October 31st, 2012


Anyone want a free Obama sticker?

I got this ¡Obama! sticker in the mail recently. It's awesome...but I ordered the LGBT one. D:

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would want to trade stickers (or any other Obama paraphernalia you might have) by snail-mail?

If not, I'll probably end up mailing it to anyone here who might want it, but I'd love to trade if possible.

U.S. folks, did you vote yet?
Non-U.S.: Do you have any interest in America's 2012 election?
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I don't like halloween and I'm scared of dressing up :(  my friend is having a halloween party tomorrow (I live in the UK) and I don't know what to go as.  I feel very uneasy mainly because I've never done it before as an adult and I'm scared of looking like an idiot, as well as not being dressed up enough.

 Suggestions for what I should dress up as? Preferably something simple and affordable, I'm a poor uni student. 

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I have the flu. So, my husband is taking the kids out trick-or-treating.

I have two huge bags of candy. If I give candy out to kids tonight, am I going to get them all sick? Would you do it? Or would you just turn off the light and keep ALL the candy for yourself?

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A number of people knock on your door for trick-or-treat. Your door has a peephole. Which costumes would you open your door for? Anyone you don't check it's assumed that you wouldn't give them any candy

5 young girls dressed as Bratz dolls
5 high school girls dressed at Bratz dolls
2 small boys and a small girl wearing formal wear. They're carrying pamphlets of 'the Watchtower'. Obv. Jehovah's Witnesses
1 small boy dressed as a mormon and 3 small girls dressed as his 'sister wives'
2 teenage boys dressed as ICP fans (with the clown paint)
Little girl dressed as Honey BooBoo
Few young men (20s) dressed as One Direction
5 little boys dressed as the Village People
Young man (20s) wearing a sign that says 'illegitimate rapist'
Father dressed as Zed from Pulp Fiction. His son, tied to a leash, is dressed as the Gimp
3 young men (20s) in stripperwear dressed as guys from Magic Mike
Tween girl dressed as Paris Hilton
3 young boys dressed as suicidal bombers
5 little kids dressed as Westboro Baptists. They're carrying GOD HATES FAGS signs
5 teenagers (late teens) dressed as Westboro Baptists. They're carrying GOD HATES FAGS signs

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Is there any truth to the claim that Harry Potter books are poorly bound, or is this just a claim from people who don't understand why something being reread over and over for 15 years, generally by children, might fall apart? 

Having the sex talk with parents

Did you ever talk to your parents about sex--that you're having sex/planning on having it? How old were you and what was it like? 

I'm 23 and in a relationship, and today my dad wanted to skype with me when I got done hanging out with my SO at 10 or 11 PM. I couldn't, for some reason, tell him that I wasn't coming home because I will stay the night obviously. I'm sure he's aware I'm not a virgin; he knows I've been on birth control and he is even aware I've shacked up with an ex for a month. Maybe it's because he voted for Romney and he's never been open about sex. Maybe it's because I'm 23 and it's none of his business what I do, but it would be nice to just say, "Hey look i can't skype tonight with you, dad, because I'm going to obviously stay the night with my boyfriend since we're both consenting adults." In this case, would you advise talking to a parental unit about sex or just holding off any awkward conversations? 

ALSO--best horror/Halloween movie to watch with your SO? 
Call Me Sir!
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So I'm a nursing student. In lab we practice medication administration for IM, SQ, insulin, ect. with syringes we reuse for our whole program (onsite, we obviously use disposables). Last week we did insulin mixing and practiced injections on "pillows" of simulated tissue. When I recapped my needle, it must have bent and ended up puncturing the plastic cap. Fastforward to this week, when I reached into my kit, the needle stuck me. Just a prick, but enough to bleed. I told the lab tech and got sent to health services to do paperwork, but nothing else. When I talked to my fiancee, he got all bent out of shape about it. Though health services told me not to worry about it because the needle wasn't "used," and didn't break protocol, he believes I should go to my PCP for antibiotics today.

TQC, WWYD if you got a stick from a non-biologically contaminated needle?

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Should I go to a bar crawl tonight with my SO and his friends?

I will be tired after a full day of work
I have to go to work early tomorrow
I do not like drinking

I will be social, and I rarely go out
I will be able to get my money's worth out of my costume
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My cat has been licking her paw a lot so I took a look and it sort of looks like she has... an ingrown claw maybe? To my inexperienced eye, it kind of looks like her claw started to shed but didn't separate all the way and there's a new one growing underneath it. The area is red and sore-looking. Is this something kind of normal, or should I take her in to the vet tomorrow? Is there anything I can do to help in the meantime? Should I cover it so she can't lick it?

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Do any of you have horrible phone anxiety? I'm totally ok calling someone I know but I just called to order dinner (I needed to find out if the restaurant was delivering because hurricane so I had to call instead of order online) and I couldn't understand the guy and he couldn't understand me and blegh.

What's your favorite type of ethnic food?

Greek is probably my absolute favorite but I can't really eat it, so, Japanese.

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let's say you're living with your SO, just the two of you in an apartment. your SO gets a new job and you are planning to move closer to it. Your SO's friend (who you really like and get along with) is planning on moving to the same area.

Would you consider moving in with your SO's friend to get a bigger, nicer place and pay less than you are now?

Would you consider it moving a step backward in your relationship with your SO, from living alone to having an extra roommate?

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Would you rather be forced to...?

Become a fire-fighter
Leave your country forever

Would you rather...?

Cross the atlantic on an 80 year old boat
Cross the pacific on a 60 year old plane

What sounds better?

Cheddar Cheese flavored ice cream
Milk flavored soda
devon ramen

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ive been studying from 12 to 8.
do i deserve a trip to 711 for an ice cream, yes or no?

changed my mind im too lazy. new question:
i have an ad on gumtree advertising my help for students struggling with assignments and concepts of their psych course. a woman just replied asking me to do her assignment for her, because shes a full-time mum struggling with family commitments. i replied back saying how i think it's so wrong for her to do that, that she's cheating hard working students who actually want to be there, and that there are several full time mums studying at the uni as well who can manage the workload. was i too harsh? what would you have said? 

this is the 2nd time someone replied asking me to do their assignment for them in the past 2 days. i cant believe people would do this.