October 28th, 2012

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When I am writing papers and such I have trouble staying focused on that for too long a period of time, so i usually write some, switch to something else, go back to writing, rinse and repeat. Usually the thing i switch to is the internet, but the problem with that is then I'll get sucked into whatever and end up wasting too much time instead of a quick little break it was supposed to be. Anyone know of any fairly simple, turn based kind of games online (or free to download I guess) where I could like do something, close and go back to writing, go back to, etc? Some facebook games used to serve this purpose for me a few years ago, but I got really sick of all the fb spam associated with that, plus facebook makes my browser laggy so I don't use it much these days.

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One of my roommates has been stomping around, muttering to himself, and slamming doors for the past two days. He's been avoiding making eye contact with me and my boyfriend, grunting if we say good morning, etc. It's not like we ever hang out with him, but he clearly seems angry about something.

I really cannot think of anything he could be mad at us for because we don't have that much contact with him to begin with, but he seems pissed. Should I ignore him until he gets over it or wants to bring it up or should I ask him flat out what's bothering him? 

I kind of want to ignore him because I hate passive aggressive bullshit, but at the same time I'm dyyyying to know what I did to offend him because he's crazy and it's probably something hilarious.

*Just for background, he's an extremely messy person and never cleans anything/doesn't take out the garbage/leaves his dishes all night. We clean everything. We're also really quiet but here him and his girlfriend being loud as fuck all the time.

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Can anyone recommend an instrumental band or music similar to the Urban Gypsies that I can download from iTunes? Their website has samples: http://urbangypsies.org/music-cds/

Their website describes the music as "gypsy, guitar, latin, world, jazz". I recognise that their style is probably pretty unique, but I'm open to other recommendations for instrumental. Just nice background music for when I work.

DK/DC: How's the fucking weather?

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I'm kinda obsessed with the song in the following commercial:

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Is there a jingle or song used in an advertisement that you really like?

Bonus points: If anyone can tell me who the hell sings the song in the video above, I'll be eternally grateful.
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What are your experiences with Wal-Mart's photo shoots? 

I want to get pictures done for my parents of my brother and I since I've been away for 3 years and they have no recent pictures of us together. My brother doesn't like his picture taken so I don't want to do it at any place to flashy and Wal-Mart seems the easiest place  to meet/get him to come to. 

So any experience stories good or bad would be great! :)

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Where do you like to go to retreat from the world and relfect on things? Your ideal zen place or activity. For instance, I like to turn off the lights and light a few candles, placing each inside a green holder. I then draw a warm bath. The shimmering green light really helps me feel centered and relaxed.
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Do you have experience with turning negative emotions into something positive? Specifically, emotions such as:

1) jealousy
2) worry/fear

Have you ever felt jealous of someone or something and did something positive about it? Have you ever had a crippling fear and made it work for you somehow?

Tell me. I'm in dire need of pointers.
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Sorry about the syntax but I can't be bothered looking for my reading classes so I'm kind of just ty

Can you guys post some pictures of unusual/quirky/geeky/Vidal Sassoon inspired/animae long haircuts, with fringes/bangs/for girls? My hair really needs a cut as it's long, blonde, and straight and is starting to resemble Helena Bonham Carter's. I tend to wear my hair up every day as I hate the feel of hair on the back of my neck, so I'm thinking of going long at front, short at back? Or maybe razored to give it more texture and body? IDK hair stuffs so I'm hoping you guys have ideas. I'm also not a girlie girl at all so low maintenance would be great.

TDLR: Pretty long hair photos please?
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Attempting to lift too much weight too soon I now have classic lower back pain and sciatica.
The Doc says it temporary. But I am impatient. How long should I rest it and what are some good meds stretches???
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Our digital camera has bitten the dust. What kind of digital camera do you use? How much did it cost?

DK/DC/Cameras will eat your soul: Have you ever had a day, not counting sick days, when you truly got nothing accomplished? I want to say I didn't do anything today, but the kitchen is clean and laundry is getting finished...
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Do you ever read TvTropes? If so, what are your favorite pages?

I took a nap for four and a half hours (set my alarm for four AM instead of PM, whoops, and didn't get up after a couple hours) so I'm likely going to be wide awake all night. What are some good documentaries I could find online to watch to pass the night? I enjoy pretty much anything related to astronomy, evolution, and history of the world/development of the world.

What is your favorite baby animal and why? (Pictures included always a plus). (I shall post mine in the comments)

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How easily do you become embittered?

Like, are you the kind of person who experiences one bad thing and you denounce everything related to it forever, or are you the kind of person who can have repeated bad experiences but still believe there's some good there/it's worth-while?

What are you bitter about? What are you surprisingly NOT bitter about?
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A What Would You Do? Post

My boyfriend has been purchasing two season tickets to a local sports team for 7 or 8 years.  He shares the tickets with his best friend. However, over the course of the last year, Best Friend has become increasingly less reliable about paying for his tickets.  In order to secure the two seats together, Boyfriend pays for them upfront, then Best Friend pays for his seat gradually over the course of the season.  Or at least this is how things have worked previously.

Recently, Best Friend has been making a lot of excuses for why he doesn't have the money or can't pay, to the extent of avoiding Boyfriend entirely; not answering his phone for weeks, leaving his house when he knows Boyfriend is on his way in or out of town to see me, etc.  Boyfriend is obviously upset that his friend is being kind of shitty and not taking care of his responsibilities.  When Boyfriend asks if he should try to find someone else to split the second seat with so they each get half or a third of a season, he insists that he can/will pay and to definitely not find someone else.

Right now, Boyfriend is PISSED and kind of grumbling around my apartment because Best Friend promised he would have a significant amount of money for Boyfriend because we are leaving for Disneyland on Tuesday and it would be nice to have the extra spending money.  Best Friend mentioned that he would also be at Disneyland for Halloween and he would "be sure to get the money" to Boyfriend before he left.  When they spoke last night, Best Friend was out partying and they agreed to meet up today.  About an hour ago, I was on Facebook and noticed that Best Friend had checked himself into the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.

At this point, if you were in my boyfriend's position and you were dealing with a friend like this, what would you do?  He wants to be rational but not taken advantage of.

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What do you do with books you own when you are done reading them? Lately I'm having a hard time getting rid of about 30 books that are taking up space on my shelf. No one seems to want them and I enjoyed them reading so I want to pass them on. I also won't be by the library book sale for another couple of months.

I like to swap mine on pbs.com, give to friends, or donate to the library book sale. Occasionally I'll keep a favorite book or one that I want my hypothetical future children to read one day.