November 13th, 2012

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tqc, i have the choice of moving out after my lease ends or continuing.
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what should i do? take the risk and leave? im comfortable where i am but it does get lonely.. ive just moved to this city and i might have to leave sometime next year, so i dont want my whole time spent here to be me living in a student apartment.
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My SO is incredible (his family too!) but when I try to thank him for taking such amazing care of me these last two weeks, he kind of scoffs and says, 'I couldn't just leave you alone at home in your condition' or some variation of such.

He is always very attentive, even when I'm not laid up and need to be driven to multiple doctor appointments in one day, but I really feel like he deserves to know how much I appreciate him.  How do you like to show your love and appreciation toward people?

How often are you the center of attention?  I noticed tonight in the ER that people actually compete for the attention of a captive audience, even in a place like a waiting room.

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Do you buy any specialty products from the internet? 
What are your favorite unique food treats? Are they hard to find? 
What dishes do you consider an essential part of whatever your favorite celebration/holiday is?

Around Christmas, I get smokies and jerky from a place called Czuchraj meats in Cleveland. 
I passed on my love for Thrifty brand blue bubblegum ice cream to my kid but it's impossible to find in town. She has no idea I found a place that has it or that we're going tonight to eat ice cream until our tongues turn blue. I have an obsession with funeral potatoes, they belong on my table/in my mouth at every holiday. 
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I have a dilemma, TQC. I got a new job about halfway through September - my old contract was coming to an end, and my company offers redeployment, which meant I got considered for this new job before it was advertised to people outside the company. There were three other 'at risk' people who interviewed for it as well as myself, and I got it.

I'd planned to stay here for a while before I started looking for other jobs, but one has come up that is based on a better bit of the campus (nearer home, more convenient, more central), and is the next level up on the pay grade. I think I've got a fair chance with it.

Should I apply? Or am I sort of morally bound to stay in this role for a bit longer? How long should I wait before looking at other jobs?

DK/DC: What would be your dream job?
amy winehouse

Shipping to Canada from US

I'm sending a small box from the US to a friend in Canada. The content is primarily souvenir-based items EXCEPT for a 3.5 oz bag of packaged candy. Is it okay for me to send a small bag of packaged candy through the mail to Canada or should I just not send it?

I don't want the recipient to be charged with any kind of tax because of it.

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Has your webhosting company ever assigned you a business advisor?

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ETA: I logged in to my host to visit the help desk about this (again) and it turns out there were tickets sitting in my account that contained the same text as the emails, so he is legit. I decided to get over it and email him, and it basically sounds like he just helps me manage my account, but I'm still kind of confused as to why I need an extra person for this. I guess I'll figure it out as I go.

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Have you ever missed a day of work or school/class on account of the weather?

No, this has never happened.
Yes, but only in extreme weather conditions (blizzard, hurricane, earthquake etc.)
Yes, it's happened a few times
Yes, heavy rain is totally a valid reason not to go to work/class for me!
I have never worked/attended school/had changing weather

Would heavy rain/snow or intense heat effect your decision to go out socially?

Yes, it often does
Yes, sometimes
Only if the weather is truly terrible
No but I might use it as an excuse if I don't want to go out for other reasons
No, it never stops me!
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Is 24 too late to be starting to attempt dating/getting laid etc for the first time?

I mean logically no. But it just feels like any attempts at this point are going to be super plus awkward. And I only really give a damn abotu it intermittantly.


What is one typical Thanksgiving dish people would be surprised to know that you don't like?

Do you watch the Thanksgiving Parade? Have you ever gone to see it live?

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

My answers in the comments. :)
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Where do you consider "home"?

I have no idea. I'm sitting here in my apartment, but in the pit of my stomach I have a longing to go home. The same thing happens when I'm at my parents, with my companion, or even at my best friends house.


Tell me, TQC

What's on your mind? Anything stressing you out? Anything making you mad? What about things that are making you happy? Are you sad? How are feeling right now, TQC?

My answer in the comments.
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what should i get from guidelines: i got a $10 giftcard from swagbucks and don't want to spend more than a few dollars over that for shipping and handling.

i have a 20% discount so that helps, but obvs i'm only choosing from the sale section. my choices are: 

1. ---- nice, bc it's only 7.00 and it's 4 polishes, cons, they're all similar shades.

2. ---- two cute shades - cons, they're mini polishes.

3. in Brook Street - bright geranium pink --- one nice full nail polish in a gorgeous shade

or anything else on the site you see?