November 18th, 2012

baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)
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I am learning to sew and I soon want to learn to sew clothes. Does anyone know of any good online stores for clothing fabric? I'd love just for anything with practical fabric to wear but a place where they have patterns that aren't your typical "arts n craft" pattern is a plus! Thanks!

Also, completely off subject but while I'm here, does anyone have any reason why I haven't been receiving lj comments through my e-mail? Is this happening to you?

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1) I know most of us in TQC are white peeps, but for any of you who may be biracial/multiracial, have you experienced any particular challenges associated with your mixed ethnicity? What are they and how do you deal with them?

2) Doesn't apply to you: Say you've been short on money for a long time, but finally get your hands on a little extra. What's the first thing you're super excited to finally buy/get again?

For me, it's getting my nails done!
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My google fu is not good

I'm trying to find a youtube video or other information about a song about twinkies and ding dongs. I heard it on a podcast a long time ago.
Some of the lyrics include
"In the bible where it says manna, it really means twinkies, and ding dongs"
and "You can feed a lot of starving Ethiopians with twinkies and ding dongs. I know because I used to be...a starving Ethiopian..."

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So I know most everyone has gotten bad customer service at one time or another... have you ever *given* someone bad customer service? Or just behaved badly towards a customer/client because you were sick of the worlds crap or some other factor not entirely related to them?

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Need to write the rough draft to an informative essay with something in my major.
I am a Culinary Arts major, but I feel like there are endless choices to write about.
Any suggestions? What would you like to read about from an informative essay?
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It's tight season again, even in Arizona! Woo-ooh!

What is your favorite brand of tights?

I am on the hunt for some high-quality tights.

Someone suggested Spanx, and I am tempted to buy one pair of those in black, but they are rather expensive -- so any other suggestions would be great.

I was also looking at Hue, but perhaps you have some other suggestions of brands that come in lots of fun colors?
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Does anyone have some ideas for inexpensive, easy to mail Christmas gifts?

I'm quite strapped for cash this year, so for family and nearby friends, I'm looking into various cheap homemade gifts, with holiday cards going out to most other friends who live far away. However, one of my best friends lives in Arizona (I'm in California) and I'd like to send her a small gift as well. Something inexpensive but thoughtful and hopefully something she can put to use.

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dk/dc: What are you giving for holiday gifts this year?
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I asked out a guy that I really like and he accepted. We're going out next week.

Please please please, what can I do to not be a bumbling idiot on this date.

I'm smart, I'm well read, but around this guy I lose it and I don't want to. I want a second date out of it, if at all possible.

How do I make this happen?
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What kind of sheets do you sleep on?

How often do you wash them?

Edit to add: OMFG a 13 year old girl just called me to tell me that she found my wallet outside (everything still in it!) my job and is going to return it to me tomorrow. I thought I'd just left it in my cubby at work...I am in total shock right now. I'd really like to give her a thank you, but I am totally broke. Any ideas on what I can do?

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My friend has been dating her boyfriend for three years and they live together. Her family lives in town and his lives in a different state. For holidays, he flies to be with his family and she stays in town.

Do you think this is perfectly fine, or a little weird? If you were in this situation, would you do the same?

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Has anyone had any success with tattoo cover up?
How long does the average tube last?

I'm hoping to cover  an ankle tattoo when I work in Disney world, but it's going to need to last a year, and this stuff is expensive!

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I had posted on facebook that I wanted to volunteer at a local soup kitchen this holiday season (a little late, I know). I had googled kitchens in my area and the one major one in town looks like they're not taking any for now (except for cooks, but I don't cook).

Then one of my friends/co-workers stated that she wanted to help the homeless as well and suggested that we help them together (assumingly on our own), maybe handing out sandwiches and water bottles.

I would like to hear their story as well (if they feel free to share it with us) so that they know they have someone out there that's not judging them for their situation and that there's hope. And maybe if my friend is willing to split the cost of a hotel for a family for a night so that they have a place to shower and spend a warm place to sleep.

Does anybody have any experience doing this? Anyone have any suggestions besides just food (which we plan to do, I believe, if allowed)? I really want to do something, but just don't know where to start. I also don't want to insult anybody by insinuating that they're homeless if they're not or even if they are, assuming that automatically they need help.

Two stipulation is that:
1. I'm broke. We get paid on Wednesday and have little to spare (simple cold sack lunch type items wouldn't be too hard for me to spare for a few people). We MIGHT get a Christmas bonus this year, but that's not guaranteed and I don't know when we would get it if at all.
2. I don't want to get in trouble legally for doing this (possibly health code violations, etc.). I live in Oregon if that matters.
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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

Do you have cocktails or any alcoholic beverages with Thanksgiving dinner? If so, what do you enjoy? I like the idea of serving cocktails but I don't know what I should serve.

We usually have wine with dinner (a local strawberry, a local blueberry, and some sort of red wine.

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When you put nail polish on your nails, how long does it last before it starts to chip etc.?

I don't bother doing my nails often, because whenever I do the polish starts coming off/looking bad the next day. I've tried various brands of nail polish, doing one layer vs. several, etc. and it happens pretty much irregardless. I have no idea why this is, it's not like I wash my hands with OCD frequency or anything....anyone have any ideas?
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When you rediscover a movie or show that you loved from your childhood, do you want to watch it again or avoid it in case it doesn't live up to your fond memories?

What is something that you re-watched and still loved?
What is something that you re-watched and was disappointed in?
What is something that you're avoiding so it doesn't get spoiled?

(Brought to you by my indecision about re-watching Wishbone and Ghost Writer after my disappointment over Are You Afraid of the Dark.)