November 6th, 2012


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I am expecting a package from UPS and there is NO UPS store in my city...or anywhere near my city. It's HOURS away. However, I need to sleep before work.

If I miss the knocking, what will the UPS guy do? Leave it at the front door?

If I leave a sign, will the delivery person leave it on my porch?

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This morning I started on a diet/exercise supplement "D-Fine8". The flavour is "Cherry Bomb". I think they missed spelled the second word, I am sure it was meant to be "Bum", as in it tastes like a cherry has had violent diarrhea into a cup of water!

So, my question. Have you ever taken powdered supplements?
If the taste was horrible for you, how did you make it bearable?

I am thinking right now, how the hell am I going to con myself into drinking that shit tomorrow.. Right now the only way I am convincing myself is "You paid $80 for a 1 pound tub of cherry feces.. You're drinking it".

(It was honestly making me feel as if I was going to vomit as I drank it.)

Also, has anyone ever taken this D-fine8 weight loss supplement? Did it work for you?
If not, how do you maintain/manage your weight?

(TIA to people who give me any type of ideas on how to drink this shit... =/)

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Do you read at the gym?
What types of things do you read?
Most people I see reading at the gym are reading magazines, but those don't hold my interest. I am the only person I see with a book or e-reader. (I cycle so it's easy to keep my spot and it's my once-a-week chance to read whatever I want)

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I'm getting a root canal this afternoon :( I'm happy because this tooth has been bothering me for literally three years (I just got insurance this past march but couldn't do anything about it due to pregnancy), but I'm also afraid :X.

Those who have had a root canal, can you tell me a bit of what to expect? My dentist said it should take 75 minutes but other than that I am clueless. Thanks in advance. And please don't scare me more.. lol.
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TQC, what do you do to entertain yourself on the internet? Must be worksafe, because I spend a lot of time at work just surfing the internets.

Right now all I look at is Pinterest, blog feeds, Facebook, TQC, and Daily Mail/CNN, and I exhaust those pretty quickly so I'm looking for something else to entertain me.

ETA: I'm cool with educational stuff too--are there any free online classes that are actually any good? (I know about Coursera, but that's about it.) Or language lessons/classes? I'm seriously open to anything.

Kentucky House Bill 1

Kentucky has a bill on the ballot to basically guarantee its residents the right to hunt and fish. In order to outlaw hunting and fishing, a popular vote would have to be taken to prove that the residents are okay with outlawing it.

I feel like it's not a major change because I've not heard of anyone seriously trying to outlaw hunting and fishing around here. I have heard that the NRA wants to use it as a way to proactively protect people's right to own various and sundry guns.

I am not sure how I feel about it. What do you think?

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So I just had a company call and try to scam a coworker of mine. They're definitely an evil company who tries to extort people's SSNs and money with fraudulent claims of criminal action. It's been fun to waste their time by calling and just repeating the same word over and over and over and over. First was "cactus" then "potato" then "peace" then "serenity" <-- jesus my coworker is a hippie, he gave me those last two. What should be the next word?

Would anyone care to lend a hand? 916-282-3166

Have any stories about you fucking with someone?


Well it's that time again. Hopefully the phone interview doesn't get cancelled again. My nerves are going nuts already. Still have a few minutes until it's time.

Can you tell me something funny/amusing to help me calm my nerves?

Edit: Phone interview is done. UGH my nerves made me fail so hard. But I hope I did good enough to get a call back. Now I wait! I really want this job!!! I admitted that I was a bit nervous which makes me wonder if I failed since it's mainly a receptionist job. But ironically I can suck up the nerves and do ok answering phones. But interviews are another story!
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For those in the UK - are there any decent websites for reviewing NHS psychologists?

For everyone - do you have to pay for a psychologist/therapist through health insurance or does the state provide health care? How do you rate it?

I live in the UK (Scotland) I'm looking to find out more about my psychologist's background and to read reviews about her. I'm struggling to find this. It's almost like because the state provides the service the client doesn't have any sort of choice. Like it kind of seems that in the US because clients "purchase" the service, they are "sold" the therapists background/academic interests/successes. Does that make sense? With the NHS it's like "you've been given her and that's that". Not that she's bad at her job or anything, she's actually one of the best psychologists I've had, I'd just like to see what other people thought of her.
I did try a google search and came up with nothing.
Note: not putting down the NHS at all, I feel very fortunate to have a state run health service. Despite it's criticisms, it has never left me until I'm too unwell to function (mentally or physically).

DK/DC - Are you doing anything tonight? (election or non-election related) ... I'm going out for a meal with my SO then we're going to see Michael Mactinyre.

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On a scale of 1-10, how good are your cooking skills? 10 = you can make some really fancy, gourmet meals from scratch. 1 = your cooking is revolting/your routinely ruin even really simple things.
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How do you ask a male who is noticeably acting upset/distant what is wrong and actually get an honest response, and not a prideful "nothing."

yeah i'm aware of how stupid this question sounds.
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So, my landlord is totally sucking at getting me a new stove after my old one blew up two Saturdays ago.  I'm used to cooking just about every meal for the last however many years, but I only have a microwave at my disposal for the time being and I have no idea when this is going to change.

What kind of yummy stuff do you make in the microwave?
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o1. What movies would you recommend for someone recovering from a breakup?

o2. I am a total violin noob. Are there any pop songs there that can be played at Suzuki book 1 level? 

o3. What do like most about your job that isn't related to it? 
(Me: the health insurance.)

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I have a gorgeous swimsuit which is a bit worn out. It has a gorgeous design on it. 
Is there a way to rescue it or turn it into something else whilst preserving the design?

ETA: I can't find a pic - it's got an odd coloured wiggly rainbow across the middle and clouds all over the rest. The main design is the torso of the suit. It has a racer back.