November 7th, 2012


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My electric bill for the month of October for my 800 sq foot apartment was $23.63. How much was yours?

I'm going to give my cat, who is front de-clawed, a bath tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions? This is our first bath.

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I participate in this program called Foodie Pen Pals every month where you send a box of food to someone and get a box of food in return from someone else.

My pen pal this month gave me a list of things she like. One of those things is coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, but I want to get her something good. For those of you that drink coffee, like coffee, and know something about coffee, what coffee brand would you suggest?

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What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to what people post on Facebook or Twitter? (For example when people post updates hourly, take pictures of all their meals, invite you to play FarmVille, post inappropriate pictures etc)

Do you think there are unwritten rules about what should be posted on social media and if so why do they seem to vary so much from person to person?

Will you share some extra funny or annoying posts?

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Some of my coworkers, who I am friends with, just found out I got a raise and they didn't (through some leaked emails). Now they are acting a little resentful and making occasional snide comments about how I make more than them. They try to play it off like it's a joke but there's a definite undercurrent of resentment. What would you do in this situation?

edit: The bosses were discussing employee salaries and bonuses via email. One of our bosses was on vacation and his emails were being forwarded to his assistant, and she spread the news.

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So i didn't get tickets for the Ellen taping/concert thing on Friday but they have a # to call the day of for stand by tickets. (i know its not a guarentee in but still willing to try!)
Does anyone have any experience with this? Have you called and gotten a ticket? What would be the best time to call?
Do you think I have a chance?

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You've been job-hunting for a while and you finally land an interview. It goes really well, and at the end you are offered the position. As you sit down to discuss details/compensation in more detail with your now future boss, they let some things slip. Which of these would be enough of a deal-breaker for you to turn down the position/walk out?

Your boss is currently attending court-mandated anger management classes
Employee bathroom toilet has been broken for over a month
The person who previously held your position is currently suing the company for sexual harrassment
You will be required to work 16 hour shifts at least 2-3 times a month
Your boss is a militant vegan and refuses to allow employees to consume meat on the premises
Your boss is a big believer in criminal rehabilitation and many of your coworkers are convicted felons
Your boss is a Jehovahs Witness and regularly hands out literature to employees
You will be required to work all major holidays but one
Your boss is really politically active on behalf of a political party you dislike
One of your coworkers is suspected of stealing from the company and you are expected to help your boss 'prove' it
You are required to wear a really ugly uniform on the job
Your new boss casually mentions that several employees have developed asthma since starting there
There are monthly mandated 'team-building' retreats
The pay of employees who are smokers will be docked
You will have to work in what was formerly a broom closet for at least the first six months
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So with the results of Puerto Rico's election showing that a majority voted for statehood, what do you think the chances of them becoming a state in the near future are? Keep in mind that it would have to go through Congress, but Obama has stated that he will respect the wishes of the vote.


Hey there TQC!

If you remember, I had a phone interview yesterday. I went to look for the previous posts regarding the interview but searching is failing me. So hopefully you remember. Haha!

Well it looks like I did alright because I have a formal interview on Friday! I wanted to thank everyone who offered me advice and support. I'm not sure if update like posts are allowed but since you all were so awesome with your advice I wanted to at least give you the update.

And so I'm not being a total naughty kitteh, I'll end with a couple questions!

If you were at an interview, and they were to ask you what salary you were looking to get, how would you answer that?
This is an administrative/clerical position with full time hours.
Edit to add that I have four years of experience, at my old job, where I was doing the same thing, I made about $30k per year. But where I live now, they seem to enjoy underpaying as much as possible.

I have been trying to get myself into wearing makeup more often because I never do since I never go anywhere. Should I try something new and wear a little bit to the interview?

DK/DC? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so do you have it at your house or do you go elsewhere?
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how rude is it to you when you're telling a story to someone, and their face is in their phone.

me: "hello? are you even listening?"

the other person: "yes! I swear"

this person swears they can still listen while playing games or reading articles on their phone, every time this happens.


I tried the, "would you do that to your boss??"
them: "you're not my boss though!"

>: |

how do I make this person realize how inconsiderate it is? they are literally addicted to their phone/ipad
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Should I be the bigger person?

Hello TQC!

I have an older sister who is an absolute mess. It's a long story but pretty much can be summarized as: she can't handle her crap, is a terrible mother to her three kids, and has used/abused every member of our family for years (especially our parents, the ones raising her 8 year old at the moment because he hates her and my BIL). I pretty much loathe her.

However, my Aunts and Uncles will be making a trip to my parents house this weekend and have expressed hope that I would be there. I was very excited...until I found out my sister was going to be there. Now I am dreading it because I know the entire weekend will be spent with her telling her tales and seeking pity...which I cannot stand because she is far from a victim.

My parents want me to come and just ignore her....but I'm not sure I can even stand to be in the same room with her.

Should I suck it up, put the big girl panties on, and attend this get together (my aunts and uncles done visit often and I love them dearly) despite feeling like every minute I'm around my bitch sister is one minute closer to me losing my mind? Or should I keep my distance and be sad I'm not there but sane?

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I need to buy a bed!

I've always had a twin bed and I'm comfortable on one.  I'm currently single, but in my recent relationship it became clear sleeping on a twin as a couple can be uncomfortable. 

So, should I buy a twin bed or a full?

DK/DC: What do you find helpful in getting over a break up? :(

Srs Question

If I can manage to cram a bunch of extra classes into my winter, spring, and fall semesters, I could be eligible for a program that would allow me to advance a full year in one month. 

How likely is it that I could find a community college offering Anatomy and Physiology I over this winter semester?
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I'm 23. I've never really exercised a day in my life. Where should I start?

tl;dr I played sports all my life and in college, I rock climbed and walked several miles a day as transportation. Now I'm working an 8-5 desk job and have noticed some weight gain. I feel gross and out of shape. Anyone else find it hard to stay in shape when you work at a desk all day?

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TQC, would you apply to this internship?

- It's relevant to what I want to do in the future; with an organization I admire, focusing on social justice issues I'm interested in. I've visited the organization before, and I think they are amazing! The woman who would be my boss seems very cool.
- There's a small stipend
- The hours and time frame are very reasonable, and I would be able to keep my on-campus job at my same hours.

- It's through a special university program. I completed a summer internship through a different university program, and I've found that a lot of the extra school add-ons can be time-consuming (in addition to class, work and interning) and annoying (extra internship training that has nothing to do with the internship, mandatory workshops, networking events, and "career counseling" -- none of which are actually helpful). This program would have many of the same features.
- Lengthy interview process with both the school and the organization, more hurdles to jump.
- The stipend is very small, and there wouldn't be much left after transportation costs.
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are you in a long distance relationship or have you been? how did you meet? do you have a song together? how often do you see each other? how long have you been together? and any other details you'd like to throw in C:
The Shining.

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is anyone else getting these random comments on OLD entries? :

"Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I'm really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with *Read FULL Card Here*spammyspamspamlink"