October 23rd, 2012

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When did you realize that there was something that was above and beyond our current existence? That is, that your consciousness doesn't vanish when you die, that there were whole new worlds out in the cosmos, and/or perhaps an afterlife?

I've always had a taste for the philosophical, and ever since I was a young adult I believed in a God that was above and beyond human perception, but the closest I have ever come to such a supernatural revelation was when I took DXM. I was able to see things that I could never imagine, hear music take on different dimensions, and had the feeling that I could communicate with dead relatives. It gave me a tremendous amount of clarity. I even became a different person once, named "Kyle". It truly revealed a whole new world to me, and admittedly I've been curious about what other substances could do, such as DMT. Supposedly, a lot of people can't handle DXM, and most don't like it. I wonder why.

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For those TQC members who are drivers, how much are you paying for car insurance per month? Do you have just collision, or do you also have comprehensive?

I'm 21 and I don't make much money, and my car insurance payments are kind of astronomical. I have comprehensive, which I'm thinking about getting rid of... but then I keep thinking that something might happen to the damn car, and I won't have the money to pay for it so maybe I should just keep paying the astronomical car insurance. I did shop around before I got the policy, and this is the cheapest company I found. Am I just destined to get ripped off with car insurance until I'm older?

Verizon phones

I am finally eligible for my discounted phone upgrade, and I think it is finally time to get a smartphone (which I have been resisting). I am trying to decide between the phones that would be free with the discount. Give me some phone advice please!

Do any of you have an iPhone 4 (8GB)? Do those drop calls a lot? I don't want to get a phone that you can't make calls on...

Does anyone have the Samsung Galaxy Steller? Thoughts?

Lucid (LG)?


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To the Mommas:

Did any of you switch from breastfeeding to formula/solids? When and why? How did it go for you and the baby?

This question inspired by my Mom breastfeeding my older sister for a year, but for me she switched to "bananas and formula" at 3 months. We are 18 months apart and she was just tired of it. I still LOVE bananas, lol.

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My wardrobe at my parents house makes my clothes smell really dusty after they've been in there a while. 
Is this just because it doesn't get used very often or is there something up with it (loads of dust bunnies I can't see or something)?

srs answers, please

Can anyone shed some light on this? Specifically the chart in the second image. Are all of those countries really the countries with the worst rates of violent crime? Other sources I read also put countries like Colombia and Zimbabwe high on the list. They cite EU and UN reports as sources but do not bother to specify what publications they are referring to.
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What have you done so far today?

I was expecting my new living room furniture today I woke up later than I meant to (9:45ish) and figured I could jump in the shower before they got here. The confirmation message I got said they would be here between 10 and 2. I got out of the shower at 10:02 and had a missed call from them because they were downstairs lol.

I just thought it was funny because of course they would show up right on time when most deliveries aren't right at the start of the time frame they give. I had left my phone on the toilet so I could reach it but I forgot to turn the sound on so I didn't hear the vibrations.

And then I spent an hour (literally) putting together the coffee table so I'm leaving the end tables for later because my fingers are killing me from trying to manipulate the screws that were in impossible locations.

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What are some good snacks to keep sweet cravings at bay while trying not to eat like a crazed lunatic?

I really like special K fiber plus bars because they are only 120 calories and very tasty, but I'm starting to get sick of eating them all the time. I also really like fruit with zero-calorie chocolate dip, but I work double shifts every day and the store that sells it is closed when I get off :(


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In this poll, let's assume you're an employer. Your accountant has informed you that business hasn't been so great, and advises laying someone off just to stay in the black for the next quarter. Right now, the way things are, your company can't afford to be in debt right now. You need to lower payroll by $40,000, and there's 5 people that fall into that bracket. You know that if you let someone go, you could split the extra workload between the remaining 4 employees. They're all equally compenent. Who would you let go?

Jonas, 55, been with you for 12 years. Good at his job. He'd have problems getting rehired with his age. Is divorced, no kids. Quiet, diligent
Bethany, 33. Been with the company for 3 years. Married with 2 kids. Bubbly
Jonathon, 26. Been with the company 1 year. Married, no kids. In the short time you've known him, you've gotten to be really good friends. You have a similar sense of humor
Eunice, 63. Been with the company for 33 years. Given her life to the company. Says she can't afford to retire. Lives alone. Wouldn't be able to get another job due to age
Chris, 21. He/she (whichever gender you're attracted to) has been there for 6 months. Smoldering, modelesque looks, with a ridiculously hot body. Single

A year later, business is up, and you can hire an extra employee. It's for a misc. desk job, mostly clerical/administrative assistant duties, and there's 5 decent applicants. Who gets the job?

Art, 36. 15 years of office experience. Talks a lot and has a loud laugh. He tends to laugh a lot
Nancy, 25. Fresh out of college. Bright, energetic, willing to work extra hard to impress you. She wants to work, hates to be bored
Megan, 50. Used to be secretary to the governor once upon a time. Very professional. Seems a little formal
Larry, 22. Laid back, likable, charismatic. No college education, but worked in his uncle's office for 4 summers. Willing to learn. Doesn't have a life, so is willing to work overtime if needed
Tina, 31. Has 2 years of office experience. Used to be an actress in Hollywood. Has some stories
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I'm tired of food around my workplace. For the past five years I've tried almost every single one so many times, so right now I can't stand this food anymore. Everyday lunch became a process of fighting with my thoughts which food I hate less today, instead of thinking will I enjoy this or that.

Any lunch ideas?

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In your experience, do most people who are depressed want help to be happy again?

Are there some people who just kind of float through life in a glum daze and not really care about anything or anyone, but they don't care to change anything? Is that depression or something else?
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I'm buying a gift for someone (that I'm kinda dating) that loves to cook. What is a good brand, that's also reasonably priced for an iron skillet?

DK/DC: Currently, what can you smell?
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Just now come up with new social app:

Lunch Buddy - so basically it is an app mix with foursquare and oqupid. You can cooperate with people around you to go on lunch with, and restaurants can benefit from it too by providing coupons like %15 off for more that 3-4 people coming together.

Would you go to lunch with a stranger/blind lunch/somebody who you'll find in your area and also hungry?
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Any ideas on how to get or make an inexpensive, yet work appropriate Princess Leia slave girl costume? My office is dressing up and I REALLY want to be Princess Leia but know showing up in the metal bikini might not go over well.

Why the heck are costumes so expensive anyway?

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What funny comedians or shows or movies or whatever do you absolutely not find funny? Dane Cook or Carrot Top are gimmes, I mean more mainstream things like Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, or the Big Bang Theory.

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what are some things people do that make them seem like they're desperate/trying too hard to you?

there's a certain tone of voice that some people use when they're trying to be sarcastic/~witty~ that makes me feel this way.

Platonic friendship

A recent study from University of Wisconsin of opposite-sex friendships (reported here) came to these conclusions:

As a result, men consistently overestimated the level of [romantic] attraction felt by their female friends and women consistently underestimated the level of attraction felt by their male friends.


Taken together, these studies suggest that men and women have vastly different views of what it means to be “just friends” — and that these differing views have the potential to lead to trouble. Although women seem to be genuine in their belief that opposite-sex friendships are platonic, men seem unable to turn off their desire for something more. And even though both genders agree overall that [romantic] attraction between platonic friends is more negative than positive, males are less likely than females to hold this view.

Based on your personal experience does this seem accurate?

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Today while I was waiting for my son to get out of his dance class, I overheard one of the other moms jokingly mention a business idea:

A place you can go to catch a few ZZZZs.
You want to take a quick nap on your lunch hour? You want to rest a bit before you head from work to dinner with your friends, but don't want to go home? Head on over to this place, outfitted with really comfy beds/private pods to grab a refreshing catnap!

Is this a viable idea?
What would you call such a place?
Would you ever visit such a business?

When I was working (I'm now a stay-at-home mom), I either napped in my car (very uncomfortable!) used the couch in the ladies lounge (no privacy!) or laid on the cot in the first aid/nursing room (not always empty!). I would have LOVED to have a place to rest for 30-45 minutes during my lunch hour. I commuted to work, so going home on my lunch hour was not an option.

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After this semester, I have one class (I think) before I graduate with an AAS in Business Administration from a Community College. I've been feeling more and more like a failure everyday that I'm 23 and it took me 5 years to get a 2 year degree. I've been looking into instead of getting the AAS, just going to a 4 year college in the Spring. I'd be going for Human Resource Management, most of the credits I have will transfer just fine as is.

Should I finish the AAS, then look into the BA?
Should I say fuck the AAS and just go into the BA?

Would then going in and getting an MBA also be worth it?

Money isn't an issue when it comes to school choices.
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You are playing a slightly intoxicated game of Catchphrase with a large group of people. One person gets the word "siesta" and describes it as "Mexicans sometimes take naps in the afternoon and that's called a...." 

Do you find this to be offensive or racist?

question-first time "rear end collision"

I got rear ended last month. I filed a claim and the insurance of the person who hit me sent me a check for medical expenses. They are also covering the damages for my car once the estimate has been made. Should the responsible party also be responsible for paying any car rental fees/being car-less while missing time off work to get my car fixed?
Has anybody ever been in this sort of situation before?
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Is there anywhere online where I can watch the "A Christmas Carol" episode of Doctor Who? (Legally.) It's not on Netflix for some reason, unless I'm missing it. I see it on iTunes for $3, but I thought I'd try to find it free somewhere first.

(Mods, I don't think this breaks rule #2, but if you disagree let me know and I'll delete.)