November 10th, 2012


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If I tried joining a moderated group and the organizer rejected my join request, would it tell me that she rejected it? Or will it make me forever wonder whether I have been rejected or accidentally overlooked?


What is the most recent thing at which you've failed, TQC?

I just failed at butterscotch pudding. I've done it successfully before, but this last time for some reason it decided it's just not going to thicken. So, it'll have to be sipped out of mugs.
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What kinds of things are acceptable excuses to miss an event that you said you were going to attend less than 2 hours before event is set to begin?

I had a playdate/brunch at my house yesterday and bought enough food for everyone only to have almost half the "yes" responders back out morning of.  Where kids are involved, I realize things happen but I took a few excuses a bit poorly, especially since they all know I am moving in less than 2 weeks and I'll probably never get to see most of them again.

#1 was "I've been up with E since 6:30am.  I'm too tired now so I won't make it" 

#2 was "O had a nightmare last night and had trouble falling back asleep.  We're staying home today"

Is it only me who feels like if you stayed home every time your child cost you a little sleep that you'd never do anything?  My son has been up at 5:30 am for the last week (adjusted poorly to the time change) and while I'm kinda bummed about it, it hasn't made me miss anything I would normally do.

TL:DR - I'm pouting about people who canceled on me last minute.  Validate me?

DK/DC - When do you send your Christmas cards, if you send them?

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My friend had to move out of her house she was sharing with friends as she couldn't find a job in the area and her mum got very ill. 
She has signed a contract till June. If she were to get someone else to move in, they could pay her rent and release her from the contract. The friends she lived with are refusing to let her do so as they don't want anyone else moving in, and are asking, 'how she can ruin their friendship like this/be so selfish' etc etc. 
Because of this, she's tied into paying rent for 9 months she's not living in the house. 

What would TQC do?

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Why did I just get a bill and a magazine from Martha Stewart Living when I've never subscribed to that magazine?

Is this a sales technique? Or did someone sign me up?

What's the last thing you got in the mail?
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We've got friends coming over tomorrow afternoon, and since the weather has been chilly and drizzly, we've decided to serve tea, along with scones, jam, Devon cream, and lemon curd. What else should we serve at our tea party?

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So I work for a non-profit working with people with a mental illness. We are in one of the areas hit hardest by hurricane Sandy. They are starting a new project to assist those who are in need. So far we believe we are going to try to rent a bus or van of some sort and drive around with suppliers We also want to set up a Thanksgiving meal.


I have been made a point person for this project. It is going to be huge. We are actually going to get FEMA employees working in our building to assist with these projects. We want to expand it to also people in poverty in generals.


What other ways can we assist the community in need? We want to come up with a bunch of ideas of things to do.


Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Normal is the watchword

Have you ever withdrawn/detoxed from a chemical substance? What was it like? How long did the symptoms last? How did you cope? Essentially, describe your experience for me.

I've been on Seroquel 25mg since late 2010 and this week I decided to stop it once and for all. I was given Seroquel because I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia/psychosis and since I don't have any psychiatric symptoms at all (I actually have Sharp's Syndrome), I thought I'd have no problems going off it. It's been two days without it and aside from insomnia, I've been having constant hot flashes, light headness, headaches and fatigue. The worst symptom is that I have these severe hunger pains (accompanied with low-blood sugar like symptoms) even though I've been eating normally despite a poor appetie. How long will this last guys? I can't wait until I withdraw from Lithium 750mg a day </sarcasm>

TL;DR: How long until I feel normal again?
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I had a ten gallon tank with two guppies. When I left to spend the night at my fiance's place both were there and well fed. I came back the next day and only one was there. I took out all the plants and decorations and checked the gravel and filters and still couldn't find the other fish.

Where did the fish go?

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1. If you've had Skyline Chili, do you think it's worth going out of your way for (e.g., by making a small detour during a road trip)?

2. What fast food chains (if any) are unique to your state/region?
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What's the stupidest and most ironic thing you've heard someone say lately?

They were doing this trivia thing by email at work just for the hell of it and the clue was "German, E=MC2". Some girl answered: "Instine".