November 1st, 2012

Red roses

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Long story short, I'm single after four years because our priorities don't match up. Short story long, I love that boy still BUT after crying and looking like a crazy person this morning, I understand where he's coming from. 

What are your stories of woe and heartbreak?
What do you do to get over that jazz, go to the mall and spends thousands on the credit card or drown your sorrows in that beautiful tub of icecream? 

I think...I'm about to show this guy what I look like 40 pounds lighter.

DK/DC/Hooray you got dumped??:
Favorite cartoon to watch when you want to zone out?
Has anyone gone to trade school, how'd it work out?

What do you do when you realize maybe college isn't for you, but you still want some type of higher education? 

Edited: I'm not sure how I killed the font format...but I managed it. YES!

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Have you ever used an online dating service? Experiences / Opinions are welcome

DK/DC - what was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?
My answer: I live by many farms and a guy was riding his horse on the streets and texting at the same time, my best friend yelled "QUIT TEXTING AND HORSING" after he prompted his horse to walk when we were clearly driving and I found it to be hilarious.
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TQC, what's the weirdest comment someone has made to you recently? it can be online or IRL, doesn't matter.

brought to you by the fact that someone just commented on my 'friends only' post with a bunch of anti-women youtube videos. lol.

Phone interview

Hi TQC! So, I have myself preparing for something I've never had before. A phone interview! I received an email regarding a job asking if I would be available for a phone interview, tomorrow at 2pm. Of course I replied back asap saying yes and all that. Now I'm thinking (over thinking like I always do) how this is going to go. I need this job so bad. I miss having a job!

Have any of you ever had interviews via phone? What was it like? I'm horrible at talking on the phone. Mega anxiety. Which ironically, the job would involve me answering phones. But I can sorta suck it up and deal with it when it's a job. But how am I going to keep myself from stuttering while I'm trying to get this job? If it matters, it's for an Administrative Support position at an insurance company.

Experience? Advice? Serious/Non-Serious

Teal Deer? Do you hit the after holiday markdown candy sales? What types of candy do you go after?
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This question came to mind based on an earlier one from another user:

What would you consider to be "common sense"? I'm especially curious because I'm always accused of being a dreamer/idealist and not knowing what's "real."

And I guess it's true in a way. Words like "real" and "reality" make me cringe because often times I feel like what people consider "real" is not really "real;" it's just shit that they believe very strongly. For example, it seems that a lot of people hate the idea/phrase "you can be whatever you want to be." Like, somehow that's not true because of "reality." But in most situations that people cite, they'll pick the wildest fucking things that are truly impossible (wanting to be in the NBA when you don't have legs) or things that they could do but won't because it requires a lot of work and willpower ("I want to travel the world but I can't because I don't have money!" Ok, well, if you have a job then save up. If you don't, go find one. What you mean is that you can't do it RIGHT NOW.)

What do you guys think?

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I've decided to do theme weeks with my nails. The end of this week and next week will be Superhero theme. What are some other themes I should try? Remember that I am a teacher who uses a Dukane which will enhance my fingers when I am pointing stuff out. Plus my students ask to see my nails when they know I've changed them, so it has to be school appropriate.
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You normally exchange gifts with someone via mail,something you've been doing for years. You sent one but didn't get one back. Do you call and ask them about it and potentially embarrass them if they couldn't afford to send this year? Do you not say anything about it even though it could have gotten lost in the mail and you end up looking like an ahole for not acknowledging they sent something?

If you sent something to someone and they never said thank you/acknowledgment/known they enjoyed it would you be upset?

If you had a tradition of sending gifts back and forth but didn't have the resources to do so this year so would you tell them? If you didn't discuss money matter's but you knew you didn't have the resources would you still offer your wish list?

Would it matter if it were close family vs friends?

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A friend of mine is going through a really rough time. She told me tonight that she is eating because of food stamps and she borrowed money for rent. This friend was really generous with me when she was doing well.

What can I send her? A gift card? Cash? I don't want to offend her.
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Dear TQC,

I live with my husband and our roommate in an apartment. We're having trouble thinking of a way to fairly divide up the grocery bill. Our original thought was for me to buy groceries, and things that would be shared with the household would then be tallied up, and the cost divided, with my roommate reimbursing me. However, I have trouble asking for money, because we do owe him a bit from getting set up here. However however, I don't feel like it's fair for me to always be buying groceries, cooking dinners, and him not pitching in. But I also don't want him to feel like it's unfair since we still owe him money-- which we hope to actually pay back.

Thoughts, suggestions, tips, anecdotes?