November 17th, 2012

screw u

Just realized I posted this in my personal journal and not TQC. Duh.

Do you (or anyone you know) maintain a blog dedicated to exposing another person for their complete and total lack of sense or ability?

I am so tempted to do this.  An old high school friend posts the most unintelligible shit on FB.  It honestly takes me 10 minutes just to figure out what he's trying to say.  I would never expose his name or any identifying information.  I'm just looking for people to commiserate with.  LOL

This is the site that I got the idea from:  It's honestly just as cringeworthy.
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vibrating alarm clock

I need a good old fashioned vibrating alarm clock, if something like that exists.

I am quite hearing impaired and am looking specifically for something that vibrates rather than makes a loud noises. I am having trouble finding something cost-affective...I do find it interesting how expensive vibrating alarm clocks are considering they are geared for the disabled, but c'est la vie. Another perk of having bad hearing.

I received an alarm clock several years ago through a program for disabled adults but it was a piece of shit and stopped displaying the time after 6 months. It also costs about ~35 dollars brand new.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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If you were a witch/wizard in the Harry Potter world, would you have believed Harry when he said Voldemort was back in book 4? Be honest.

I probably would have thought, "There's that annoying Potter kid again, making up stories. Someone give him some attention." As a reader, I was sometimes annoyed by Harry and could see why people didn't believe him.

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Should I get a pet bunny, TQC?

I'm torn because on one hand, I'm going through a lot right now and could really use a companion friend. I love bunnies, I haven't had a pet since high school, I'm responsible enough to take good care of one. It would be therapeutically helpful for me to have a little buddy right now.

On the other hand, I'm about to move to another state for a few months [I would be picking up my friend from a reputable shelter shortly *before* moving due to lack of good shelters in the other areas] and another one in another 3-4 months. Would it be too stressful for a bunny to go through those moves? I'm not concerned about being able to take care of it in either place.

I want to make sure I'm not doing anything bad by getting one. My mom thinks it's a stupid idea, but she isn't an animal person in general so I don't know whether to listen or not.

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Today's the last day for deviantArt's BOGO premium membership sale. So for $30 you get a two year subscription instead of one.

Should I get one because they're on sale? :/ I wanted one anyway some day, but I've been spending too much this month.

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Does your bologna have a first name?

Or do you have a formal relationship with your bologna and use 'mr.' instead of first names? Or maybe yours is an informal one and have nicknames for each other?

Have you taken your relationship with bologna to the next level?

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Is there someone that exists in your life that, had you the ability to erase the time you spent together or how close you were to each other, would make your life better?

Is there anyone you regret being friends with?

DK/DC: Plans for the weekend?

Help me translate my student's work....

I'm grading my 11th graders' quizzes from yesterday. We watched a clip from The Crucible, and while characterizing Abigail one of my students wrote "Because Abigail tried to grab Mr. Proctor's growell and kissed him we know she is a slut." In the scene in question, Abigail grabs Proctor's crotch, so I know she means something along the lines of crotch/penis/whatever. But I've never heard "growell" and I can't figure out if she's misspelling something else or if this some new slang. Her handwriting is very clear so I'm definitely not misreading it.

TQC, have you heard the word "growell" before, or can you figure out what word she actually meant to use?


So last night we had half a dozen people drinking and playing Scattergories and we've started lapping ourselves, i.e. bizarrely getting the same letters for the same lists.

In the interest of keeping things fresh, what are some new lists of interesting categories we could use? (And we're all 18+, so they don't necessarily have to all be kid-friendly.)

So far I was thinking elements of the periodic table, James Bond characters, comedians, scientists, cleaning products, etc.

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she blinded me with science!

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Do you tend to get more stones in one shoe than the other? Have you ever studied your gait to see why that might be? Did you discover anything?

I get more stones in my right shoe. My left foot tends to point a little more inward than my right foot, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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What are some good, dark graphic novels? (I know nothing and need to knock a person out on my holiday gifts list. Literally all I know is he's said "I really enjoy dark graphic novels, I haven't had any in a couple years, I should get some" so idk what else to look for).

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How old are you?

How do you feel about being that age?

If you're older than 21, how would you summarize your experiences age 18-21?
If you're older than 25, how would you summarize your experiences age 21-25?
If you're older than 30, how would you summarize your experiences age 25-30?
If you're older than 35, how would you summarize your experiences age 30-35?

ETA: If you could change anything about a previous stage, what would it be?

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Let's say you won a 5 minute shopping spree. You have a choice of where you want to spend the spree. You have one standard grocery store cart and everything that you fit in that cart would be paid for. 

Where would this choice store be? 
What would you get?
Have you or anyone you know/n won a spree?

I probably would hit up the store, like Walmart or Fred Meyer. That way, I could groceries and a variety of stuff. But the first thing I would do would be shoving as much gift cards I could off that stand. 
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Time Crisis 4

Can you use the old ps2 guns for Time Crisis 4 on PS3?

if so HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!

I plug it into the USB port, I have all the pieces plugged in, BUT no matter what it won't act like the gun is plugged in.

I KNOW it's been a LONG time since I have used those guns. But I know one gun is working because the gun and the other part lights up.

WHAT am I do wrong? will it even work?
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For those of you who wear contact lenses:

1. What type do you have? (daily, fortnightly, monthly etc)
2. How long did it take for your eyes to get used to them?
3. Did you experience eye irritation at all when you first started wearing them?
4. How often do you wear them now?

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Are you capable of clearing your mind and meditating? Got any tips for someone who is not?

Do you watch Sister Wives? Who is your favorite wife?

Will you recommend a beauty product?