November 16th, 2012

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If you had to trade national leaders with another country (that is to say, the current leader of a foreign country becomes your country's new leader and vice versa), who would you pick to lead you?
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1. Do you like Starbucks's Vivanno smoothies? If so, ugh, why? Didn't you know that smoothies are supposed to taste like food flavors?

2. What dish should I take to Thanksgiving? It'll be a party of six, four of us quite picky, and the main protein will be turkey.

3. What's keeping you on LiveJournal?
julija simple


anyone else having a problem with gmail? it says i have x number of new messages, but then when i go to my inbox, they're not listed. but they show up as "X new messages on the sidebar" very weird.

like this:

happening in chrome and firefox.

also, where do you store your digital photos? hardrives? a specific website? if so, which one, and do you pay for it? my pics are sucking up a lot of my HD space and i'm considering uploading them somewhere.

EDIT: at what point does a fever become worrying? mine has been steadily climbing over the past few hours. it was 101.2 around 10pm EST, and it's now 103.2.
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I'm getting married early next year, and plan to have a small, mostly family-only wedding. My best friend, who is invited to the ceremony, wants to throw me a bachelorette party and invite a couple of my acquaintances, who aren't.

Is it inappropriate to invite these people to a bachelorette party if they aren't invited to the actual wedding?

ETA: My god, getting married brings up a lot of invite/do not invite etiquette questions. This came up after I posted earlier today. I've been engaged for less than a month and my mom wants to throw a family engagement party for us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She wants to invite both of my fiance's parents. However, they're literally in the middle of a very unfriendly divorce. The engagement party isn't going to be a lot of people or at a large place so it's not like the two of them could reasonably avoid each other.

Whether or not his mom brings her new girlfriend (a very sore subject with her ex-husband) it would be extremely awkward to have both of them there. My fiance's opinion is basically "whatever" because he's tired of his parents acting like children about each other, but I really don't think it would be a good idea to have them both there.

Should we invite his mother because we'll have spent Thanksgiving with his father just a couple days beforehand? Or should we invite his father because my fiance has a SLIGHTLY better relationship with him? Neither? Both, because they're grown-ups and should be able to handle this shit?

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Which feels more true for you?


Which feels more true for you?


Which feels more true for you?


Which feels more true for you?


Which feels more true for you?


Which feels more true for you?

i say, old bean

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I'm attempting to drink coffee and eat hot cheetos right now, but the mixture of flavor isn't going over so well. What are some food/drink combos that you find to be terrible?

oh! i'm going pie shopping today. what's your favorite kind of pie?

Poll about eating things that possibly may not be good for you

You're eating a delicious slice of pizza. But, while reaching for a napkin, you fumble it and it falls on the floor. Which of these surfaces would you apply the five second rule and retrieve the pizza, clean it off, and finish eating it?

Convenience store floor
Supermarket floor
Movie theater floor
Kitchen sink
Pet, who was sleeping on the floor
Dirty socks, which were lying on the floor
Playground sandlot
Filled bathtub (pizza is now wet)
Bar floor
Toilet seat cover (lid is closed)
Your own naked crotch (for some reason, you're eating pizza naked)
Floor right below the seat at a professional football game
I don't believe in the five second rule. I'd never eat anything off the floor.

Hostess may be closing its doors for good. The maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Suzie Qs and other nutrient-free but yummy pastry thingies may call it quits. If so, what will you do?

Be pleased. That stuff is terrible and the sooner they go, the better
Indifferent. I didn't eat their stuff, so it won't make a lick of difference now that I can never again eat their stuff
I'll be sad. Twinkies are a staple of American junk food
Racing to the stores to hoard Hostess Cupcakes or other products. They last for a long time, right?

Edit: For the first question, anything you don't check it's assumed that if the pizza fell on that surface, you'd throw it away instead of eating it

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When you (or your family) roast poultry, do you brine the bird first?

When making hotel and airline reservations, are you more likely to make the non-refundable reservation or the refundable reservation?

Does cracking knuckles cause arthritis or other problems? make for knobby knuckles?

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Let's say we have a revolution-like scenario where all electricity just suddenly fails and modern society collapses.

To be able to get food you have to have a skill that will produce something that can be used or bought and sold.

What skill do you currently have?

Me, I knit. However to make this skill truly useful I would also have to learn how to shear sheep and spin fleece into yarn.

Media player

Why do some files(songs) appear in my windows media player list of songs/bands/albums/etc. while others do not, yet I can play them on windows media player by playing them directly from the folder they are in?

By comparison I can usually find everything listed while using Zune player's software on my hard drive, but I prefer windows media player.

The "Type"

If you have a physical "type" of person you generally are attracted to, would you describe your type?
How often do you find yourself attracted to people that are far outside your type, would you describe some examples?
  • belle_m

Oh, fuuuu....

Dear technology savvy people,

I have a Facebook account, like so many of you do. 99.9% of my Facebook friends are my real-life friends, and they're very well acquainted with the ~*real*~ me: the me that isn't afraid to drop F-bombs regularly, bash religious zealots, vehemently promote abortion and gay rights and so on. A lot of my Facebook posts contain some things that would probably not be cool to older family members, which is fine because I've kept everything Friends Only.


When my beloved in-laws made Facebook accounts and added me as their friend. Shock. Horror. Panic. I accepted their requests but quickly added them to a list I had never utilized before-- Restricted. They called me soon afterward to ask why they could not see any pictures of my kids, which was the main reason they created Facebook accounts anyway (My other parent-friends and I keep lots of albums of our kids and our adventures).

Guys, I don't know shit about Facebook. I don't know how to restrict certain people from this or keep certain people from seeing that. I just know the Restricted box makes it where those people can only see stuff I post publicly, which is next to nothing. I've tried Googling this, but all of the answers pertain to the old Facebook layout, and I can't really find any answers.

How can I keep my ultra-religious in-laws from thinking I'm a barbarian? Help me, Facebook users!

(Also, I don't shroud my true self around my in-laws by any means. They know very well I'm not religious and which ideological beliefs I adhere to. However, there are some things better left unseen..)

Where is Daryl and his crossbow when we need him???

What is your hastily improvised weapon in the zombie apocalypse???

How to find your hastily improvised weapon:

1) Go to CraigsList.
2) Go to your Current City.
3) Go to the "Free" Section.
4) Fifth item down is your weapon against the zombie horde.

I got hunks of broken concrete. Yes, someone is giving away hunks of broken concrete for free in Berkeley, California! :P

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I'm so freaking nervous.

I'm a law student and I work as an intern at the public defender's office and get to do a lot of stuff.

I have my first trial on Tuesday.

I feel like I'm going to vomit I'm so excited/nervous.

How do you deal with your nerves?
Do you have tips for seeming more relaxed than you feel?

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One of my online friends' husband lost his job (was one of the Hostess workers).

They had been struggling with him being unemployed until he got this job so they are both really upset. I'd like to send a care package to her to cheer her up, and I am wondering, what kinds of things should I include in it?
retail therapy


Have you heard of the tests on It's a marketing campaign for an upcoming TV show. The site itself is also kind of interesting: a series of personality and temperament quizzes and tests.

If you go to take them now, I should mention you don't need to connect to facebook or anything when it asks if you want to, and that I've taken it alright without allowing it to use my webcam in the appropriate portion, for those who'd rather not use it in those parts. There's also a portion that will ask you to draw a picture. I'd love a screencap to see the picture you drew if you feel comfortable sharing it.

If you've done these before, or after you finish if you do it now: What do you think is going on here with the final end of the tests? I was very surprised at first! Then I'm pretty sure I figured it out.
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What do you do about mowing the front lawn/nature strip at your place?
My father has mowed my brothers' lawn twice (once when they were gardening together, and once when I was house sitting). He mowed the whole strip ie all the neighbours lawns (townhouses that all look pretty much the same and aren't too wide). We were there the other day and noticed that some neighbours had mowed, but only their own space. When my dad mows the nature strip at home he will always do the neighbours too.
So, my question is, what about you guys (that have front lawns/nature strips). Would you as a matter of course mow the neighbours front when you did your own? Would it depend on the situation?

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what are some good XBox [or Playstation, but we prefer XBox] duel player games?

my husband and I take turns playing Fez, we LOVE it. 
also we love Little Big Planet, Ilo Milo, Limbo.

thanks in advance

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I have just purchased a compost bin on a local online op shop! 

Have you ever had a compost bin?
Do you have any tips you'd like to share?
What do you use your compost for? Growing veges? General gardening?