November 11th, 2012


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I work in a fairly posh boutique hotel. I do everything - reception, waitressing, bar work, you name it. 
On the weekends, a couple of teenagers come in to help out in the restaurant. One of them is the rudest, most up himself 18 year old you have ever come across, and takes great pleasure in patronising me and telling me what to do, and also being incredibly rude to the other 18 year old part-timer. He's incredibly posh and entitled, and I am sick of his attitude, especially as i'm senior in age and postion. 

How do I deal with him? 
I'm torn between putting him in his place, ignoring him (which is incredibly difficult as he seeks me out to tell me what to do) or being overly nice to him.

Dk/dc: Who's the worst person you've had to work with? How did you deal with them?

Question about photography

Poll #1878065 Do you llike to take pictures of autumn?

Do you llike to take pictures of autumn?

Yes I love very much
No I have no camera
No I like to be photographed only summer winter and spring

Attach in the comments of your best photo you have done

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I just lost my job today. I didn't see it coming, at all whatsoever, and I'm lost and heartbroken. I also rent a studio attached to my employer's home, so I'm being forced out of that as well. They love me and couldn't name any reasons other than they just "feel" it isn't a long term fit, so they want to be flexible with me and help make this transition easy, but I'm at a complete loss.

Can you tell me anything that might motivate me? Or make me feel less like stabbing myself? Maybe your own story of overcoming adversity/loss? This is the third time in a year I've lost absolutely everything. I'm tired of it and I don't know what to do to not keep ending up in situations that blow up in my face. I don't think I'm doing anything to attract this, but good lord it keeps happening over and over and I'm tired.

Edit: What are some tips you can share for job hunting? What has worked for you or others in the past? I've finally realized I just have to get out there and do it.
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I'm going to be having a small meet-the-baby gathering in January and I'm trying to figure out what food to serve. I'm planning on having a hot chocolate bar (hot chocolate plus an assortment of "toppings") and some cookies, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything else. Do you have any ideas, TQC? Caveats are that it can't be insanely expensive and it MUST be low effort since I'll be exhausted caring for a newborn. ;) I'm having it between meals, so mostly looking for snack-type suggestions.
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Age differences in people dating

I know this couple and well I try not to make a big deal about things but this kind of creeped me out when I found out how old they were. I knew she was younger I did not know by how much though.

He is 41 he has been married 5 times and has about 10+ kids with different women.
She is 18 never been married and no kids.

They are planning on getting married.

Does this bother anyone but me?

Is he just looking for another women to have more kids with?
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When I went to go see Brave in theatres, it started with a Pixar short called La Luna that I loved. Last night, I saw Wreck-It Ralph and it started with a Disney short called Paperman that I also loved.

Where do you go to watch all these adorable shorts?!
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What would you get a baby girl as a christening present?

According to a quick google search, presents for this occasion tend to be something like photo frames/bracelets/money boxes, but they might end up with half a dozen photo frames. There isn't a gift registry, but i would like to get something.
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Is it unprofessional to apply to work with an email that has a different last name than your own?

Last year I got married and adopted my SO's last name. My school e-mail still has my maiden last name (it's like The school can give me a new email, but they'll have to permanently delete the old one and not give any option to forward email. I'm kind of hesitant to switch over then. Should I just suck it up and switch emails so my last name matches or ignore the difference? I keep hearing women my age shouldn't ever mention they're married when looking for work because it'll hurt their chances, and I'm worried the name difference will show that.

DK/DC: How did your transition go from school to working full time if you were able to find work? If you couldn't find work, what did you do?
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You're in charge of hiring and you've narrowed it down to two candidates that are more or less identical. One has a firstname.lastname@gmail email address and the other has a firstname.lastname@aol email address. Would this influence your decision at all?

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Back acne on 36-year-old male - Any idea what's causing it?

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My boyfriend's back frequently breaks out in itchy, dry zits like this on his shoulders and right/left sides of his back. Rarely will a pimple be in the middle of his back and never on his chest. His face is blemish-free. The placement makes me think it might have something to do with his clothing/sheets/detergent/deodorant. Any ideas or suggestions for treatment? We've tried tea-tree oil with no success. Is a dermatologist visit inevitable?

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There's loads of tv shows based on cops, lawyers or doctors. yawn. What occupation would you like to see get a scripted series?

Toll booth attendants
Septic waste treatment workers
Meter maids
UPS workers
PE coaches
Homeless people
Dry cleaning
Baggage handlers
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Is there a disproportionately large number of bald guys on OKCupid, or is it just that all the ones that are message/match with me?
Am I so wrong for wanting a guy with hair?

ETA: It's not a dealbreaker or anything, just doesn't give me that initial frisson of attraction. :/

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Long story short....I got a virus...System Progressive Protection...I got rid of most of it, but now i have annoying pop-ups.
What can I do to get rid of the annoying pop-ups?

TIA...don't click on a link.
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Identikit chart?

I am an artist, and I want to improve my skills at representation. I saw an identikit on TV that contains an entire library of different facial features that you can combine to make a likeness, but I don't want to shell out that much money for one.
Can you find me a website that has a full chart of these facial features (hair, eyes, chin, etc)?
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My housemate and I have lived together for three months so far and our biggest issue is that I'm such a cheap-o with electricity that I constantly unplug her electric scented wax warmer.

What issues have you had living with somebody?
Was there ever an issue so bad that you/they had to move out?

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My mother believes that Obama is "a wolf in sheep's clothing", evil, and will soon bring terrible suffering to y'all.  We aren't American, but if we had been, she said she would have voted for Romney.  I know little about American politics, but it seems to me a strange perspective for her to take.  That being said, she is obsessed with all sorts of conspiracy theories, one of which is that Obama is actually a robot, so..

Is this view of Obama an uncommon one for people to have?

Did you vote for Obama or Romney? Why?