November 4th, 2012


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1. i work 50+hours/week and i am taking classes on saturday/sunday. no day off in over a month and i have two months to go, while planning a wedding. how do i keep sane?

2. is obama gonna win? do you think that there's going to be anything like the 2000 election?

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So my boyfriend of four years broke up with me today, stating that since I had gone off to grad-school (which had been about a month) we have grown a part and he is no longer happy. I was fine with this, considering I do care for him and wanted him to be happy, and I had asked him if there was someone else. At first, he said no, then on the way to dropping him off at work, he announces that he has had sex and has fallen for another girl who he works with. Since he has gotten this job, he has become a bit arrogant, and I don't know whether or not this is a result of that.

I asked for my old laptop back from him, in which he persisted to say "You're really going to do this to me? I told you the truth". Am I still allowed to be pissed off? Will you post pictures/sayings that will inspire me and make me happy? Should I try to maintain a friendship?

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Are there any actors or actresses whose movies you won't watch specifically because that actor/actress is in it?

I refuse to watch any Adam Sandler movie on principle (just knowing that it will be a waste of my time/money). I've never liked Keira Knightley in any of her movies, but I don't really know why.

I want to get rid of nearly all of my things, but as soon as I start sorting I get all sentimental and want to keep everything even though I never use it. Any remedies for this useless sentimentality?
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FB Error

Not the most interesting thing but I'm have facebook issues.

Every time I try to alter content on my FB account (anything from uploading photos to commenting on a status), I get an error message.

It says : An error Occurred. Please try again Later.

I can navigate everything properly, I just can't DO anything.  It happens no matter what device I'm using (laptop, phone, or tablet).  Anyone ever experience this problem and/or know how I might fix it?

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Every year for Christmas I make a food item to give to some people for presents. Last year I made four varieties of fudge. What should I make this year? Whatever it is will be made in several varieties.

What should I make for Christmas presents this year?

Candy Bark
Cake Pops
Pie Pops
Candy Covered Pretzels
Nut Butter
Homemade Marshmallows
Candied Nuts
a few fave things
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Silent Hill Revelation

This is Silent Hill question time!

Have you played, or do you like the Silent Hill Games?

If you love the games, what did you think of Silent Hill Revelation?

If you haven't played the games, what did you think of Silent Hill Revelation?

What are your fave silent hill games?

I love the Silent Hill games which is why I had to see the movie. I was kind of mixed how I felt about Silent Hill Revelation, but I am disappointed in it. My fave Silent Hill games are Silent Hill 2, Origins, and Shattered Memories.
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Which one?


Which one?

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter

Which one?


Which one?

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones

Which one?

Salt and Vinegar

Which one?


Which one?

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If you've got a crush on someone right now, can you tell me about him/her (or them, if it you've got more than one crush)? What is it about them that makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside?

I don't care if it's a crush on your long term partner, someone you just met, or a celebrity (but IRL crushes are so much cuter). I just love hearing people gush about someone that makes them feel happy.
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In the song "Laura" by the Scissor Sisters, does the costume Jake Shears wears between 2:51 and 3:15 belong to any culture? I'm assuming that the eye makeup has something to do with Dia de Muerto but what about his clothing? Also is the dance during that part, and the whole scene itself, partial to any particular culture?

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So it looks like this year for Christmas presents I'm going to be making people swirl (or pinwheel) cookies in 4 flavors. Strawberry-vanilla, Mocha, Chai Spiced, and Chocolate Peppermint.

For those of you that make food treats for Christmas presents, what are you making this year? What have you successfully made in the past?

I did fudge last year and it was great.
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Which of these upcoming movies based on a book are you most excited about?

Cloud Atlas
Twilight: Breaking Dawn (part two)
Anna Karenina
The Hobbit
Life of Pi
The Great Gatsby
Les Misérables
Something else I will mention in the comments

In general, how do you feel about film adaptations of books? If you haven't read the book but are planning to watch the movie, would you try to read it first or let the film stand on its own?
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Do you own any kind of e-book reader? What kind is it? Can you recommend it?

I'm thinking about getting a Kindle keyboard. My husband has a Nook Color but I'm not a fan of touch-screens (especially when I have to use it to type) and I really like the e-ink of the Kindle and the note-adding option.

So for any of you Kindle-owners: do the pages turn quickly? How does it handle PDFs? I want mine mainly for reading journal articles and PDFs for class. I know there are ways to convert PDFs to Kindle format but a lot of the stuff I read is in German or Frakturschrift and I'm not sure how that would convert, especially the latter.

I'd also really like to be able to access JSTOR from it. If you have any experience with accessing JSTOR (or similar journal archives) from your e-reader, tell me about the experience! I tried it with the Nook and it's pretty slow and hard to navigate.

DK/DC: what's a recipe you've made recently that you can recommend? I'm planning on making spicy carrot peanut butter soup this week, but I need some more ideas too.
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Hot chocolate!

Even though it's still pretty warm in Florida. I've been watching Christmas movies and they're putting me in a "Wintry" mood. Which means I want hot chocolate! I was happy to see an unopened box in the cupboard so yay!

Do you like hot chocolate? If you drink the instant kind, what is your favorite brand? Do you have a favorite recipe or method for making a yummy cup of hot cocoa? Marshmallows... With or without?
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So I need to find a roommate. In the past I had a bad experience living with two girls. The truth is I am not the neatest person ever. I am not (as far as I know) completely disgusting and keep my mess to my own area. My area looks like a tornado hit it more often than not. I know I'm not going to be overzealous about cleaning and I don't want someone who is super anal about that stuff.

If I post an ad to find a roommate how should I word it so I don't come off sounding like a total slob but also get across that I don't want a neat freak?

Edit: Can you tell me about experiences you've had living with strangers?

Would you do it or suck it up and pay the extra money to live by yourself?

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Your spouse/SO calls their parents to give condolences or sympathy for something on behalf of both of you.

Do you also have to call to give condolences or sympathy yourself? Should you be expected to?
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Are there any professions where you think it would be valid to refuse to hire someone who smokes?

(Because I knew someone who worked with micropreemies and she smoked. I thought that was pretty fucked up. Even if you wear a jacket while smoking and wash your hands after, you're still exposing really vulnerable babies to those chemicals.)

Is refusing to hire a smoker discrimination?

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I have a free 30-session pass to my local gym. My goals are to increase my fitness (both cardio and strength), and to tone up (I'm considering joining this gym properly, but I want to see if it's practical for my lifestyle first).
Would it be more effective for me to use the 30 sessions as quickly/often as possible - so trying to go to the gym as many days as possible per week, or would it be more effective for me to stretch the 30 sessions over like a 2 or 3 month period?

Idk, did I word this in a way that makes sense? Like to get fitter and tone up should I try go to the gym like 6 days a week, or go once every two or three days basically.

I have very few obligations for the next 2/3 months, so fitting the gym into my schedule isn't a big issue right now.

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I've just moved back home and don't really know anyone here anymore. 
I always liked one of my ex's friends and i've found out he's just moved back too. My ex and I finished on VERY bad terms, and I know the guy is still friends with my ex. 
Would it be weird/a bad idea to try to make contact with the friend? He's messaged me a couple of times since we've been away and always been friendly. 

How would you respond?

Your mother comes up to you and says "let me sniff under your arms" so she can determine if you need a shower or not.

How would you respond? I can't remember what my response was (I might have told her to fuck off or "leave me alone!") but it certainly wasn't anything positive