November 12th, 2012

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What are some good movies about accountants? (Besides "The Shawshank Redemption".)

Can you post some pictures of houses that you find unique/interesting/beautiful?

ETA: Did/do you live on campus at college?

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2/3 of my office is sick right now. I didn't get a flu shot this year. How can I avoid getting sick for Thanksgiving? There's really no avoiding touching things my coworkers have touched.
zombie baby cede! :D

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Any suggestions on finding a pair of shoes that have not been made since '10?
(I've tried Ebay and Google so far)

If you're considered the 'computer/internet person' in your family/circle- what's the weirdest thing you've been asked to do?

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I recently realized I will have to be somewhere on the morning of Black Friday. If you've ever been shopping on Black Friday, is there ever a lull in traffic in the morning? I haven't been told yet what time I need to be there, but I'm guessing before 9 or 10. (Also, I'm in the midwest US.)

Just trying to judge how much earlier I will need to leave home :/

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Paypal has just slapped me with this:

"Nov 12, 2012: As of April, 2012, new Federal Regulations require Money Service Businesses, such as PayPal, to verify the identity of a customer before we can provide various services or product offerings. As a result, PayPal must ensure we have collected and verified important data such as customer name, address, date of birth, and national tax ID or social security number. Because we were not able to fully confirm your identity based on your current account information, we need to request additional supporting documentation from you."

I've sent them a scan of my ID card, but they want my social security card (which I don't want to scan/put on the internet in any way), and a utility bill (which I don't have). They won't let me transfer funds from my bank account. Is there any way around this??


What's your favorite brand and type/flavor of canned or otherwise pre-packaged soup?

How often do you eat soup?

Do you ever make soup from scratch? If yes, will you share the recipe(s) with TQC?

Time Travel poll

You can make a round trip in a time machine. There are only a few choices to select from, and you can only make a single trip. The duration of each trip can only last 2 hours at the longest, or 5 minutes at the shortest. What time travelling destination do you pick?

Within 5' of yourself when you were 10 years of age. No temporal paradoxes will occur, and no hard shall come to your present day when you return. You can tell your younger self anything
Liverpool. The very first gig the Beatles played, before they were discovered
Within 100' of the Colossus of Rhodes, when it still stood
Jurassic era. Atop a hill with a good vantage point
November 12, 2112. The very spot you're in now. You can see how futuristic the world is then
Bell tower within sight of Adolph Hitler during one of his speeches. There's a sniper rifle already in the tower
In the audience when Lincoln gave the Gettysberg Address
Party during the roaring 20s
At a party of the Marquis de Sade. One of his private, after-hours parties
Ancient Egypt. Old kingdom. A year after the Great Pyramid was completed. It was supposed to be covered in gold or something
Woodstock. August 17, 1969. Close to the stage
November 12, 2032. The very spot you're in now. You could maybe see what's successful then and maybe prepare yourself when you return
Within 50' of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount. If you go nowhere, it proves that there was no such person, and you have finally know for sure
Aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage, one day before the iceberg disaster
October 28, 1943. Within visual distance of the Philadelphia Experiment. You can if it really happened, and if it did, what exactly it was

Edit: #1 - no HARM , not hard
miles of books

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My sister's boyfriend got me a Christmas present last year and I didn't think so, so I felt bad, especially because it was a clutch I love and am still using (according to my sister, he even picked it out himself). I want to get him something this year, but I don't even know what to get my sister and I've known her for 23 years. I've only known him for 6. 

He is a colorblind artist and getting his masters in landscape architecture and likes my sister. That's about all I've got. What should I get him? 

dk/dc When do you start Christmas shopping? I started about a month ago.

Edit: My sister doesn't know what she's getting him for Christmas either, stop judging me.
No Soy Tu Chiste
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Is there generally a fee for activating energy services?  Can you give me a ballpark?  It's been a long time since I activated consumers or DTE and I can't remember- google searches yield very disappointing responses that do not answer my question.

There is a fee on a DTE account with my social security number and someone else's name from 5 years ago.  Isn't that awesome????
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Have you ever been mugged? How long did it take you to calm down? How long did it take you to stop being jumpy and afraid? Do you think people who only have minor physical injuries and are okay should still get some therapy to process what happened or is that too dramatic?

Taking Sides

Your significant other and another person have a disagreement in your presence (non-violent). They both turn to you to settle the debate/argument.

Who's side do you take?

Does it matter if the other person is close friend or relative vs someone you don't know as well?

I get the impression many people have the mentality that you always have to take your SO's side. On the contrary, I feel the correct side to take in any argument in is always whoever you believe is right, regardless of who is involved. It should of course be explained politely, especially if one of the people is your SO or someone else close to you. When I turn to someone to settle a debate I seek a nearby person who I think is knowledgeable at the subject, not the nearest person I think will agree with my side.

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What age did you/your children learn to 'understand' Christmas?(Or the holiday you celebrate?)

I ask because my son is a little older now, and the past few years I've been able to get away with getting him little things from the dollar tree/second hand/etc. This year is the first year I want the tree to have a lot of presents under it, but I've been really sick and I've got tons of medical bills. Thanks everyone. This is my first child, so I'm hoping you all can help! :)

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What are some the easiest songs to learn on a guitar for someone who has only been playing for less than two weeks? I can play all the notes in Mad World, but I need a happier song. Could you recommend one for me?

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I am looking at probably a handful of hours in the emergency room.  I'm 90 miles from home and don't have my usual array of entertainment options that I do there.

Suggestions for websites, links, etc. to things that will keep me entertained for a while?  I could probably just sit and whine but that's not really my style.

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My fiance's psychology professor said that acid flashbacks are possible and so are "drunk flashbacks". Do you agree with any of this? Do you think a person can flashback to an altered mental state they experienced while under the influence?

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1) Do you smoke greens alone? Do you think I should get stoned by myself right now? I'm just watching Revenge and I sorta feel like it, but for years I've only ever smoked with friends/boyfriends. It seems like a weird crossing of the line to smoke by myself.

2) My bf and I have a really good sex life. But lately, my bf has been doing this weird thing during sex-kissing where he opens his mouth wide and sort of licks my mouth/face... Yeah. Where the hell is this coming from? And how the hell do I gently tell him that I am not here for that. I want to be nice about it, but I'm drawing a blank as to how to tactfully tell him to cut it out.

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Have you ever tried a soda maker, or do you own one?

I am thinking of getting one but I'm worried it will taste gross/not be fizzy enough :(

What is your favorite type of soda? Is it soda or pop or something else?