November 9th, 2012

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So I bought some Jaffa cakes and was nomming them, and I was inspired to create the equivalent of a Jaffa cake alcoholic beverage. I figured triple sec for the orange and kahlua for the chocolate could be used - but any ideas as to how I could make a Jaffa cake drink?

Dk/dc: What time is it by you, and is what you're currently doing what you should be doing?
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bum bum bum bum, bum BUM bum bum

Have you ever known anyone to have such low self-esteem and so much self-loathing that they come off as totally obsessed with themselves and vain? Like, they just talk about their negative opinion of themselves ALL THE TIME?

DK/DC: What do you think of this dress worn as a wedding dress in a small/casualish/outdoor/springtime wedding? Note that the bride (me) isn't NEARLY as tall as this model, so the dress reaches my knees instead of like 5 inches above them.

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Next Saturday, I'm hosting a "Slumber Party". For those who don't know, it's where we get a bunch of ladies together and have a consultant from the Slumber Parties company come and display various bedroom products/sex toys and the like. Aside from that, there is drinking and 'naughty' games. One of the games that we play is one where we list various kinky things and mark how many we've done, and whoever comes out with the most wins a prize.

What other similar themed games could we play?


Hey guys.

For our physics lab we have to come up with an experiment to do to show we know how to gather data and write up a lab and calculate standard deviation and all that fun stuff.

So far we have done things in lab like drop coffee filters and see how long it takes them to fall from different heights, see how much force it takes to drag different weights across a table to determine friction, and measure the speed of a pendulum based on it's height.

We will have to make a poster and presentation, and I want it to be interesting but easy to do.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a fun experiment? E.G. test the melting point of chocolate. Calculate max running speed of my cat...etc.
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when was the last time you thought of a cool invention only to find out it already existed? what was it?

i thought of a timed pet food dispenser so people wouldnt have to rely on their neighbours to feed their pets, but apparently it's out :( 

also, does anyone have one of those air frying machines that can "fry" food without using oil? best invention ever yes? 
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Boy and girl are hooking up for a while.

Girl asks boy to talk about what's going on.

Girl and boy agree they don't want a relationship.

Girl says she would be happy to just keep hooking up.

Boy says that things are never that simple. Someone always develops feelings and things get complicated.

Nothing is really clarified, but things are presumably stopping.

Boy acts awkward/aloof around girl for about a week.

Girl is mentally going bonkers. 

Girls asks TQC "What the fuck is happening? How do I make this work?" 
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Do you feel guilty leaving your pets home for long periods of time? We have a 4 month old kitty and my roomie and I are both gone all day for work. we want to go out tonight but we feel guilty leaving her :(

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So I called Animal Control and told them my concerns. They were very nice and said they'd visit the people at our apartment building and offer free dog licenses and take a look at their dogs. They didn't ask my name or address, but they did ask for his. I felt kind of bad giving it to them. But if he's abusing his dog, then it's worth it.

Have you ever witnessed or suspected animal abuse? What happened?

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Do you have a song or piece of music that reminds you of, or that you associate with, a certain character in books or media? I'm not talking obvious things, like the theme tune of their show or from an album designed to go with them. I mean you personally; do your favourite characters have a soundtrack in your head?

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Do you think that those of us who were aware of the drone strikes--or any other human rights violations committed by the Obama administration--and still voted for him have blood on our hands?

ETA: Shit, I forgot about the "one post per page" rule. I'm sorry. Should I delete this, or just be more careful in the future?
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Dictate my languagez, TQC

It has occurred to my tiny little unemployed brain that I might be more employable if I learn a language.
a) What language shall I learn? 
b) Shall I buy a book/dvd set or try find a class? Money isn't TOO much of an issue.

- I live in the UK & most of the jobs I've seen want a European language or Mandarin
- I haven't learnt a language in 8 years, though I'm a fast learner
- I speak a bit of German
- The SO wants to learn Swedish himself so I guess we could do it together?
- I was leaning towards Spanish but I'm not sure

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Do you remember life before Facebook?

... Before cell phones were the norm?

.... Before the internet?

(for me, yes, yes, not much).

DC: what's the biggest gift you ever got for a family member?

I bought tickets for the whole family to see Wicked for my mom's birthday in 2008 (we're a big theater family, my mom especially, and we surprised her with the tickets)
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Tonight my fiance and I stopped to buy gas. He paid with his card, and after the transaction had been approved and his receipt was printing, the cashier inside says over the intercom, "PUMP 3, COME INSIDE!" He sounds angry and he says it a couple of times, so my fiance goes inside the store. I stay in the car. He hurries back to the car after a moment, and tells me to drive home. He said when he got inside he said "I'm pump 3," and then the person working there told him in a loud and angry voice to "go stand in the corner and wait!" My fiance asked why, and the cashier just repeated what he had said before, and my fiance was like "um no" and left, and the guys shouted after him to wait.

WHAT DID THEY WANT? He didn't do anything wrong and they wouldn't tell him what he deal was. This was sort of scary.
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Do you ever have strange, uncontrollable outbursts?

I broke my ankle last week and ever since, when the pain gets really bad, I want to just scream out strings of horrible obscenities.  This is definitely not normal for me (although, I am hardly any sort of prude) but I'm primarily attributing this to the unbelievable pain.

How big is your sweet tooth?  What do you usually eat as a snack?

This week, I have craved the weirdest stuff.  Dark chocolate popcorn, Cheetos and caramel are not things I would normally eat.


What are your thoughts on people who "like" their own Facebook status messages and/or photos?

How is your Friday night (or whatever time it is where you are) going so far?
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