November 22nd, 2012

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How do you deal with people not liking you? Does it bother you?

Is there anyone who really dislikes you for some reason? Why? How do you feel about it?

I just noticed tonight that a friend of mine [or so I thought] deleted me off Facebook. I felt really confused because the last time I saw her things were fine, I thought, and we haven't had any fights or anything. I decide to write to her and ask what's up.

She ends up writing me and saying that she deleted me because she finds me intense and super annoying and didn't consider us friends. I shouldn't let it affect me but I feel really awful. Even though I know you can't please everyone, right now I wish I could. And it hurts to know that I valued her as a friend and she didn't even consider me one.

Blah. Share your stories?

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My husband loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream but always complains that there isn't enough of the dough. So for his birthday on Saturday I am going to be making egg free chocolate chip cookie dough and mixing a bunch of it into ice cream. :)

For some reason I am nervous about it and have a couple questions that are probably silly.

Do you think soft serve or regular vanilla ice cream would work/taste better? I can buy a quart of soft serve from Dairy Queen or just pick up some vanilla ice cream from the grocery store.

I am worried about mixing it... I know I will have to let the ice cream soften, but I am worried that the consistency or the taste will be weird after I freeze it again... Is this true? Any tips/advice about softening ice cream, adding mix ins and then re freezing it?

Thanks a lot from a chronic worrier. :)

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Imagine it is your birthday tomorrow (Friday 23rd). Earlier in the week you were being a smart ass and mucking around with your boss, and you mooted the idea of taking your birthday off as an annual leave day. You were just kidding. He has just asked you if you really would like to have the day off, and said it would be absolutely fine with him if you did.

What would you do?

Edited to add that you will still get paid, but you'll be down one annual leave day.

Poll #1880302 To work, or not to work? That is the question!

Do you take the day off?

Yes! No work on your birthday!
No! Save the day for something else!
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I know this is a long shot, but has anyone ever given or received this item from Gift Republic? I want to get it as a gift, but I need to know which four cat species are available to choose from because she has a thing for lions and I'd like for her to be able to choose a lion. Oops, I'm dumb. Thanks!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, who is the hardest person to shop for gifts for? (Maybe you can describe them and other TQCers can give you ideas?)
surprise mewf

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Hello everyone! Hope having a great Thursday, or if in the US, a relaxed holiday!

So are many other people here big Sherlock fans like I am? After getting excited with the recent revivals in film and tv, I decided to remedy the fact that I never read all the old stories. Some of them are pretty fun! Gotten them from the library til now, but think I'd like to buy one of those nice compilation volumes. Thing is.. just looking at Amazon, there are so many versions out there! Annotated, illustrated, "Unexpurgated". Do any of you have any recommendations on the matter as far as 'nicely put together' goes? Thanks!

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How do you feel about the fact that your government does not control/have significant influence over major website like google, but rather private corporations?

Companies rather than gov't running major websites makes me feel safer
Comapnies rather than gov't running major websites makes me feel less safe
Gov't of my country does exert control over these, and that is :D
Gov't of my country does exert control over these, and that is D:

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Can you show me some examples of fun birthday party invitations?

I'm supposed to make one for the party I'm throwing with my sister but I have no inspiration. Or do you have some creative ideas? We're turning 22 and 23 and we're having a mobile bar thing in our parent's garden (we have patio heaters so even in december that should be fine), nothing fancy, just dancing and drinking with a bunch of friends and family.

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I'm moving on Monday. I've been living here for a year and there's a weekly event that has been pretty big in my life - I met a lot of friends through it and have gone pretty regularly. Tonight is the last night it's going on before I move. It won't be like old times because it's Thanksgiving and most people won't be there, though. I am planning to visit in the next few months, but who knows if I actually will.

Would you go or stay in?

Stress Dealers

I'm not happy at my job at all with and I need an immediate job switch. I've been put in charge of managerial duties but I've never done it before and the guy is a douche who is never here, only give me sporadic bits of info doesn't care. Also an employee sent me a text saying she took money out of the til to get supplies and didn't tell me until after the fact.

And now he wants me to learn his kiosk because he's a dunce and didn't hire enough people to run both. He also doesn't care if I want to or not (which I don't).

To top it off I've been dealing with a mysterious illness that my doc can't figure out for the past 5 month and I'm at the end of my rope.

Aside from quitting and trying to find another job, what else can I do.

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do you watch porn? if so, what kind? would you be more or less interested in it if it included an actual storyline and good acting? or, are you just there for the sex?

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You have been convicted of treason and are going to spend the rest of your life in a supermax prison (ie, solitary confinement 23 hours a day; about 40 minutes of exercise a day and shower 3x a week.

Aside from reading glasses and prescription medications you are allowed to bring three other items with you. TVs, radio and the internet are not allowed. What do you bring?


My one volume edition of Lord of the Rings
A notebook computer or tablet -- even if there is no internet, there's still word processing software and solitaire games.
A collection of world mythology.