October 25th, 2012

Dog winter

for the dog lovers

Have you ever bought a dog/puppy directly from a breeder?
(professionally speaking, not someone whose dog accidentally had puppies)
What influenced you to do so versus obtaining one from rescue? Interested in honest benefits here.

If you like mixed breed dogs, is there a certain "type" you like best?

(My first and current dog is a Lab/Shepherd mix...and now whenever I look at adoptable dogs, I am always pulled toward the Shepherd mixes even though that wasn't really my favorite breed before. Lifelong soft spot for Golden Retriever and Lab mixes, though. Collie/retriever crosses are basically the prettiest dogs on the planet to me.)

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it's said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

what lessons do you think too many of us have forgotten?

are there bits of history that more of us need to be reminded of?
shoes and bunnies

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After posting "Have you ever been arrested?" here yesterday, I had a dream that I got arrested! I got pulled over in my car by a police officer, who then somehow followed me into my house and found a bag of pot in my bedroom and then arrested me for it!

What did you dream about last night?

Hot and toasty

What temperature do you keep your home at during cold weather? How about summer? 

Our weather has recently taken a turn for starting to get cold and I'm trying to get my family acclimated to keeping the house around 70 or 71 degrees. My husband, on the other hand, seems deadset on keeping the house at a balmy 77. I vote this is ridiculous because it's almost the same temperature we keep the house at in the summer, and I refuse to accept that such extravagance is necessary. (Really, in the summer we keep it at 79 and turn it down to 77 for overnights). 

Should we be keeping it even cooler in winter? Our current house is massive, with three separate AC units outside, though our heat comes from a single furnace. Needless to say, the house is not cheap to heat and cool, and I'd rather not spend all my slush money on utilities if I can help it. 

Trick or Treat

Have you bought candy or other treats to hand out to Trick or Treaters? How much did you spend? If you haven't bought them yet but plan to, how much do you intend to spend? 

I bought some the other day and spent $40, which seems absolutely insane. It's enough for 200 kids, by my calculations. I have no idea how many to expect as this is our first Halloween in the neighborhood. Our part of the neighborhood doesn't have a lot of kids, but I don't know if our neighborhood falls into that category of being the "nice" one that people drive to go to..... I hope I don't end up having to turn off my porch lights. 

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Even terrorists influenced by al Qaeda-like ideas have only killed 17 people in the United States since 9/11.

About the same number of Americans are killed every year by dogs. In other words, in the United States during the past decade, dogs have been around ten times more deadly than jihadist terrorists.

The author of the article that is from is basically arguing against spending so many resources fighting terrorism. Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment?

Also, if you were prescribed a medication that was making you feel overall physically crappy, and especially intensely nauseas with absolutely no appetite, how long would you be willing to keep taking it/seeing if symptoms would subside before giving up and asking/demanding that your doc switch you to something else?

Voting poll

A corporation wants to buy your vote. They definitely want you to vote for the candidate that's opposing your candidate in the upcoming election. If you don't live in the States, then just apply this question to the next major election your country has. What's the absolute least amount of money/goods you'd accept for your vote? Be honest

Pack of cigarettes/1 cocktail/large coffee of your choice plus a pastry
$15 gift card to your favorite restaurant
I would never sell my vote for the other candidate

A right-wing, religious group wants to buy your vote for a proposition that would defund Planned Parenthood and make owning contraception a misdemeanor, all to save those potentional fetuses that may have happened if people just weren't using protection. They know that people may be resistant to this point of view, and it's a good thing this group has such deep pockets. They'll pay you well for your vote. What's the least amount of money you'd accept for your vote? Be honest

I would never sell my vote for this cause

A liberal group wants to get you to vote for a proposition that would make ALL drugs legal. Pot, meth, coke; it's all not only decriminalized, but also acceptable to own and purchase. If they don't have your vote, they'll buy it. What's the least amount you'd demand for your vote on this matter? Be honest

I would never sell my vote for this cause
Tell the truth, I'd already vote yes for this proposition. They wouldn't even have to pay me

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So you and two other coworkers have the same job title but work with different supervisors. You are discussing wages and it comes out that you are making $3-5 more per hour than they are. They go to the boss and ask why they are not getting paid the same amount. The boss tells them that they are not getting raises. They then come to you and scold you for sharing wage information.

Is it wrong to share this information with your coworkers if there was no co. policy about it? The two coworkers and you are friends and eat lunch together every day, and no one told you not to share the information.

Crazy Facebook Lady from a year ago

I was wanting to relive the crazy that is this woman from a year or 2 ago that posted really long facebook posts about conspiracy theories and how she was from royal bloodlines. It went viral when people realized she must be writing on facebook all day long.
I think her name was Mary Van something? Here picture from facebook was a meme for a while.

I can't find it and it's driving me nuts! Does anyone remember this?
she blinded me with science!

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Maybe a year ago there was a two-player video game in development where one player was an assassin with a rifle and one bullet, and the other player was a VIP in a room full of computer-controlled characters. The VIP's objective was to casually interact with the AI characters for a certain amount of time, and the assassin's objective was to guess which character is the other player and shoot them.

What ever became of that game? My Google-fu is weak today.

Two completely unrelated questions...

1. WOuld you date someone who openly admitted to treating women they dated (or men) horribly in the past?
Edit: Like, for example, my boyfriend admitted to taking advantage of people and telling girls he was interested in more than sex. then once he got sex, he never talked to them again. I guess there are a lot of guys that do this, but it really suprised me

2. I am required to take a language next semester. I know a little Spanish and would like to take SPanish... but I really want to learn French. I thought I learned my lesson about venturing off into uncharted language land in the past when I took Arabic last semester and almost failed it, but apparently not. So. would it be a bad idea to take French?
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LJ reposting

I looked in the FAQs and can't find this question. Can I configure my friends view to not display reposts? I like my friends list really small and short to read, with not a lot of posts, and I have filters to manage it...and regardless of what filter I'm viewing, my one friend's reposts are showing up and I DO NOT WANT THEM. Is there some way to turn it off?

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This might be a super stupid google-able question, but IDEC.  

I upload photographs to facebook, and then I add them to my entries in my LJ by using the URL from facebook.  For some reason, all my pictures in my journal are showing as 'invalid URL'...why is this?!?!  It's making me sad. :(  All my old entries have gone screwy because of this.  Sad times. 
Is there any way to fix this?  or should I use photobucket or whatever in future? 

Unique Gift Ideas?

I know it's a little earlier however, I try to get my shopping done early and pride myself on buying gifts that people enjoy. They either find them unusual in a good way, something they want but wouldn't buy themselves, or just interesting and unique. For some reason I'm a little stuck this year... looking for websites and/or ideas for these types of gifts or gift ideas.... the interests vary... I also have to come up with a Christmas list for myself {I always get kinda stuck on that too} Help...

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What's the last thing you bought beause you felt nostalgic? Was it as satisfying as you remembered?

Is it too lame or outdated to dress up as a Harry Potter character for a work Halloween party?

Lying Employee

I am the manager and co-owner of a small health care clinic with a few locations. A few months ago, one of our offices had an issue with our scheduling software. Something had failed within and all our past and future schedules had been erased and we could not make any appointments. With hours of IT help, the problem was fixed.

Fast forward to today. I notice one of our offices has nobody scheduled for today or the foreseeable future (which is odd because they see anywhere between 20-60 patients a day). I asked the front desk what was up (since they have a history of just not scheduling people) and she said that her scheduling software had failed.

Before jumping to any conclusions, I checked and saw that I could both schedule patients and could see the schedules of the past. I also called the IT guys and they confirmed the software was fine.

So this girl basically lied to me about the scheduling....she's had an issue with this at least 3x in the past and as a busy office, we need to know have our schedules organized.

How do I deal with this?

Imagination game

Would you like to use your imagination to answer the following questions? If so, feel free to make your answers interesting!

1. A man in his late 50's or early 60's, well groomed and wearing an expensive suit, is entering an amusement park alone. What is he doing there?

2. A little girl wearing a happy birthday taira is sitting in the lobby of a career training center. Who is she with and why?

3. An unscruplous man has stolen a wheelchair. Where/Who did he steal it from, and what is he planning to do with it?

4. A woman in her early thirties is obssesseed with doing Walks for various causes, and frequently takes off of work to do participate. What kind of job does she have that allows her to do this?

5. A middle aged priest has disconnected his phone in an attempt to avoid someone's calls. Who is he avoiding?

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What kind of dog do you think Dexter is? My parents rescued him almost 3 years ago, but we've never known what's in him! We suspect some Jack Russell, but there has to be something else! He's got a very short body, but long legs. He naturally has long fur, but we keep it shorter depending on the season. He's such a sweetheart, but it's clear he was abused at one point. Luckily, he's in a very loving, very spoiled environment now, so he's getting better :)

Do you guys have any weirdly mixed breeds? Show pictures!

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TQC, my phone has hidden itself in my house. If you were my phone, where would you have hidden yourself? Srs answers only.

Dk/dc - Last thing you had that definitely hid itself and you didn't lose it?