October 22nd, 2012

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Does anyone else have a friend in a shit-tastic relationship that they just keep dragging themselves through and whenever things get explosive, they ask YOU to fix it?  I love this person (the partner is pretty awful) and I don't get involved in their relationship but it makes me rage-y that we're going on two years of this and they break up every other week.  Any advice?

I've been considering getting some audiobooks to keep me company at the gym/on walks.  Recommendations? 

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My husband broke a finger and has taped that finger to another finger. He's had a broken finger before and says if he goes to the hospital, that's all they will do for you.

Have you had a broken finger before? What did they do?

Also, he's a welder-so if they put some type of cast or wood to bind it then it could go up in flames. Unfortunately he's on probation and would likely lose his job if he took time off to heal. =/

DK/DC: can you tell me about the last time you hurt yourself and how it affected your job/school/life?
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Threadless fans...

I'm looking to order a couple of "girly" shirts from Threadless and even though I looked at the size chart, I'm still not sure what size I want to get. Do you find that their shirts run small, big, or true to size? Length is the main thing I need to consider because I have a long torso. So even though it might fit well around by bust and waist, I don't want it to be too short.

Don't know/don't care, what's your favorite scary movie or favorite thing to watch around Halloween?
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my SO wanted to watch an alien movie last night and we ended up watching close encounters of the third kind, on my recommendation. i did not enjoy it. neither did he. if you've seen it, did you enjoy it? why/why not?

what are some good alien movies that involve action? something along the lines of war of the worlds.

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I probably shouldn't post this because paranoia, but based on my post where I asked for advice about a new kitty that is moving in tomorrow . . .

What are some animal disaster stories you have?
Either the animal caused the disaster or the disaster happened to the animal?

(for example, stepping on a cat)
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Boston, MA

My husband and I are taking a second honeymoon to Boston, MA from December 19-23rd. I'm really excited because I heard big cities during Christmas time is awesome.

So, people of TQC, specifically those who have been to Boston during Christmas season, what is there to do and around where should we stay? We're probably looking to blow $1000 for hotel and stuff to do total. Thanks :)
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my girlfriend's dog was put to sleep this morning. what nice things can i do for her aside from the obvious 'being there for her' part?

what was your favorite '90s nickelodeon show?
what was your favorite disney channel original movie? 1999 and 2000 were excellent years for disney channel original movies.

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What are your preferences?

I prefer coffee to expresso
I prefer expresso to coffee
I like both equally/drink them interchangeably
I dislike both/don't drink either
I have only tried one so cannot compare

What freshly baked good would you prefer?


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Let's say you are the manager of a small office (10 or so people). When you're walking around, you often see one employee checking his email, chatting or even playing a game online. He always gets all of his work done on time and does it well.

Do you say anything about their internet usage or do you let it slide because his work is still getting done?

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did you like Looper? 

there were quite a few things that bothered me about it, so no I did not like it, I recommend at best see it on DVD.
I can't decide : B- or C+

what was the last movie you saw you enjoyed a lot in theaters?
Chandler & The Drill

Where should I sit at this funeral?

My Uncle died last Tuesday. He was very well respected, and quite traditional. There will likely be enough people at his funeral (this Friday) to fill the church.

I loved my Uncle and had a nice relationship with him, but we weren't close. My Dad was his brother. I'm going to meet my parents and sister at/outside the church before the service and we'll go in together. The service begins at 12.30. Here's my questions:

Which pew should we sit in?

What time should we arrive in order to sit there?

Thanks TQC

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TQC Starbucks employees / informed customers.
This may seem pretty obvious but I am confused.

Okay so, I know the reward program changed. Currently on my account it says this:

10Stars until your next free drink.
1Free Birthday reward available.
3Earned free reward(s) available.

Does this mean I have 4 free drinks to use? I got a birthday postcard though, and I used it. I also just got a postcard in the mail (my last one I assume)...do those count toward these ones?

Do I just want on in and say 'I have a free drink on my card.'?

Holy smokes I drink a lot of coffee haha.

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Would you like to play Twisted Wishes? Here's how

Post a comment making your wish
TQCers will grant your wish but in a twisted fashion
and then make their own wish

For example:
Me: I wish for one million dollars!
You: granted! one million dollars in pennies falls from your ceiling.
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upcoming white elephant party

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So my questions are:
- If you've ever attended a white elephant event, what was the gift that everyone wanted?
- What would be a good gift idea that relates to my last point (stated above in the list) (the group I'm inviting is both into anime+gay rights which is kind of how we all met)?

PS - Alcohol won't be a good idea, half of them don't drink.

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So the other day, I was substituting in one school but in a few different classrooms. One of the classes was a science class where they were learning about atoms. I was delirious at that point and made a joke on FB that I got around (meaning to different classes), "like an electron!"


Was that funny or was I just way too far gone? (I thought it was hilarious but nobody on my FB commented on it or even liked it!)


What's your favorite pun?

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So, I need a raincoat. I don't want something traditional, like the plain black ones from LLBean, but I do need something that will hold up to northern California rain. I already checked modcloth, and google isn't any help. Do you know where I can find one? Also, what are some cheap ways to spruce up a pretty wrecked up bike?