ever decided to take a break from dating/becoming romantically or sexually involved with people for a period of time? How long did you choose to refrain from it and why? How did it help you or what did you gain in doing so?
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secret remedy for cough?

I'm experiencing a cough that gets worse when I lie down to go to sleep. It's there but milder when I'm standing up or sitting. Nyquil, Nyquil Cough, Vicks Vapor Rub and Halls cough drops don't seem to help.

Is there any secret household remedy that would get ride of this cough?

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I'm watching The Descent 2 right now, which is surprisingly good so far. However, [spoilers ahead!] if people already know that these damn monster things track their prey using sound, then why the FUCK do they insist on talking?? I can't with the loud ass questions and even the whispering. I mean, damn, these things have been living in a dark cave system for who knows how long--you think they can't pick up on the most minute sounds? I know, it's a horror movie, etc., etc...

Does anyone know of any horror movies in which people actually make good/common sense decisions? And still get fucked over/killed? That would be some real horror shit.

You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Do you like Christmas movies? If you do, which one is your favorite?
How about Christmas tv specials?
If you celebrate Christmas, when do you put up your tree?
How long do you keep it up?
What's your favorite Christmas song?
What's your least favorite Christmas song?

DK/DC? Does anyone want to exchange Twitter/FB?

As always, my answers in the comments.


People with tattoos: Do strangers or co-workers/acquaintances/etc. ask you what your tattoo means, or ask other personal questions about why you got your tattoo? If you do not feel comfortable sharing that information but you don't want to be rude, what do you say?

I have a tattoo that means strength/power in Italian and I got it for a very personal reason and I just don't know how to answer people sometimes when they question me about it. Any ideas? Srs or non-srs are welcome :)
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Black Friday Recommendations!

So! I know we've had a 'what awesome deals did you snag' post already, but! In the interests of ALL THE SAVINGS, what Black Friday/Cyber Monday/weekend deals would you recommend?

The ones I stumbled across were Hasbrotoyshop's free shipping deal, Amazon's lists of awesome price cuts, and Steam and Origin's sales. Steam is constantly adding ridiculous percentages off and Origin has some kickass Sims deals.

ETA because I hit post too soon, alternatively, what Black Friday deals were you looking for? Maybe someone here can point you towards something awesome you didn't see!