November 19th, 2012


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What do you have waiting for you on your DVR?

Inspired by me desperately trying to work my way through my DVR before I leave for another two weeks.  I got home Friday and it immediately warned me that it was 99% full!  Eeeep!
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Do you ever work yourself up from a few mild symptoms into being convinced you probably have a terminal illness?

ETA: A guy with some sort of phoney-radioey-calculatorey-looking device and a long metal stick is going from yard to yard in my neighborhood, sticking the stick into the soil, and then moving on to the next house. He just did mine. What's happening?


TQC!  Tomorrow I have an interview for my dream job (IT position at a university).  This will be the first interview I've had in 4+ years and I feel a little out of practice - and I want to absolutely ace it.  What are some tips and tricks that you have learned for interviews?  Any other advice you can send my way?
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TQC, I'm applying for jobs for the first time in two years. One job is a seasonal job, and I'm at the availability section of the app. As it stands right now, my availability would only be in the evenings during the week, because of school. However, school ends in less than three weeks, and my availability will be completely open during Christmas break. So my question is, do I put on the app that my availability is completely open and take the chance that I won't get hired until then? Or do I put down the limited availability, hope I get an interview, and explain myself then?
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#1) Vegetarians out there- Do you eat parmesan cheese? Do you eat cheese in general? If so, do you avoid cheeses made with rennet? (How do you knowww?)

I only just recently learned about animal rennet in cheese. This may be the tipping point in turning me vegan.

#2) What seemingly unlikely things have you learned have animal product in them?

I was a bit surprised when I learned that liquid laundry detergent usually has gelatin. It makes sense, but I never thought.

Transporting thanksgiving dinner to hospital?

So my mom is in the hospital and will be over Thanksgiving. This will pretty much be my first year making everything by myself and I decided I am NOT letting my mother be alone on Thursday. So I decided to make dinner, pack it all up and bring it to the hospital on Thursday so we can eat together (It's pretty much just me and my parents). What I thought I'd do once the food was cooked was put all of it into plastic containers (cutting the turkey up of course) and pack it into a box, then bring it to the hospital.

My question: Would the nurses allow this and should I ask in advance? I was thinking of bringing enough food so that if they wanted some turkey and stuffing they could have a little, but would it violate any rules?

ETA: I just called the hospital to find out if I'm allowed to bring some food up. The nurse said the only restriction is low sodium otherwise they don't mind if I bring dinner up to Mom. :)

Thank you all for the suggestions.
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For those of you that share a bed with someone else, what size bed do you have?

I can't decide if I want to get a full size or a queen size. Full size is cheaper, but queen just seems so much bigger for some reason, even though it's only six inches wider than a full.
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If you could be any animal, which would it be and why?

What movie title describes your sex life?

What book title describes your social life?

What about song title for your current mood?

If someone goes into the 10 items or less lane and obviously have more than 10 items, do you say or do anything?

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What's the best way you (yes, you) would make your SO happy using only your mouth? If you're single, insert a hypothetical SO and what you think your best assets are

Say 'I love you'
Read to him/her
Pray with him/her
Stop talking
Oral pleasures (sexual)
Sing to him/her

Like above, except what's the best way you'd please your SO using only your hands?

Making him/her dinner
Doing chores
Typing 'I love you' on a keyboard
Handjobs/fingering (sexual)
Signing divorce papers

Like above, what's the best way you'd please your SO using only your feet?

Go dancing with him/her
Go hiking/running with him/her

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If anyone has the blackberry playbook, what are some good apps to download?

I just got given it as an early Christmas present and I'm so exited to play with it! Never had any sort of thing like this before and it comes at such a good time because my desktop had finally given up the game XD

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Will you complete these three sentences WITHOUT looking other other peoples' responses first?

1. The best thing that Albert...
2. I will never forget the smell of...
3. There were nine of us in the church...
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Career-related question:

Which of the following would you prefer?

A) You discover you have a rare skill that sends you speeding to the pinnacle of some random career path. You will quickly become a well-paid, highly-respected mover and shaker in this field. You have no choice what the field is, except that it won't be anything you find morally objectionable.

B) You have a real shot at the career of your dreams. For example, you receive an advance for your first novel, you get a full scholarship plus living expenses for a degree, you are hired for a six-month trial period for a particular job, etc.

C) You receive an income equal to the average income of your current neighborhood, on the condition that you never earn money again. Volunteering is fine.

D) You get a six percent raise at your current job. This is in addition to any raises that you might otherwise receive.

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I'm supposed to meet a guy for coffee at 8. It is now 6:18ish. I have not heard from him today.
I don't have his number, but I have facebooked him and emailed him to confirm/ask a question. He has been online since I sent him the message but he hasn't replied.
The place is 30 minutes from my house so if he isn't planning to go I don't want to bother driving all the way there.
On Saturday he said "okay, see you then" but we have not talked since.
Should I just suck it up and drive there even if he doesn't reply?
Is it weird of me that I like to confirm things DAY OF?
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Inspired by ms_octopus_lady's earlier question I am curious, are you surprised that a King size bed is only as wide as two single (twin beds to translate to American) together? It is longer, but the width is exactly the same.

So, are you surprised?

I don't get it.
I don't get it, but will post feverishly in the comments until I do.
You lie curefreak!!!
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For those of you who have fish tanks, how often do you clean them/do a water change?
For those of you who have animals of the non-aquatic variety, how often do you clean up their poop/cage?
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I have a full-time television editor position right now. 10 minutes from my apartment (that means a lot where I live), salaried, benefits, great perks (50% off any AMC movie ticket, discounts on theme parks, hotels, sports venues, cruises, universal, disney, you name it and I probably get a dope discount).

I have another job working as a summer camp director that I've done for six straight years. I get to work with awesome kids, play video games all day, and chat with celebrity parents. It's seasonal: 9 weeks in the summer, no benefits, no perks, although it has a higher monthly pay due to my years of experience. There is a possibility I could get hired full time in the fall. The staff that I would manage at this job have all started to apply for summer positions and are using whether I come back or not to decide what camp location they want to apply to work in.

My dilem? Should I quit my full time job to work for the summer job? I love working my full-time job, but the summer job is hands down the best job I've ever had. Period. I fucking live to go to work.

So basically my question boils down to stability versus immediate happiness.

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Okay, so I made up a game and it might be lame but I'm bored and feeling adventurous, so let's try it, if you please?

The first commenter posts the letter A, and people respond with three things that are awesome that begin with the letter A.
The second commenter posts the letter B, and people respond the same way, and so on and so on.

I guess there really is no 'winning' this game or anything but if you CRAVE COMPETITION, let's say the letter with the most comments wins. Or something.

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My boyfriend and I were told today that we have to bring his bratty 10 yr old cousin to NY with us for Thanksgiving so she can see her other cousins. I do not like this child at all and a 4 hour drive in a truck might push me over the edge with her. She is a spoiled rotten snot who has never been disiplined or taught to respect other people.

Taking her with us now changes any plans I had of seeing my family for Thanksgiving because there is no way in Hell I could take her to my familes houses. My family are all older and some are disabled in one way or another.

I told my bf that I rather not go to Thanksgiving if we have to take her with us. I feel that if her parents want her to go to NY they should bring her up themselves and not burden us with having to take her.

Should I lie, and politely tell her parents we don't have room for her in the truck ?
Should I just stay home and do my own thing?
Should I suck it up and try not to be miserable while i'm around the little shit?
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I just made a pot of chicken soup since I'm sick, but I can't taste it. D: What are the chances that it is bland, boring, or otherwise sad?

What are your favorite ways to eat poached eggs? I just learned how to make them and I want them all the time! So far I have had poached eggs on toast and poached eggs on spaghetti.

What is your favorite album by your favorite musical artist?

How often do you use your kitchen/dining room table?