October 24th, 2012

Keeping it simple… What is your best parental advice that you could give or have gotten?

If I had one piece of advice to give {obviously being a Mother of four I’ve learned a lot over the years, and have numerous tid-bits that I don’t share unless asked} I think the best advice would be… “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t say it mean” Being firm, not mean and following through with what you tell your children is so important, it sends a message that lasts.
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When it comes to important qualities you require in an SO, are you less particular about those qualities in a casual sex partner?

I'm thinking along the lines of say, morals, politics, life philosophies, etc. Like, just for example, say you could never date/commit yourself to someone who had one sort of prejudice or another that you disagreed with, do you think you could you sleep with that person on no-relationship level or would that still just be unacceptable to you? What ARE some qualities you could forego in a sex partner that you couldn't in an SO?

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I just spent an hour cleaning the office fridge and emptying expired diet coke cans because the diabetic guy in our office died a year ago and we never cleaned out his drink stash. Now I have a bag of approximately 100 empty (washed) diet coke cans. How much money could I get for turning them in? If it's not worth it, wtf should I do with them?

What's the last thing handed to you that you had absolutely no idea what to do with? What did you end up doing? Take that as metaphorically or literally as you wish.

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In your personal romantic relationships which of the following things are considered crossing the line if done with someone of your partners preferred gender:

Holding hands?
Having sex?
Hanging out with someone new one on one?
Sexting/ sexual talk?
Dancing at a club?
Watching porn?
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Can you dye khaki

My husband's stupid office just sprung it on everyone today that the team is dressing up on Friday as Alice in Wonderland characters. He is supposed to put together a Tweedledee outfit by Friday. Fuckers.  

My question is this: can you dye khaki pants? He has a pair of very light khakis that are a little too big for him, and I was thinking I could get some of that dye, and leave it all in a bucket for a while to get it nice and red. Would that work? Does khaki take color? I've never dyed anything, but I don't really want to try and scramble to find a paid of bright red pants that will fit him in the next couple days.

I hate this kind of shit. Thank you for any advice.

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do you think 2 years is a respectable amount of time to stay at one job for someone in their mid-twenties? do you think a resume of a 26-year old that has a few short-term internships (3-4 months), one 9-month job, and one 2-year job looks okay?

also, what are some resume blunders you have seen/heard about?
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For Taylor Swift fans

Have you listened to Red? What are your top 5 fave songs? Mine are:

All Too Well
I Knew You Were Trouble
Begin Again
The Last Time

Do you like this album? Do you think it's better than Speak Now or Fearless? I think I might actually love it more than Speak Now, but Speak Now was so fairytale happy and that made me happy. Red isn't very happy lol. 
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Do any of you guys have ebook things (Nook, Kindle, etc.)? My mom is getting me the Kindle Paperwhite and I have nevvvveeerrrrrr used anything like it before, so I don't really know what to expect. If you have one (any kind of ereader thing) will you share your thoughts/opinions and experience with it?

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Is there a way to ignore someone/indicate through body language that you do not wish to engage in conversation WITHOUT sending out an "I'm so moody! Please help me out of my funk!" vibe?

In other words, is it possible to give someone the silent treatment cheerfully?  Asking for a friend.  

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Does anyone else absolutely hate exclamation points? I get so irrationally pissed off whenever someone uses one, whether in text messaging, social media, or even literature.
People thinks this makes me weird. Does it?
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Is there any internet acronym you're ever misused? Did any hilarity or embarrassment ensue?

For me, it would be FTW. I thought it was a newer, fancier play on WTF. I enthusiastically approved quite a few not-so-kosher comments and opinions before I finally made the distinction between the two.