November 8th, 2012


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Do you keep an eye on your finances/budget?
How do you do it?

I've tried phone apps but forget to add everything in, and i'm trying to make a spreadsheet of predicted costs but i'm not sure i'm doing it right. 

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Every time I try to download something it fails. Either a pop up says that the link doesn't work or just nothing happens. I click the download and then nothing.

Anyone know anything that can help me? It is terribly frustrating not knowing what to do.

DK/DC: Can you tell me something that happened recently that was frustrating for you?

Video Killed the Radio Star

What do you think is the best music video ever made? Or at least some of the best?

NOT your favorite song necessarily, but the best music viddy in terms of the whole combo: Images, actors, production, special effects, etc...

Embeds and links R nice! :D

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Today I was super sleep deprived, threw on my brand new shirt and jeans and I ran out the door. It wasn't until I got to work that I realized said new shirt is completely see-through in bright light. So basically, everyone on the bus got flashed. Luckily I had a hoodie here, now everyone keeps asking if I'm cold.

Are there any embarrassing gaffes you're prone to? I have wardrobe issues, shit like this happens to me a lot. You name something that can go wrong with your clothes, it's happened to me. 

How well do you handle not sleeping? What's the minimum amount of sleep you need to function, and what happens to you if you don't get it?

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Is there a list type app that can be shared?

For example, I'm trying to find an app that I could post and edit my Christmas list on and have other people see it on their phones and vise versa. I know there's plenty of Christmas list apps but I cant seem to find one that can be shared!

I'm using android if that helps.

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Have any of you owned a hedgehog?
My husband and I are really wanting to get 2, but I know that they can take a while to warm up to you. Any experiences would be awesome if you've owned one as a pet or knew someone who did.
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I'm trying to think of a gift to buy my 3-year-old son "from" his new baby sister. I don't want it to be a typical cheesy "I'm a big brother" shirt or anything, and I also want it to be a little more special than say, just another set of Matchbox cars. Something that he would like and hopefully hang onto for a long while, a keepsake of some kind. Any suggestions?
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Guinea pigs

A few months ago, I adopted two 1 year old guinea pigs. They were poorly socialized and kept in a home with 3 young children who screamed a lot and handled them roughly, so they're terrified of humans. I've been trying to bond with them since bringing them home and I've made some progress, since they're ok with me being in the same room and they'll take treats from me through the bars of their cage. BUT they still lose their shit every time I try to pick them up or pet them (cage cleaning time is really, really hard on them). Should I keep trying, or should I leave them alone unless I absolutely have to take them out of their cage?

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What color pen do you prefer to write with?


What writing utensil do you prefer in general?


What kind of paper do you like best?

Construction (colored) paper

What kind of digital input do you prefer?

Voice recognition software

What kind of music delivery do you favor?

In-ear/noise reducing headphones
Excercise style over-ear headphones
Large/dj style over-ear headphones

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Ok, forgive me because I'm a technology idiot...

I'm trying to buy the complete Toy Story trilogy on Amazon for a Christmas present and I need it to be on DVD. I've found the whole boxset, and the title is "The Toy Story Trilogy (Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3) (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) (Blu-ray -Nov 2 2010)" This is the link if you want:

... this means it's on DVD, yes? Why does it say Blu-ray twice?

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I have a tipping question, because those are SO original:

My cousin and I frequent a Mexican restaurant  They offer free chips and salsa. This is mostly what we are there to eat. We also order white cheese and bean dip as well as two sodas. The waiter/waitresses usually are less than happy with us because we're young so it's likely we'll tip shitty, we didn't order much so it's likely we'll tip shitty, or whatever. Every time we go, we get less than awesome service (glasses, chips, and salsa are all left empty for awhile before filled with waitress/waiter no where in sight). Our bill is always just about $11. Even though we get service we're not extremely happy with, we'll normally leave a $5 tip (mostly because we feel bad for taking up a table. I'd love to just go sit in the bar, but my cousin isn't 21 and in my state you have to be 21 to enter the bar area).

In your opinion, do you feel this $5 tip (on a $11 check) makes up for us taking up a table for ~45 minutes?

IDK/IDC: How often do you find yourself "using your manners"?

I think I do it a freakish amount. I will say "excuse me" to my cat. I make sure I always say please and thank you to everyone. I refer to most people are ma'am or sir or miss or gentleman. I think it comes from working in customer service since I was 15 (I'm 23 now).
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I just went on Pinterest for the first time in ages and saw that they added secret boards so that you can pin things and no one else can see them.

If you have a secret board what do you pin on it?

I feel like I will never use this feature so I'm curious how other people are using it.

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Forgetting current partners, what do you find attractive in people of your preferred gender? Personality, interests, skills, looks, habits etc. What would your ideal person be like?
Is it not interesting how we fall for certain people? Regardless of your list of favoured qualities, we of course do not necessarily fall for those who display all of the qualities.


I will be going to Vegas at the beginning of December and have been asked for a list of 5 things that I want to see.  I have been to Vegas before, but never for sight-seeing/touristy stuff.  What sort of things do you consider must-sees in Vegas?

If you've never been/DK/DC: when you're laid up in bed, what are some of the things you do to keep yourself entertained?  I fractured my ankle and it's only been a week but I'm already going crazy.

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Do you often not get to take an actual break at your work? I mean like a lunch break. Do you still have to fill out your timesheet as though you took one even if you haven't? Has anything happened because of it?

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My downstairs neighbor is a butt. He's constantly screaming at his elderly dog. He's also gotten new dogs--three so far--but "had to" get rid of them. That strikes me as suspicious, since I doubt all three of them were sickly or had bad temperaments.

Anyway, just now, he screamed "LAY DOWN!" at the poor dog, once, twice, then said, "Or I'll shoot you! Put a fucking bullet in your head."

Several months ago, she did get a bullet in her head. She was shot with a BB gun, and ended up losing an eye. I've never suspected my neighbor, but now I'm not too sure.

Should I tell somebody? I'm kind of scared to get involved, because to be honest, he scares me a little. But I feel bad for his dog.
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What's a good recipe to make with saffron?

I have some saffron that my ex-roommate didn't claim it when he moved out. We don't really know where it came from or how old it is. I haven't used it because I don't know how and don't want to waste such an expensive spice... but if I don't use it, it'll definitely be wasted!
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Oh help me, please.

I'm having problems with my guy. He keeps on distancing himself from me and he's really not the type of guy who talks about what's wrong. We hung out twice this past week and to me, there's nothing there anymore. He hasn't texted me since sunday and actually this happened for like two weeks before we saw each other last week. Since I know he won't say anything to me, maybe I should... but what should I say? I need help cause I know for damn sure this thing with me and him isn't going well.

BTW: I can't respond to comments on here because my iPhone is lame.

When's the last time you were in a funk? Did you get out of it?

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