November 14th, 2012

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In your experience, what do you think the major differences between living on the West Coast vs. East Coast are? Which do you prefer and where would you prefer to live on either side?

I've only been to Virginia/North Carolina for a 2 week trip, and DC for one day, but I'm considering moving to the East Coast in the Spring. Pretty much terrified thinking about it, but also beyond excited.

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Have you ever had a word just not make sense to you-as in you say it and it just does not sound right to you?

For me right now that word is 'assistants.' I just can't make it sound right to myself and I have to say it on stage in front of people so...ugh.

DK/DC/Don't have issues with words, you crazy; when was the last time you went to the movie theatre and what did you see?
No Soy Tu Chiste
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I'm so excited for the time off over Thanksgiving.  For my job we get the day of and the day after off and paid.  I am also moving into my new apt on the 23rd which I am super jazzed about.  My grandparents are gonna be out of town so I am going to surprise them by cleaning their entire house and I am SO excited to see their hasn't been cleaned in a very long time.

For those in the US, what are your plans over Thanksgiving?  For those not, is there an equivalent to Thanksgiving where you are?  Maybe like a Memorial Day...obviously it wouldn't be exactly the same.  What's that like and when is it?

Guys, what is this?

youtube behind cut
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I don't really want it to be a UFO, but there's apparently 3 other videos similar to this one, all videos taken by different people, and they all seem to cover the same event, and I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Look up the other links for Jerusalem UFO or Jerusalem angel. I think it'd be hard for this to be a hoax, considering the different angles and different cameras

What would you say it is?
Life is hard

Feeling defeated

What do you do when you want something really bad, but you can't have it? Just found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week. I'm feeling pretty horrible right now. Nothing is going to make me feel better at the moment. How do you pick yourself up and keep moving? I needed this job. I'm really worried about what I'm going to do. And this isn't helping how low I've been feeling.

What pushes you to keep going when you really just want to give up?
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I saw a youtube video awhile ago that had a whole bunch of people on a street doing ordinary nice things for each other, and it made sort of a chain reaction of nice-ness that eventually led back to the first person. Anyone know what video this was?

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If applicable:

How do you deal with white privilege guilt?

Every year we do certain things around the holidays for the less fortunate, specifically in our area, this means a minority family. And it makes me feel good. But then I feel like a complete fucking asshole for doing something that makes me feel good.

Ultimately I feel like it's a horrifying, inhuman cycle that the privileged have gotten into.

Keep minorities down.
Help them through charities.
Feel good about oneself. Give a nice pat on the back!

But ultimately do nothing to REALLY help.

So in reality, what can we (re: I) really do?
I don't own a company. I don't work at a university. I have everything I need but can't easily offer anyone anything substantial to help their socioeconomic status.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify.

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When you decide to begin an exclusive relationship with someone, is it because you can see the possibility of a long-term future (i.e. marriage, kids, growing old together, etc.) or because they fulfill your current needs in a relationship?

I only recently realized that while dating, once I come across something that would be a dealbreaker for a long-term future, I break off the relationship immediately.  I have always been this way, but I'm noticing a lot of my friends (mid-20's and 30's) are only now getting more serious about their marital status.

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Are there any actors you think are bad fits in period pieces?

I can never buy Angelina Jolie in period pieces. Also, it's always struck me as odd that Keira Knightey is like the reigning queen of period pieces because, again, I just think she's a bad fit. Maybe because their physical attractiveness is too contemporary in nature? I also feel like often times they don't adopt old-time mannerisms particularly well.

What actors DO you like in period pieces?

I really love Kate Winslet in them, along with a lot of others. 
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Unidentified drama movie

I don't know what this movie was called, but it was made in the eighties. The story involved some guy in a suit trying to convince a religious fanatic to move out of her fake Noah's ark. It was not a comedy, and the world did not flood at all. It was just kind of sad.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Overdoing it

Am I the only one who thinks too many people 'oversing' now? All these runs and extra vibrato and screeches and growls and adding things to melodies so it goes off on tangents.... Sometimes, just sing the damn song. 
If you agree with me, what's an example? If you don't, tell me why I'm wrong. 

Brought to you by me watching The Voice and being annoyed. 
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So I got this email from the communication department at my college...

"Prof. Raffel’s COM400W course is cancelled until further notice due to medical issues. Please read your emails for updates. We’ll try to keep you informed on the status of this class. "

What happens if my professor never returns? What do they mean they'll TRY?

dk/dc: what do you like on your pizza?
please die now

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What are your preferences about fresh air as opposed to fans and/or AC units? 

How does this differ from the person that you spend the most time with? 

Have you ever said, "I never thought I would do this, but..."?  What was the occasion?

Do you have your cell phone audible or on silent most of the time? 

Do you answer every call that comes in or screen unknown numbers?

What are you having/what did you have for dinner?

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What is your blood type?


What day of the week were you born on?


Which do you consider to be the WORST way to die?

In a plane crash
In a submarine sinking
In a mine collapse
thunderbolt, lightning


Currently, I'm feeling nervous for no reason that I can currently discern.

Anyone felt something similar like this, as in a surge of emotion of any kind you couldn't explain? Did you figure out why?
Bug-eyed Earl

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What's your favorite off-the-shelf pasta sauce?

I just made a lasagna and it sucks. I think it's cuz of the sauce. Francesco Rinaldi meat sauce.

I don't wanna hear about your homemade sauce! I'm never gonna bother with that.

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i've heard stories about how strangers in line for coffee or mcdonald's or whatever pay for the person in line behind them as a random act of kindness.....i want to do that, but i always feel like that person will think i am a weirdo. 

what do y'all think?  is that weird?