October 30th, 2012

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What kind of person are you?

I find myself the kind of person who is a "to a fault" person. Forgiving to a fault, giving as a general rule to a fault, sympathetic to a fault, etc. I want to believe in the good of people, and I want to see the success of people as a general rule. I'm not selfish, I believe other people unless explicitly proven wrong, and I offer as much of myself as possible even to strangers. Essentially, I have almost no self-preservation and am entirely giving on almost every level. This is probably not the best of habits. :/

What is your favorite video game? Mine is Minecraft, followed by Sims 3 or Zoo Tycoon 2.
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When do you usually do your holiday shopping and wrap gifts?

I'm already done with all my shopping unless something else catches my eye. I have an urge to wrap everything tomorrow. I feel like it's crazy-early for that, but I'm 8 months pregnant so I kind of want to get it done so I don't have to worry about it.
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I updated my blog with a vaguely personal post about my mental illness and how I was going to fight it and be happy whether I liked it or not (basically I just want to stop suffering and am going to struggle through it as best I can).

I got a response from someone saying, "Does this mean you'll finish that porny fanfic you started then?" While I do intend on finishing it, am I wrong in feeling slightly perturbed that their only response to my posting about wanting to be happy and fighting through it was them wanting to know if I'd keep writing my fanfiction? Like, I feel almost like what they're saying is, "Oh good, you're not feeling suicidally depressed, write porn now please!" Or should I cut them some slack?

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Do you still have a favorite stuffed animal/plush/similar? If so, would you like to share a picture?

Or, if N/A, would you like to tell us or share a picture of one of your favorite toys as a kid?


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i missed my midterm for this class because of my surgery and have yet to take it

my professor had me sit away from the classroom while she went over it

class started at 2. it is now 2:41.

did she forget about me?

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Oh hey guys, I just remembered that I still have an LJ account.

What colour should I paint my nails today: forest green or magenta? I might do a copper-sparkle accent nail too, if that changes your answer.

Do you Instagram? Can I follow you? Gimme your usernames pls.

I'm going to go over to a boy's house tonight to make him supper and listen to records and watch a shitty horror movie. Should I wear plain (but cute) underwear, or ~fancy~ underwear?

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Help me out, TQC! A coworker is dressing as Rosie the Riveter tomorrow, but doesn't want to if she'll be the only one in costume.

Can you please recommend a kick-ass lady I can dress as? Bonus points if it's super easy (I don't have Victorian-period clothes just hanging in my closet) and if the lady was kick-ass in a positive way (pirates are great, but I'd like to promote legal and ethical habits to my students).
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Don't you think Romilda Vane should have, at the very least, been expelled from Hogwarts? Is giving someone a love potion any different than giving someone a roofie?

Is banana bread a dessert?

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TQC. I am at a Comedy stand up night alone. None of my friends came an while I was waiting, I drank a touch too much rum. I am also right at the front. How well can this go?

Dk/dc - do you like stand up comedy?

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has there ever been a time when you were embarrassed of something that actually isn't anything to be embarrassed about?

around the ages of 7-11 i was so embarrassed of not being able to swim... i used to skip out on pool birthday parties and even used to lie about being a great swimmer. since then i've learned how but wow, it used to be such a sensitive topic for me.
Susan wtf?

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Just out of curiosity, but what do people on here think of the term "redneck"? For example, how would you respond if someone were to tell you that it's just as bad and offensive as the N-word?

(Note: I obviously do not believe that the term "redneck" is anywhere near that level of offensiveness....however, I've ended up in an ongoing argument with someone online who DOES believe it >_<)
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Mother In Laws

I have a very religious, very conservative mother-in-law who has never given up the belief that her children should do what they are told. She is convinced that because I am on the pill, I have doomed her son to Hell. We don't want kids now, and may adopt later in life, but there are at least 100 reasons why I should not physically carry a child.

My mother-in-law routinely writes us letters about how we are going to hell, sends us religious newspaper clippings, and has left pro-life propaganda in my home. She also routinely sends us nutritional information about diets she thinks we should be following. She literally sent us propaganda shortly before Thanksgiving last year saying that taking the pill was the same as committing murder. Then she came and ate Thanksgiving dinner at my house, with me, THE MURDERER.

My husband's method of dealing with this is similar to hers. She writes these letters, but never speaks about it to our faces. He receives these letters, but never brings it up. That's REALLY not my style, and I'm very fed up. I really want to either write her a letter myself or talk to her about how offensive her actions are. I'm tired of finding things around my house after she leaves. I'm tired of getting her stuff in the mail, and for the love of God, her son is an adult and is free to send himself to Hell if he chooses.

My husband is terrified of the day I finally snap. I've told him that if he doesn't tell her to stop, one day I'll probably go off on her and it will be much worse than if we planned to talk to her about it. I know she's going to cry, because she's one of these people that uses crying to get her own way. I know myself and I know that one day she'll go too far and I'll lose it.

I should also mention that my husband sends his mother a great deal of financial support, fixes her car, does a ton of stuff for her, so I doubt having a conversation with her means she will cut off contact. Without us, she could not afford her apartment.

So, TQC, should we plan a talk with my mother in law, write a letter and not talk about it, or just wait until my notorious temper reaches it's limit?