November 21st, 2012


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When spending a significant amount of time at another person's residence (SO, friend, etc.), when do you consider yourself more than just a guest?  When should you start helping out around the house?

If you live with another person/people, what are your biggest annoyances with their habits?

How often do you change your look?

How many pillows do you sleep with?  Do you have anything else on your bed?
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Have you ever been made to feel guilty because you were born "privileged" in some way or another? White, heterosexual, male, beautiful, cisgendered, what have you?

Do you think it's different from making someone feel bad about themselves because they were born with less privilege and/or different from most people?


Evidently the attempts at mediation with Hostess are failing. How much does this affect you? Do you care at all if you can no longer buy Twinkies/Ding Dongs/etc.? If the brand does go to the wall, what type of food or brand will you use as a substitute?

If you celebrate Thanksgiving and are having a big feast tomorrow, what one thing are you looking forward to eating that you don't usually eat year-round?

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I just bought a car last week and am looking at winter tires. 

On kijiji, I have found four Dunlop Winter Tires and four Hankook Studded Winter tires. I'm not as much curious about the brand as I am about the "studded" vs non-studded. 

I know studded is supposed to make you grip easier. But that's about all I know. There is about a $150 price difference between the two so I'm wondering should I fork over the extra 150 for studded? Do they really make that much a difference? And just any other information from anyone that's used studded tires before. 



I live in Alberta, Canada 


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I'm wanting to find out whether Amazon will have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on the Kindle Paperwhite. A quick Google didn't produce any information.

Can anyone recommend any sites which list BF/CM deals, or something like that?

I'm Australian so that's my excuse for being clueless about this :P

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Which of these would you consume if they were expired according to the label but still looked/smelled fine?

Other dairy products
Fruit Juice
OTC medication
Prescription medication
Condiments/salad dressing
peanut butter/other nut butters
Canned Fruit/Vegetables
Vitamin supplements
Cooking oil
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Is it worth forking out the extra cash (normally around $50.00-$100.00) to buy a Kindle touch 3G + Wifi as opposed to a Kindle Touch Wifi only? Also is the Kindle good or should I go for a Kindle 5 or Kindle Paperwhite instead?

I'm looking at buying my boyfriend a Kindle Touch for Christmas. He works in AV, so often there is a long period of time when he just has to sit at a booth and be on call without needing to do anything and I thought it'd make a good pressie :)

I bought him the Kindle Touch WiFi from here and decided to use the extra $46.00 I saved (instead of buying the 3g model) on getting him a screen protector, case and booklight.

New question: Is there any good software programme to store and organise your important documents on the computer?

Plan my Thanksgiving meal for me

It's just hubby and me for Thanksgiving this year, so we decided that instead of turkey we're having duck. We still haven't decided what exactly to do with the duck, though.

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Right now the duck is sitting in a maple syrup and rosemary brine.

So the question is... should we just:
-roast the duck regularly, make duck gravy, and serve with homemade cranberry sauce on the side; or
-cook the duck with a cranberry glaze/sauce (eta: like this) and have that instead of gravy?

(I guess: to gravy or not to gravy, that is the question.)

Also, mashed or roasted potatoes?

Anyone else having an atypical Thanksgiving meal?
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Now that Newsweek is ending its print edition by the end of the year, what magazine should I subscribe to? I'm looking for something similar to Newsweek that publishes stories on current events and politics.
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Drivers in the UK, do you change your oil yourself or get it changed somewhere? Which brand of oil do you think is the best?

DK/DC What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid? Was kids' TV better back then or is it a case of rose-tinted glasses?
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hey tqc! remember my old post about how i was billed $600++ for my phone bill this month? well since the phone operators were of no help, i decided to try and track my data usage on my iphone and see if it matches up with the one on my bill.

so on my bill, my data usage for today was 17mb+. on my iphone, it says that my sent data is 4mb and my received is 26mb, does that match up?? i get a daily update on how much data ive spent that day, but how do i check this with whats on my phone?

eta: tbh at this point im starting to believe that even me going in store to talk to someone personally isnt gonna help (and neither is me filing a complaint to the ombudsman), since my only argument is that "i SWEAR i didnt use that much data." so... whats the worst thing that could happen if i just refuse to pay? i have 4 mths left in my contract. :x