October 27th, 2012

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How do you deal with people who are constant talkers?

I know someone who talks (what seems like) non-stop. I usually can barely get a word in. I wouldn't usually be so annoyed by it but she mostly just complains. And its usually about the same things everyday. I don't want to be rude and tell her she's annoying me but I also don't want to keep getting to the point where I just zone her out.
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Imagine you run into an old acquaintance and strike up a conversation. A good way into it, they say a few things that make you realize that they are mistaking you for someone else. You will part ways quite soon and likely never see them again. Would you correct them and explain who you are, or just let it go?

(This happened to me today! This girl was confusing me for my little sister. I didn't realize until a bit later and by then it would have been so awkward to say something so I didn't, haha.)

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You are on holiday with your family/friends in a foreign country. What would you rather deal with?

A bloody civil wars errupts
A massive natural disaster happens
Outbreak of a fast-spreading local epidemic of a serious disease

halloween hair

Hey, TQC! Long time, no see.

I'm going to a Halloween party tonight. I'm dressing as a female version of Clark Kent. Business skirt and jacket, white button up shirt, superman shirt underneath, red tie, high heels. I also have a pair a glasses frames I may or may not wear, depending on if I can pull them off. LOL.

How should I do my hair?

edit: I'm intentionally not going for a professional/business hairstyle. It's a law school party. I don't want to look like I'm just going to court or an interview or something. I want to tap more into fantasy with the costume - part of the appeal of taking something we're all use to (business suits) and having fun with it by making it a superhero disguise.

Picture of me and my hair under the cut as well as pictures of ideas I've come across.

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Calvin "!"

"I told you I was sick!" is a no-brainer...

I want to decorate my front yard as a graveyard on Wednesday. What are some interesting epitaphs I should have on my gravestones?

DK/DC/Elbie, you weirdo: What's your favorite method of procrastination? (I currently have a laptop and an 18-pound cat on me, and I'm in no hurry to move either one of them...)

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Which of the following things can you remember dreaming about in the last few years?

a childhood pet
a forest
your teeth
a house fire
your parents
running quickly
a hospital
driving a car
a party

What would you consider to be a bigger issue?

Not being able to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night
Not being able to sleep less than 15-16 hours at a time

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Do you think that people virgin-shame? I ask because I feel like the people who yell the loudest about slut-shaming are always the first ones to denigrate someone for NOT having sex, whatever the reason may be. It all feels very hypocritical...

Secondarily, how much of your self-worth is dependent on your sexuality?

EDIT (due to lack of clarity): "how much of your self-worth is dependent on your ability to attract sexual attention from other people or on sexual acceptance from others?"

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What's the best pet you've ever had? (I don't mean how much you loved a specific pet, I mean how much you lived having this type of pet.) What made you try this type?

What's the worst? What made you try one of these? What was so terrible about it?

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I did the stupidist thing today, I accidently used the wrong pin for my debit card too many times.

How do I fix it so I can use my card again?
Will it fix itself?

What was the last dumbass thing you did?

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Want to dye my hair pink but can't decide what dye is best.

What kinds have you tried/what kind would you recommend?

Would prefer something on the cheaper side even if it doesn't last as long b/c have very long thick hair so will need to buy several bottles.
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Anyone here been to Bali? How safe is it?

My bff and I want to go end of this year, but my mum's not cool with the idea of 2 girls going alone (we're quite a defenseless duo tbh) to Bali. 

Is it a better idea if I save Bali for a huge group trip to celebrate my graduation next year? 

My bff is not a huge party girl, she wants to lay around on the beach and I think Bali would be so much more fun with a "partying" group. She prefers Bali tho (altho she said she doesnt really mind) and we're celebrating her graduation.
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Are we up for a game? This is an oldie but goodie. Write out song lyrics fancy-style or long-form or whatever and everyone else has to guess them. For example:

"Hello, I have recently made your acquaintance, and this must seem absurd, but this is how you can reach me via telephone. Perhaps you should contact me." - is the chorus from "Call Me Maybe".

Let's go!

lets talk about phones

What cellphone do you have? What features do you love most about it? Hate?

Thinking about changing my iphone, not even gonna front, I kind of want the Samsung Galaxy Note but it is SO big. My upgrade isn't for a couple of months so I guess I have time to figure it out.

I used to LOVE the maps app for the iphone but the new version of it makes me want to throw my phone against the wall. It doesn't recognize my home address, and when I input it it sends me to some address in Nebraska, yet I live in Miami.........

DK/DC - what is something you've been dying to purchase lately?