October 26th, 2012

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I'm going to a movie tomorrow night (date night :D). I've been bugging my husband to see Sinister and he's finally agreed. He already promised to take me to take me to see the new Silent Hill movie (I won a bet, haha) and that comes out tomorrow night. Which would you go to? Has anyone seen Sinister? We both agree that Sinister looks kinda... IDK, it could be good, but could be horrible, but we love Vincent D'onofrio. And Silent Hill looks kinda bad too, but I really want to see it because I like the special affects and triangle head freaks me out. We don't normally go to opening night because of the obnoxious crowds, though.

Does anyone know of a restaurant that has bacon-wrapped shrimp similar to Pappadeux's? I want them so bad, but I don't think the restaurant even exists in my state. They're giant shrimp, stuffed with pepper jack cheese and a little strip of jalapeno, wrapped in ridiculously salted bacon and grilled.
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My doctor requires that appointments be cancelled 24 hours in advance or I'll be charged. Do you think they'll still try to charge me if I call on Saturday and leave a message cancelling my Monday morning appointment? I mean, it -is- 24 hours, but they obviously won't get the message until Monday.
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Do you have a night-time routine?  It's 5am and I haven't been to bed yet. 

What is your favorite thing to cook?

Are there any products you swear by?  Cosmetics, appliances, cleaning, etc. 
fear the wolvie!

Yay credit debt

Has anyone here gone to court for a summary judgment hearing on a credit card debt?

Will you tell me what it was like?

I go on the first for a 4k debt and Im freaking out, Im extremely socially awkward and fearful anyway so..yeah I have had a few panic attacks.

Will they work a payment plan out? I had tried doing that with the creditor directly last year but they would not work with me.

I paid two debts off completely and had intended on tackling this one before shit went down with my sons staying in the NICU for a month and me losing my job because of it.


Dont know/dont care: Whats got you stressed out?

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Who else could care less about Halloween? Friends and others around me are getting all hyped for it, and I just. don't. care. What do you have planned, if anything, for this Halloween weekend?

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Are you in the area of Hurricane Sandy?
What are you doing to prepare for it?

As of right now, if it continues on the current predicted path, where I live is the 'bullseye' of the storm :(

What to eat on election night?

This election night I´m having a small party with 3 friends. We are planing to stay up all night watching the election. Question is, what should we eat? Keep in mind, we are swedish, so we don´t have everything americans do.
I can either buy some fastfood like hamburgers or pizza, or make something, but I´m not really a good chef.

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i have a pack of stick on mustaches that came in an old gag gift, but otherwise just standard stuff you have at home - what 'costume' can i throw together in the next hour?

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I just got invited to a last minute "saints and sinners" themed Halloween party tonight. What should I be? I only have a few hours, but I'm heading out to a giant costume store in a bit. I want to be a little creative, but I don't have a lot of time!

DK/DC: What is your favorite cover of a song?

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I bought some fresh (already cooked) edamame from whole foods today; I hadn't had it in ages, but the tray is way, way too much for one sitting. How long will it keep for? Note: I am in NYC and likely going to lose power because of Frankenweeniestorm Monday.

DK/DC: Have you ever sold something you made by hand? How'd it go?

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How do you choose an internship when you have no idea what you want to do when you leave university? I am in my penultimate year at university, studying for a Linguistics BA. A lot of my friends are applying for internships currently. I have a lot of work experience in retail, and some nice extra-curriculars, but I know I need to have something a bit more concrete for when I finally graduate. I like people, social media is kinda cool, banking doesn't interest me. I love my degree, I love analysing people's behaviours and writing styles. And that's all I got.

Any idea? Did you do an internship, and if so, what in?

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Does it ever bother anyone else when people talk about how certain college degrees are useless?

Even when they talk about themselves (along with being comparative), it bothers me. I don't think any degree is persay useless. Especially when you have spent so much time, energy, hard work and not to mention the mountains of debt.

It's like, why did you even bother going to college?

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what's the scariest movie you ever watched? what's the saddest movie you ever watched?

scariest for me would be the hills have eyes remake

saddest would be girl, interrrupted because i related so much to susanna
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