October 21st, 2012


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i really, really need to vacuum before my parents get home. we live in a condo complex on the middle floor. my guess is they'll be home between 10 am and noon.

what's the earliest i can get away with vacuuming on a sunday?

Stuck freezer

So we have a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. The door is connected to a pair of rails, which have become stuck with frost and it won't open easily. I defrosted the whole thing yesterday for an hour and a half, and this morning they are stiff again.

Is my only option here to let the whole freezer completely warm up and any moisture evaporate? Can anyone suggest an alternative? We don't have enough coolers to keep the whole freezer empty all day long.

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This is my second time trying to go through a Couch to 5K program. One thing I keep hearing over and over is that when you run, you shouldn't run very fast.

When I go for a walk, I can usually walk between 3.5-3.8 miles an hour without too much trouble. So when I do the run intervals, should I try to run only that fast or go a little faster?

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Your phone is ringing. The number is not one you recognized at all. What are you more inclined/likely to do?

Pick it up and see who it is!
Let it go to voicemail, call them back if it is someone I want to/need to talk with.
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My friend (White American) has a child with a man who is from India. Their daughter is in elementary school and knows nothing about her father's culture aside from the Tamil names for her grandparents and that she really shouldn't eat beef though she has been raised as Christian. However, her mother insists on sending her to school with a bindi (forehead decoration) that is color coordinated with her clothing. She does not find it odd at all. I know it's not exactly cultural misappropriation since her dad is Indian.

TQC, do you find it odd when people only pick up only on the cool/cute pieces from other cultures?

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Is there a "character" you have seen around town so often you've come to think of them as a local landmark? Can you describe or draw them?

For me, it's this man I always see walking this beautiful brown Great Dane. He's always wearing the same blue jeans, sneakers, orange short sleeve tee shirt and while Gilligan hat. If I could draw, I would totally draw this pair for my roommate because he sees them every day too!

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What are some bands, songs, or musical artists that are generally overall considered good? What are bands/artists that people with a "good" taste in music generally enjoy?

I have a really awful taste in music and am trying to expand and diversify my collection.

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I'm moving house, and doing it in two loads. 
I have a large fish tank which needs to come with me. Is it really stupid to drain most of the water and carry the fish in it like that?
Or should I get little bags etc and drain it completely? What about putting the fish into unconditioned water at the other end?
Should I do it in the first load (tomorrow) or the second load (next monday)? My dad is helping me with the second load if I don't get it all myself. It's a 3 hour drive and there's someone to look after them at the other end.