October 29th, 2012

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I am interested in writing my own erotic poetry, but I'm not sure if it would be taboo to publish this on my personal journal, or if I should create a new one for that purpose. Anyone writers wanna weigh in here?
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Say you're friends with someone for several years. You're very close, talk about everything, talk every single day, have gotten to the point where you call each other best friends. Then very abruptly, they go from working 20 hours a week to 40. You text them maybe once a week and they never reply and this goes on for several months. You ask if they are mad at you and they always say no, they're just busy, but this carries on for another few months. How long would you carry on a friendship where the only interaction is either you messaging them to ask if they're mad at you and them saying no, just busy, or you messaging them to say hey and never getting any response and thus never being able to engage in said friendship?

I'm currently going on six months and very sad because while I understand my best friend being busy, the fact that I have about twenty texts over the last six months that I have sent with no response at all, ranging from a simple hi to asking when they're free to chat to simply messaging that I miss them, and nothing gets a response kind of makes me worried. I try to text only once every couple weeks to avoid bothering them if they're busy because I understand busy since their work schedule has increased, but I feel like I should give up on this friendship because even though they say they're not mad at me, when it's been six months without any kind of talking besides the occasional, "I swear I'm not mad, I'm just busy", the fact that they haven't responded once in six months (at least, actually, maybe more) makes me feel like maybe it's not just business and actual "I don't want to be friends anymore".

And on a less personal note - do you think the portrayal of teenagers on TV is inaccurate? I feel like they portray teens as being more mature and life smart than they actually are. I feel like teenagers in shows who are fifteen and sixteen tend to emotionally act more like kids who are in their twenties than high school

I've been to four doctors about this..

So I did a half marathon on September 8. I felt fine afterwards, a little sore, but I was ok. I kept working out after the soreness wore off and about 2-3 weeks later, I noticed a pain in my left hip.

Currently, it hurts to lift my left leg...so anything like getting into the shower or car can be very painful. It also hurts to get up when I've been sitting for more than 30 min. The pain feels like it is where the femur bone is going into the hip socket.

I've gone to two MD's and two Chiropractors and had Xrays taken. No fracture or arthritis. They can't figure it out.

Dr. TQC, what could this be?! I am getting worried.
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I was purchasing a Monster Energy drink, along with some gas for my car before work.

A guy in line comments on my drink of choice...

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Usually I just sneeze on people when they're being rude (my signature move when a couple is making out in front of the doorway at the bar...always works!) but I felt compelled to say something snarky. One benefit of working the night shift is that I encounter far less people. I like it.

What would you have responded with TQC?
What was the last rude thing someone said to you?
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Do you own any clothes that don't currently fit you, but you hang onto them with the intention to lose some weight and fit into them eventually?

I have like three pairs of jeans like this. They fit fine when I'm standing up or walking around, but if I try to sit down I lose circulation to my legs.

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Can we use this post to complain?

My face is entirely swollen because of an infected pore to the point where I can barely open my mouth. I went to Urgent Care yesterday to deal with and apparently my insurance covers Urgent Care, but my medical group doesn't, so I had to go to the freaking ER to get antibiotics. Apparently I needed to get a doctor's referral to be seen at Urgent Care.
On a Sunday.

So I spent $75 at the ER instead of the $20 copay I would have had to pay anywhere else.

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How do you help yourself when you're depressed? How do you help yourself get over a break up?

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Sorry I'm rambling. I'd hide this in a cut but I don't know how. I'm just honestly so depressed and any advice on this would help. Thank you...

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Have you ever gone through a very antisocial period? what was the reason?

I am feeling really low lately and I don't want to go out because I feel like I am annoying everyone and not worthy of people's company.

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With Hurricane Sandy kicking ass and taking names in the East, I fear that this may be the equivalent of New Orleans for Barrack Obama. FEMA has been underfunded and many state's disaster relief budgets have been depleted due to the myriad of rampant fires over the summer. Shit may get bad and there may not be enough money in the piggy bank to fix things right away, which will make Obama look weak and ineffective. Throw in unemployment and the gas prices (which many people assume the president has some control over), and Romney may coast to victory next month. That's depressing

What are some silver lining points that I can look forward to under a Romney administration? Serious and non-serious answers welcome

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I have a friend I hadn't spoken to in months. We used to be very close, confidantes. This guy friend of hers was introduced to me through her back in February, and he seemed like a very nice cool guy, he was cute, but at the time I had a boyfriend of my own. I heard through the grapevine in response to my girlfriend that it didn't matter if I had a boyfriend or not, it may not last, and if it doesn't he'll be there. I was both flattered and repelled by this comment, mostly the latter because I loved my boyfriend very much. But low and behold we did end up splitting up. It was a very depressing time in my life, so we went out and spent time together. We had become intimate rather quickly and he had become very attached to me. But something weird was happening, my girlfriend, everytime the guy couldn't reach me, would call me to ask if I had talked to him yet, almost like she was keeping tabs on me for him. I felt pretty bizarre about this. It's not like I would ignore his calls for days or anything, but sometimes I would get sidetracked with something. 

I remember at one point he had asked me about doing something the next week on Tuesday. I believe he sent this message on Sunday... anyways, I had become busy and didn't check my messages until later when I see that he sent me another message asking if we were "okay" because he hadn't heard from me in a few days. He then asked me what our relationship was and I just told him I was enjoying where we were and that I wasn't looking to commit right away, and that erasing an entire year of history with my ex was something I couldn't do yet. He didn't take it well, at all, and even though he said he would be there as a friend he unfriended me and we haven't spoken since. My girlfriend also stopped talking to me, over the months I would occasionally phone-in to see how she was doing, but there some nagging intuitive thought that suggested to me that things between her and I weren't okay. She would never initiate any contact with me, it was always the other way around.

I finally confronted her about it last week, not in harsh way, I simply told her that I just knew something was up and if there was anything she needed to tell me. She then revealed that after her friend and me stopped going out, she felt guilty and responsible and she distanced herself from the both of us in response. I didn't reveal my emotions over the phone, but I felt almost betrayed, all this time and she couldn't at least tell me that? What the hell? Since then we've talked a few more times, I've called her, so nothing seems to have changed although she did agree to get coffee with me sometime this week last week when we talked. Should I maybe let her go depending on whether or not we actually hang out? I am actually pretty upset she distanced herself from me over this, she was there when I was crying over the phone towards the end of my relationship with my ex. She was the one who suggested that I go out with her friend, and he seemed nice enough, so I did. I just wasn't ready to be official I wasn't even terminating the relationship with him, but he was ready to write me off just because I didn't want things at that level yet.

Am I crazy? Out in left field about this? Should I feel upset with her?
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Are your political views the same/similar to the views of your parents?
If you're in the US, why are you/aren't you voting in the upcoming election?

My views are different from my mom's. I tend to lean towards liberal/democrat whereas she's a diehard republican. Ironically, we're poor as dirt, so I don't understand why she votes for the party that typically undermines the small person.
Several people I know have openly admitted that they're only voting the way they are because that's how their parents are voting. :|
I will not be voting because I didn't register in time.

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We have a little committee at work that puts together fun outings and picnics, holiday parties, etc. for the office. They buy the supplies and the company reimburses them. We wanted to have games with the prizes being gift cards, but they said they could not reimburse for gift cards for "tax purposes." does anyone know why?
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my gf wants us to go to a rave on saturday night with some random girl she just started working with. i'm honestly uncomfortable with the idea. none of us who are going have ever been to one and i'm not sure what to expect. i've heard basically a lot of drugs, sex, dancing, grinding, etc. she wants us to take molly and roll face while we're there.. and she's told me she's going with or without me, because she promised this new friend of hers she would go with her. she wants me to come, but idk. on one hand, i want to be there because i'm scared of what could happen to her if she goes with some random who doesn't really care about her well-being, but on the other hand, i don't really want to go. i just keep having these sick images of horny shirtless bros trying to feel and grind on my gf and i wanna vomit. i trust her, just not other people. i'm more concerned about her safety than anything else. if it helps, we're both girls, i'm 25 and she's 21.

what should i do? give it to me straight.. talk some sense into my overly-analytic mind.
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Is it best to vote early in the morning (as far as short waiting times go)?

I'll be going on Friday which is the second to last day of early voting if that matters (Saturday is the last day). Polls are open from 7-7 so I'm thinking about getting there when they open, but will everyone be there trying to vote before going to work?

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so i notice that a corner of the ceiling in my bathroom has formed a bubble (i dont know how else to describe it) and is starting to drip water. I am terrified it is going to burst open and flood the bathroom. The rain isn't stopping anytime soon and I cant call the landlord/expect him to do anything until tomorrow anyway, I don't think. Is there anything at all I can do to prevent this from turning into a disaster? What would you do in this situation?
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Hoping our East Cost TQC Members are okay...

Based on current events: When preparing for what promises to be a major weather event, which foods/drinks do you stock up on? (If you live somewhere that doesn't get bad weather, pretend you're somewhere else and tell me which non-perishables you'd want..)

Obligatory and related second question: what kind of natural disasters is your area prone to? We have tornadoes, ice storms, and recently mild earthquakes.


How (if at all) would you respond to a status like the following?

"oh uninformed voters, you have no idea what you've done.... have fun with your Obama phones I'm moving to Canada!"