November 20th, 2012

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I've been applying for jobs like a madwoman, and I received an e-mail reply from a legit company conveying interest on Sunday. However, the conversation has left me really annoyed.

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Wtf am I supposed to make of this? Did he just expect me to show up? I replied again and tried to corral this all-over-the-place dude into meeting tomorrow morning at either 9:00 or 10:00, but also let him know that I am leaving to go out of town for Thanksgiving but would be delighted to meet with him either before or after at a set time. I sent the e-mail at 5:00 and no reply yet.

Is this guy completely unprofessional, TQC, or quacky, or am I in the wrong somehow for not anticipating his all-over-the-place requests? I've never encountered someone like this. It also weirds me out that he didn't try to call me during any of this, but it is a legit company, so...

ETA: I'm driving home tomorrow for Thanksgiving and I also need to move my things out of my old apartment. Should I wait around to hear from this guy in the morning [meaning I get started on the 10 hour drive later] or just say forget him and his probably wack company and leave earlier?
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I have a friend who completed a graphic novel. He is trying to find someone who will be interested in publishing it. How does he go about finding someone? The premise is pretty cool.  
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How hard is it for you to keep Christmas/etc gifts a secret from the people they're for?

I've just decided what I want to get my fiance for Christmas (a subscription to Sirius radio in our car, he's a big Howard Stern fan and would be thrilled to be able to listen to his show live during his hour-long morning commute) and it's almost painful for me to keep my mouth shut about it. I know he'll love it, and I'm excited!
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Despite know that nestlé is by all accounts a pretty 'evil' exploitive company. I still will readily buy polo mints and kitkat chunky caramels because I like them.

Does this make me a bad person?

Do you boycott any companies products you really like on moral grounds?

Are there any products you find so good or delicious that you don't care who makes them?

Sick of water and tea...

Thanks to a stomach ulcer, my doctor banned me from drinking any carbonated drinks, coffee and sour fruit-drinks (like orange juice) for at least two weeks. I made it past 8 days on only water and tea, but it's starting to get really boring. And thanks to my IBS I need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid each day. Can you recommend me some drinks to spice up my drinking-diet, that would be ok for my predicament?
(Oh and alcohol is out of the order too! Oh, AND i'm allergic to red fruits)

Don't know/Don't care: How's your cat?
My cat Bor found out he really likes my new desk-chair and he keeps on stealing it whenever i stand up, or tries pushing me from it. It's annoying but cute at the same time. 


Does anyone use a pedometer or fitness tracking tool (fitbit, Nike+)? What do you use and do you like it? Does it keep you motivated to hit your step goal?

I have an older model of
this one, but I need to get new batteries for it. I definitely find myself enjoying hitting my walking goals more with the thing than without it.

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For those having the big Thanksgiving dinner about what time will you be sitting down to eat?

for those that can't have the big dinner on Thursday, when or what will you do to celebrate?
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what do you think of those little girls sophia and rosie who are obsessed with nicki minaj and are always on ellen?

for those who live in apartment buildings: when the postman / delivery person comes to yours, do you buzz them into the building or meet them downstairs?

should i volunteer for the cancer council, red cross, or amnesty?

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Hey knitters/crocheters, can we have a Ravelry post? My account is here

Don't knit/crochet: what's the largest jigsaw puzzle you've ever done?

I did a 3,000 piece one a few years ago. Took most of a month to do it.
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What's the big deal with deleting comments? Almost every community I'm in prohibits, and I don't understand why. Is there something wrong with realizing you said something stupid and correcting yourself?
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A Bit of Advice

As part of some personal goals I am placing for the next few months, I am considering spending NYE alone in Chicago.  This is an exciting concept for me as I have never travelled for NYE and NEVER by myself.  It would be a statement of how much I am able to take care of myself and of my autonomy.

If I travel now, however, I am not completely 100% sure I will have all of the money I will want to have a good time.  I worry about running out.  I am moving into my first apartment by myself and don't know exactly what my bills will look like in the first month.

Also if I stay in town I know I will be able to afford new items for my apartment, and I could take the vacation in January or Feb when I know I will have all the moneys I could possibly want and will have more time to plan exactly what I want to do.

It's a seductive idea for me to spend the time in Chicago specifically at that time of year for obvious symbolic reasons.

What are your thoughts TQC?  Should she do it?  Should she not?  Should she stop referring to herself in the third person and imagining dramatic organ music in the background?
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Spider Post!

If you have taken one, will you post a photograph of a spider?

Additional/alternate question - How noisy is your living space? My house is usually pretty quiet, but my neighbor has been chopping wood outside my window all afternoon and it's driving me crazy.
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Dear Dr. TQC,

About a month ago, give or take, I pulled a muscle in my back; it was so bad that I could barely move for about an hour. It was significantly better by the next day. However, every once in a while it is a little sore. What's up? Is it still healing? Should I try to do some weight lifting to make my back stronger? or should I just suck it up and go to the doctor. 

Also I  tripped while running about two months ago and banged up my knee. I ceased intensive physical activity for about two weeks, as the knee was very sore. It is much better now, but it still occasionally hurts for a period while I run. I've also noticed that it tends to hurt most while I'm sleeping. WHY. Is my body slow at healing, am I fucked for life, do I need to see a doctor, or is this just normal recovering? 



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Have you ever heard of someone who attempted suicide and then described the experience as a total wakeup call - realized what they'd be missing out on and decided to change their life?

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I'm applying for an English language teaching job in Japan next year through the JET Programme. In my application, I need two written references. Because I'm still studying teaching at university when I'm applying, by their rules one of these references must come from someone within my school.

I feel like I don't know any of my lecturers or tutors well enough to ask them for a reference off the bat. Only one of them has ever seen me teach, and that was over 6 months ago when I was on my first placement, and she had a lot of improvements for me to make (which I believe I have made). The only other person I can really think of is the Learning Languages lecturer...he probably doesn't remember me, but I chose Learning Languages for a "specialist week", and got a good grade for that part of the course. I assume he'd be the most relevant person to get a reference from, based on the job, but would it be incredibly weird to email him explaining my situation and asking for a written reference when he probably doesn't even know me? Should I try the other lecturer who saw me teach 6 months ago? Or someone different entirely?

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I am planning on buying all of my holiday gifts from small businesses that make homemade items - can you please link me to some of your favorite etsy stores/small business websites? Doesnt matter what they sell.

eta: shoot, sorry. I didn't check before posting again. :/ I thought my last post was awhile ago!
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Does Apple TV instantly stream movies off itunes, or does it have a downloading period like when you watch on your laptop?

Does anyone here have AppleTV? Do you like it?

Are there any other (legal) options for instantly streaming new release movies in Canada?

What gifts are you most excited to give this Christmas?

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TQC, is it possible to drop a dress size in 2 weeks? I have a ball, and I don't want to buy a new dress, but all my dresses are UK10. I am currently in a UK12 which is nicely fitting on me.
I don't want to crash diet. I'd just give up all snacks, eat lean meats, lots of veg, just drink water. I already exercise a fair amount (hockey) but I'd just move to doing something every day.

Is this achievable? Or shall I just start budgeting for a new dress haha?

Dk/Dc - any fun plans for the next few weeks?
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So I am meeting my boyfriend's nephews this weekend, ages 4 and 7, and nieces, ages 10 and 13. I can count the times I've interacted with children around these ages ON ONE HAND. Help me! I want to make a good impression. How do I relate to or interact with these children?