October 20th, 2012


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Will you show me jewelry that you think is pretty?

I want to buy myself a one finger ring that doesn't have stones on it but I'm trying to find one that doesn't look cheap. But if you've seen anything that you like please show me!
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I've been looking everywhere for a durable, slim-fitting, all-weather vegan boot for fall/winter that I can wear to work. I really like the styling of synthetic equestrian boots - is it tacky to wear them if I don't ride? Otherwise they're like the only boots that fit my criteria.

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Anyone have experience with riding boots? How would they be for normal walking around?
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Would it be tactless to make a drinking game for a movie where one of the main characters is an alcoholic?
Does something being tactless make it automatically unamusing?

How are you this fine evening?

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Have you/are you planning on going to anything haunted (maze, house, etc)?

Nope. I get scared easily.

Have you ever worked at one?

I worked a haunted corn maze tonight (last night, technically) for five hours. I was a "Guide" so I just lead people from one scene to the next. Tons and tons of walking. The guys who were hiding in the corn were enjoying messing with me a few times (I punched one of them in the arm when he jumped out at me; kind of a natural reflex since my fake brothers love to do the same) I ran into a guy I went to school with; it was ironic that someone was scaring him instead of him scaring me. I was wearing a mask and hooded cape but I talked to the people; it kind of made them feel less scared til one of the guys popped out. Tomorrow's going to be fun--I hope (I'm working every day they're open minus one so four days, the last being Halloween night).

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hello night owls & insomniacs!

if you could choose anyone to be president, who would it be & why?

it cannot be yourself or anyone who is politically affiliated.
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In which way would you rather be sick?
#1 Stomach bug that lasts for 24. Includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills and body aches


#2 Nasty cold that lasts for 7 days. Includes congested stuffy nose, sore throat, and coughing fits.

I've been experiencing #1 since last night and I seriously want to curl up in a ball and die. At this point I would much rather have a cold, despite it lasting longer.
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Have you had such a positive experience as a customer of a company that you called them up to tell them how happy you were? What were the results of your feedback?

DK/DC/I'm hard to please: What's going on this weekend? I have plenty to do (and I've done some - my bathroom is clean), but I want a nap first.

listening to books?

My job requires me to spend a lot of time doing relatively mindless work after the hard work is done (screen printer). I want to listen to books because I am also at work 70 hours a week minimum. Is there anyone out here who listens to books? How do you go about it? Id like to be able to use my ipod or iphone.

audible.com like suggestions, but free would be ideal :\

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How many miles does your car have on it right now?
How many were on it when you purchased it?
When did you buy your car?
How many miles do you drive everyday?

Right now, 116,000 ish
103,000 ish
I bought it in May of this year.
I drive 154 miles round trip for work every day aprx.


I will be in Seattle next Saturday-Tuesday. What awesome things are there to do? We're not terribly outdoorsy; into the arts, food, trivia, quirky things, making things, shopping and sewing. Staying at the Hotel Monaco. Also, what's the weather like (rainy, of course, but how cold is it?). Hit me with all the things of worth in the city!
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I'm looking for some good non-fiction books that are NOT USA-centric (As in, not really talking about american culture or politics, ideally not even written for a specifically american audience). Any recommendations?
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I have my netbook pluggd in, but it's not charging.  The socket it's plugged into definitely has power running through it. Restarting my computer doesn't seem to d anything, and all the parts of the charger that should be together are.
Do you think my problem is my charger or my computer?

When's the last time you broke something important? What was it?


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I have the makings of a 50s housewife Halloween costume, but I'd like to add something else to it to make it funny or at the least slightly more interesting.

Do you have any suggestions?
Have you ever made your halloween costume before? What did you make? Which costumes have been your favorite?

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I am a early twenties, white (who knows little to nothing about her heritage), female. Given that information would you be offended if I dressed up as a Native American (head dress and all) for Halloween?

(I have no intentions on doing this)