November 2nd, 2012


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I live in a part of manhattan that was not badly hit by Sandy and that has mostly returned to normal, minus empty shelves at the supermarket. More than a week ago I made a hair appt for tomorrow, and I feel kind of guilty about going. OTOH, right now the NYC economy needs all the help it can get.

I donated what I could to the red cross, provided a place for my power-less brother to sleep & have offered to house anyone without power who can make it to my place.

So why do I feel so guilty and selfish about going to get my hair done?

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What is your favorite television romance?

Movie romance?

DK/DC/Romance makes me vomit: should I wear a smokey eye today since it's fall and thus more appropriate or go more natural like I have been?

quitting stuff

so i need to quit weed. its great and all, ive been smoking on and off for years and years, but right now is one of the times its starting to get too wasteful, gluttonous, just bad, and i gotta quit(at least until i can rearrange my priorities). man you wouldnt believe how much money has been pissed away, ya'll would get mad at me probably. anyway, if any of you guys have done it, any helpful thoughts? i know its as simple as just to stop buying and i wont even care in a few weeks, but ive said "im not gonna buy anymore" like EVERY time i get paid for the past couple months and i just keep caving. another factor is ive got a boyfriend living with me who is weaker than i am about it.

any other habit breaking inspiration stories?

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I'm going on an 8-hour road trip tonight with my husband and two of our friends. We return on Sunday.

I'm burning CDs to listen to (they don't have an MP3 player in their car.) We're all 30 years old and want to listen to crap we all know. It doesn't have to be modern; my most recent CD was a giant mix of Matchbox 20 and other bad early-2000s crap.

What should we put on our CDs?

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If you've been induced, what was it like? 
Did you try any natural methods of induction before your appointment? Did anything help?

I'm 38 weeks with twins, having some really bad GD sugars and am getting induced this weekend. My first pregnancy my waters broke and I went into labour naturally so what's going to happen this time?! Is there anything I can do to get a head start on the induction? I'm 4cm right now and hoping I go naturally before tomorrow.
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do you ever get the feeling your coworkers are talking about you behind your back?
what would you do if you found out they were?

How much money do you put into your savings account per check/month?

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So I have a friend on Long Island who just lost her house to Sandy. She has a daughter who is 3 and twin babies, a boy and a girl who are about 3 months old. Her house was just one level and it flooded so they lost basically everything. I think she's staying with family now. She's helped me with a lot of things regarding getting into school and references and I just feel so bad for her.

I'm trying to pay my way through school and I waitress at a not so busy restaurant and I basically have no money to spare, but I'm going to get her a $100 Target gift card and some little things as well. I just feel like anything will help and especially knowing that people care will help as well.

1. What do you think I should send her?
2. If anyone would like to contribute let me know send me a message and I'll direct you to my paypal account. I will even include photos of the package after I put it all together.

3. NY Marathon? Cancel it or no? I say yes.

What do you believe?

What do you believe in?

The concept of 'sin'
Coincidence (if you don't, then you believe everything happens for a reason, and there is no coincidence the song I was humming in my head all day winds up in the movie I watched later that night)
2012 and the Mayan calendar
Shakespeare's work is sublime. His writing is superb and his plays were really something. If you think he's overrated, obviously you don't check this box
Intelligent design (not necessarily the christian form, but that the universe was created)
Occam's razor. In all cases, the simplest answer is the correct one. You have to believe this is true always, not that it's a good theory
Homosexuality is a choice
Some people have powers. Maybe they're psychics, or lamas, or magicians, or high priests. Some people can do extraordinary, unfathomable things that science can't explain
Voter fraud is a very real threat this election
Karma/threefold law (all our actions have repercussions and the universe will punish you someday for transgressions done today)
Soulmates. We each have one
Global warming/climate change (we all know the caps are melting, but do you believe this is due to industry rather than a naturally occuring phenomenon?)

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Are there any super simple things that you absolutely hate doing for some reason?
Putting my duvet cover back on seems like the biggest pain in the ass to me even though it takes about 2 minutes.

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Inspired by vinolent's question:

Are there any household chore-type tasks that you enjoy doing?

I enjoy vacuuming a surprising amount. I mean, you roll this machine around and magically, the carpet is clean. I somehow learned to like vacuuming when I was a kid.

Phone interview update

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the advice you guys gave me. Unfortunately the interview has to be postponed because the lady had an emergency. Not sure when it's happening yet. I made myself sick with anxiety and now I get to wait even longer.

And so I'm not breaking any rules, a question....

What do you do if you feel like you're having an anxiety attack and don't have anything like meds to take for it? Any helpful tips?
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Sup TQC, been a while

Do you pick the apartment that is a little bit older, showing it's age, but located right in the middle of everything? Or do you pick the apartment that is newly remodeled, but a bit further out from food, shops, and nightlife?

Edit: Or do you wait, hoping something else better comes along? Currently I'm month to month, just want to move closer to my job and life.
retail therapy

Food for Thought:

Here is a thought exercise. Imagine you had no possible source of income but had food, basic shelter and basic clothes provided for you as you needed them. Nothing else is given to you though.

Now, imagine that you could refuse to eat a meal and you would get five dollars (or equivalent currency). You could do this anytime you liked, up to $15 a day if you didn’t eat at all.

Would you just take the food and live comfortably or would you sacrifice to save up money? If so, how much would you try to save and what would you buy with it?

This question was actually my husband's, posted on his writing blog entry.

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Say you moved to a new city without a job, and your parents were nice about paying your rent until you found a job. Eight months have gone by, and you're not having any luck. You go on interviews, but nothing seems to every work out despite how well you think each interview went. You like this city and you have friends here, and don't necessarily want to leave, but...

Would you move back to your hometown to save your parents' money? Would you have moved back to your hometown awhile ago?

Also, what is something that you were unsure about at the time but in hindsight ended up being the best decision you could have made?

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I have a full time job in a hotel, working pretty random shifts either finishing at 15:30 or finishing at 23pm ish.
I've got a potential job offer in a pub.
Should I go for the job in the pub as well (if they'll take me on the hours I can offer) in order to save money, or not burn myself out/piss off two employers? Hotel is salary (albeit not a good one) and pub would be hourly. 

ETA: I'm talking about getting a second job. 

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reality ruins life

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If you had a 10% chance at succeeding at something, would you still try?

What if you had already tried and had bad experiences?

What was the last movie you saw and how did you like it?
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Do people in North America actually not understand that UNLESS they have celiac disease or a wheat allergy or Crohn's or IBS -- in other words, if their immune system and intestinal tract is HEALTHY, they *actually should* consume gluten as part of their diet? 

What was the last fad you just found completely illogical?

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What's a ridiculous "dream" that you would want to do in a fantasy world that you probably wouldn't do in real life?

For me, I think it would be interesting and adrenaline rushing to chase tornadoes.

A few.

1. Will you be making these in the future?

Recipe here.
I will not. I have no donut pan and do not want to invest money in one.

2. Do you feel completely numb on the inside, day to day, and only pretend to feel the same emotions as everyone else? Do you get tired of pretending, of faking laughter? How do you deal, if so?
Yes, yes, and yes. I drink.