November 5th, 2012


Nice people do exist.

Coming home from a great night out for my sister's birthday, my ankle gave out on me as I stepped off the sidewalk.  My hero boyfriend scooped me up and carried me across the street and into my apartment. He made me a drink, drew a bath, and arranged my side of the bed with an ice pack and my elevation pillow.  Today, he's made lunch, helped me shower, wrapped my ankle (he studied physical therapy for a short time) and changed out my ice packs in regular intervals. 


When was the last time that someone did something totally selfless for you?  What was it?  How did you repay/thank them?

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I am not fond of either candidates. Why should I vote?
If you feel the same why, why did you vote?

Serious question. There is no snarky undertone to my questions, just curiosity.

//Just to clear things up, these are not my personal opinions. If it makes it any clearer that these are not my opinions, for as long as I have a right to, I will always vote.

Rochelle Goyle
  • xeonha

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Do you have a 3DS? What do you think about the StreetPass feature? If you like & use it, where do you normally go for hits? Or do you just carry your 3DS around and hope to get lucky?

What irritates you more, when someone you know votes for the opposite party you align with, or when they don't vote at all?

Are you going to vote for Roseanne Barr? Do you know anyone that will?
  • belle_m

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French speakers:

Is the phrase "J’étais faire du natation aussi" correct or does it need to become "J’étais faisais du natation aussi"? I feel like the first one is correct because étais is the conjugated verb and you would not have to conjugate further, but it doesn't look right when I see it.

Thank you.

-- A lowly French 3 student having a serious brain fart

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You've been appointed mayor of a small town and have to set things up. Sadly your budget is limited and tradeoffs must be made. What would you choose?

Nice condo type housing & comfortable apartments, one basic, crowded K-12 school
Cheap, slummy apartments for all; state of the art elementary and high schools

What about...?

Small community health clinic; properly equipped full-time fire department
Proper hospital with various departments/specialties; volunteer fire department with one fire truck

What about?

Shopping center with large food store, some clothes shops, electronics stores, etc; no library
One general store, and one small food shop; Well stocked town library

What about?

Efficient public transit system that also connects to neighboring town
Local DMV, car dealership, and lots of low-cost parking
  • lutine

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Someone you are very close to (sibling, best friend, etc.) is getting married. They are converting to their SO's religion to marry them and according to the rules of that religion, non-members are not allowed to attend the marriage ceremony. So you can't go.

Are you upset about this?

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Would you rather...?

Be locked in a closet with 10 hornets for exactly 15 minutes
Be zipped into a sleeping bag with 5 tarantulas for 15 minutes

Would you rather...?

Become addicted to heroin, if you inherited $5,000,000 in the second month of your addiction. You're rich, but your body will always have a jones for heroin
Get $5,000,000 worth of plastic surgery. You have to keep getting surgery after surgery until the 5m is exhausted. You can decide what part of your body they work on. In the end, you may long really strange

Would you rather...?

Masturbate yourself to orgasm in the back of a public bus at 9pm on a Saturday night
Masturbate yourself to orgasm in a department store changing room. You're alone in there, but there may be a camera recording you, and if so, who knows where that video will end up

Would you rather only be able to speak to the opposite sex...?

While rapping
While sounding like Gollum from Lord of the Rings

Would you rather...?

Wait outside a junior high school until the bell rings, then walk over to a thin, nerdy kid, and knock the books out of his arms, scream and degrade him until he cries. In front of over 100 classmates. You won't get into trouble
In the mall with about 50 witnesses, run over and steal a walker from an old lady. You'll pull it from her grip, push her down and run off with it. No one will stop you and you won't get into trouble later

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What are your thoughts on involuntary/forced treatment for the severely mentally ill? Define "severely" and "mentally ill" as you wish, though I'm referring to the textbook diagnoses and definitions. It seems to be split down the middle between people I know, so I'm curious for a wider population's input.

I'm personally split between thinking it may possibly be a good idea for those who aren't aware/don't believe they have a severe mental illness, and knowing that human rights and personal choice come first regarding treatment of physical or mental ailments. BUT THEN I think of how others' rights may be infringed upon if a non-medicated mentally ill person harmed someone else (and it was purely a result of them being mentally ill/unmedicated). Can't save everyone, etc etc and you can't predict peoples' actions, though. Wish this were an easier topic to think about :\

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US folks- Any of you experiencing crap from family, friends, or coworkers about voting?

I went to a family dinner last night and when asked about who i'm voting for I simply stated I don't discuss that. This started a night of being lectured on why I need to vote, how the electoral college works, how voting works, and a lot of assumptions on who I am voting for and their opinions on said assumptions. I left with a my blood boiling and a massive headache :\

NA/DC- If you had to look like any celebrity, who would you want to look like?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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Have you ever been excited to finally read a certain book, only to be extremely disappointed? If so, what book was it? Here are a list of my disappointments:

  • Pope Joan
  • Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (couldn't even finish it)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Hellstrom's Hive
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Happy Birthday or Whatever.

  • Conversely, what book have you been not too excited or positive about and been blown away once you read it?
    i say, old bean

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    have you ever been ice skating?
    are you any good at it?

    my dad grew somewhere around 20 pumpkins in our backyard. what the heck should we do with all of these pumpkins?

    what kind of sunglasses do you own?

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    What's something big that has happened in your life that you would have never expected?


    I used to work for a travel company, and I got my sister to go on one of the trips that they offer. She's now engaged to a guy she met on the trip.

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    The other day I saw that an ex bf had gotten engaged on FB. I was happy for him, so I "liked" his status. The next day, he deleted me as a friend.

    Is this weird? It's strange to me because I like remaining friends with ex's.
    • lutine

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    I'm required to provide snacks for my birth team when I'm in labor. The guidelines for the snacks are "healthy, protein-rich, organic, non-processed." However, given that labor can come on quickly and I doubt I'll be up for heading to the grocery store between contractions, I'm not really sure what I can stockpile that's going to last for a few weeks and be sort of grab-and-go. Any suggestions? The only things I can think of are those Babybel cheese rounds, some fruit cups maybe, and idk, granola/protein bars?

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    I need to find a new general doctor. I've never had to find one on my own before.
    How do I find a good one?
    Do I just pick one at random?
    Should I sacrifice a chicken and see what the gods tell me?
    (and I know no one in my area to ask)

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    Has anyone ever lived in a state that doesn't have a ton of people? I'm thinking of places like Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc. How about visited? What did you think of it?

    Something in me wants to peace out and move to Montana and live in the mountains.