October 18th, 2012

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The AQ, EQ and SQ

I'm wondering if you guys would like to take the Autism Quotient, the Empathy Quotient and the Systemizing Quotient. The higher you get on the AQ and SQ, the more likely it is that you have a form of autism, supposedly. The opposite goes for the EQ.

Here are the links:


Post your scores when you are done. I will post mine in the comments.

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How important is it for you to go into work when you are sick?

I am debating about calling in sick right now. :(

Have you ever fought against your feelings and went in anyway? How did it go?

When you get really hungry, do you sometimes feel sick?

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my coconut milk has 25% saturated fat per serving. are all saturated fats bad for me? it says there are 3g of Medium Chain fatty acids, which are good..right?

don't judge me for being bad at science :)
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200 miles is a long drive inside a car

How long is your commute?

For those with a long commute: what makes it worth it (if indeed it is)? do you have any tricks for maintaining your home life when you're gone for 13 hours a day? what really sucks about it?

For those with a short one: would you move to a house that's everything you want, but is much away from work?

Inspired by my present quandary. My commute is half an hour, which isn't awful. But I fell in love with a house that costs significantly less than my shitty apartment, has a yard, etc., only it's an hour and a half away from work. I'd have to get up early as balls every day and not get home until around 7 pm. 

Two Roms don't make a right

Mitt Romney would like to unwind amidst his campaigning, and he'd like you to help him. He has a couple of celebrity jigsaw puzzles; one of Whoopie Goldberg, one of Courtney Love. You can help him assemble those. Or you could play around with his drum sets. He thinks he's rather good with percussion. He also has a 3-person camel suit, and needs someone to play the middle part. Mitt also loves funky music, and would like to play 'Super freak', and you can play with him on the tamborine while he gets down on the bass. What time will you contribute to a possible president?

I'd like to make whoopie with Mitt
I'd like to make love with Mitt
I'd like to bang around with Mitt
I'd like to hump around with Mitt
I'd like to get super freaky with Mitt
Eff that guy. None of the above

How did this poll make you feel?

A little confused
A little hot and bothered
More than a little dirty, and the kind that soap and water can't eliminate
A little part of me died inside
A little hungry (I've always been bad with feelings)

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I have my first interview today! I've been working since I was 16 (I'm 22 now), but I've never been interviewed for a job before. I'm in grad school, so it's part time work at a grocery store. What are they going to ask me?


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What are some of the oddest ideas about nutrition you've come across?

I was looking at the Mayo Clinic website, and I found this comment on one of their blogs:

Perhaps u can try eating your food on time; inother words, according how they grow. Our bodies are part of the universe, everything in the universe is timed, otherwise, we would have chaos. When we eat out of time, our bodies suffer. In the morning eat foods from the trees, in the mid of the day, eat foods that are above ground up to 4 ft. up and at night eat foods that grow in the soil and in the water or in the dark. This is called solar nutrition. Try it and see if your blood sugar normalizes.

Falling in love abroad

Have you ever fallen in love with someone while traveling or living abroad for a short period of time? What did you do about it? What's the story? 

My story: I have been traveling in Australia for 1 1/2 months now and living and working in Tasmania for a month and I love it here and could see myself living here with or without a partner. I started dating someone a bit over 3 weeks ago, and I know that is way too soon to make any life-altering decisions but I also have never met anyone quite like him, and am deep in  infatuation.  I would just like more time getting to know him so that we can see if we can work out. I'm 23 and moving back to the states in a month where I have a year long job doing something I'm pretty passionate about. After that, I'm free. I just have to go to graduate school. I'd never move anywhere for a man where i couldn't also do what I believe in and have a career. those are very important to me. But how much should I follow my heart and how much should I just ignore these probably temporary emotions and be a logical, rational person?

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I have had very bad neck/shoulder/upper back pain for the past three weeks. It's gotten so bad that I now can't sleep at night because of the pain, even with OTC sleeping aids and pain medication. Which course of action should I take for treatment? My insurance doesn't cover any of these options.

A) Medical Massage
B) Chiropractic
C) Acupuncture 

What's the last bad ache or pain you had?

Edit:// Made an appointment with my Dr. but I can't see him until Tuesday so in the meantime I would like to try something to alleviate the pain as I can't sleep, and no sleep until Tuesday sounds like an awful prospect to me.

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A huge water bug (the South's polite term for a kind of cockroach) got into the washer. After a period of freaking out, I used our Shopvac and vacuumed every part of the washer inside that they could've gotten into (including along the sides and the middle part). I didn't see it. There were no clothes in it, just the bug.

Am I safe to wash my clothes now?

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Do you suppose rich* people ever pay someone to take online university classes for them/their kids? Have you ever heard of someone doing this?

*Having the disposable income to do this I mean

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Have you ever had surgery to uncover a tooth?

I'm looking for some personal experience- I am going under on Monday. They will most likely be cutting through the bone in the roof of my mouth to uncover this tooth, then put a bracket on it so it can be pulled down by my braces.
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TQC, i'm supposed to be attending an induction today at 530 for a volunteering position i have this sunday. a friend of mine i hadnt seen in a year called me at 2, said he was in town and we should have lunch since he was leaving that night. it's been over an hour and i'm still waiting for him (he hasnt left his place. i suspect he was smoking up which is what he usually does before). plus, the place where he's staying is 30mins away by car (maybe 50mins by public transport). it's already 3.30 4pm.

i am actually rather annoyed, because i have to go to the south of the city to meet him, and then be in the north by 530. and i have a fever and viral infection atm. WWYD tqc? am i being impatient for getting grumpy rn?
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For the last few days my left eyeball has been hurting. It sort of feels like there's all this pressure on it and it's going to pop out, but when I look in the mirror everything's fine. It hurts the most when my head is upside down or when it's bright. What do you think the deal is?
I'll probably call the doctor tomorrow if it's still a thing.

If you celebrate halloween, what did you do/dress as last year?

What did you last buy online?
I just bought this rad necklace.

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The interior light in my new (used) car turns on and off when I'm driving, the stereo randomly plays clips from radio stations not tuned in and the dash board has sporadic flashing lights.
Its haunted, right?

Dk/Dc: What are your plans for hallowe'en?

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TQC, dumb question, but how do gas cards work, exactly?

I'm interviewing for a job and my usual rate for my work is $10/hr but they offered $8/hr + a gas card, which sounds acceptable to me but I'm not familiar with gas cards at all.

What's the last meal you made?

I made biscuits and gravy and it was GOOD. And fat.

Have you ever had a parasite? What kind? What happened to you, health-wise?

Long time, no see

Hi there, tqc. Haven't been here in ages, not that you care.

If you could time travel once, would you go forward or back in time?

Bonus question:  Why does my bathroom have a towel bar IN THE SHOWER?  That's been bugging me since we bought the house. 

Have you ever had a Supernatural Event happen in your Life?

With Halloween just around the corner was I was curious…
Have you ever had a “supernatural” or “logically unexplained” moment in your life? If so what happened?
I have had quite a few “events” happen from a very young age to adulthood; while I am not one to automatically assume something is “supernatural” I am open minded enough to realize that sometimes things are not explained by science therefore leaving the door open for the only other logical explanation the “supernatural”. I do believe there are ghosts, “sensitive people” {people, who tend to or are more susceptible to “seeing the unexplained”, I believe there are actual psychics and/also most importantly believe that there will be some who claim to be and scam innocent and/or gullible folks looking for answers in life. My husband’s views on the other hand are quite the opposite of mine {they say opposites attract} and he knows that there are no “ghosts, goblins, psychics, mediums, etc.” He has had no “supernatural” or “scientifically unexplained” events happen in his life, ever that couldn’t be explained by something whether feasible or far-fetched he refuses to even be open to the idea. {chuckle} Actually, a few Christmases ago I bought him a subscription to “Skeptic” {magazine} and it’s one of his favorites. Anyway, I have had many “unexplained incidents”, deja-vu, “ghosts”, a few dreams, etc… I’ll start this post with one of my earliest dramatic “unexplained/supernatural” events…
I was about 10 yrs old and all the neighborhood kids and I loved hanging out at a particular friend’s house “Tina” we all stayed there every waking moment because to be honest, we loved hanging out there because her Mother was a single Mother {not labeling single Mothers I was once a single Mother} and worked a lot so she was rarely at home or when she was home she just didn’t give a damn what we did. Back then… chuckle, showing my age here ,44 yrs old, oh boy, we could curse, jump on furniture, etc.. you know do things we wouldn’t dare do at “home”, the only negative thing was her Mother was a slob, seriously she could have been on that show “Hoarders” but whether she was home or not we had free rein and did what the hell we wanted. So one afternoon because “Tina” was so embarrassed about the condition of her house we all {about 10 of us} decided to clean her house {the best a bunch or 9 to 12 yr olds could do} it wasn’t the first time we had helped her clean house because we did feel bad for as her room was the only room in the house that looked “normal”. So about 5 of us {including me} decided to tackle the kitchen} we had been in there a good hour breaking a sweat cleaning the kitchen and one of the cast iron skillets {I swear to you} floated the in the air about 2 feet off the counter and flung itself across the room! We all stood there what seemed like about 10 minutes with our mouths hanging open in shock, in actuality it was more like 10 seconds, blood curdling screams followed and the five of us ran out the house like a bat of hell, straight to my house {my house was the closest} the other kids jogged after us wondering what the hell was happening thinking it was a big roach or something. Once at my house my Mother {a non-believer} calmed us down asked us what happened and when we explained at first she thought it was a joke until she realized that we were barely consolable. And to this day {30+ yrs later} she will tell you that while she doesn’t believe in that kinda thing, that she knew one thing for sure that we believe that is exactly what we saw. I remember it like it was yesterday. And to this day I swear to you I know what I saw… and cast iron skillets don’t float in the air, there is no string small enough for us NOT to see strong enough to hold it up and beside you’d have to be pretty damn strong to throw one! Hell, I struggle when I get mine out the bottom of the oven… Anyone else have a “real life supernatural” story to tell?

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Will you guys tell me your tales of collecting unemployment?

I'm filing a claim tomorrow as I'm going on temporary unemployment (seasonal job). I won't have to apply for jobs or anything like that. Has anyone else been on temporary unemployment?

I've been at this job for 6 months. In Nebraska, they ask for your employment history for the last 18 months. The 12 months before this job, I made pretty shitty wages, so I'm scared that will affect how much I get. I'm scared I won't be able to live off of it...
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Dear TQC, my boyfriend and I live on the first floor of an apartment complex. Since he moved in (he moved in about three years ago), he's constantly complained about the tenants upstairs. They have children who run around all day and it sounds like they're essentially stomping and knocking things over. He works so he's not here during the day, but I'm unemployed so I'm here 24/7 and I can say that without a doubt, almost every day starting around 9 in the morning until probably 10 or 11 at night (right now it's 10:34 and they've been running and crashing into things for about five hours straight), for a good portion of the day all you hear is thumping and crashing noises.

We've gone directly to the neighbors twice and asked them to please keep it down, we've talked to someone about it at the apartment complex twice, and nothing is getting changed. We're both at wits end - it's loud enough that he can hear it through his headphones while playing video games all the time. The apartments are carpeted and have relatively thick walls, so I'm honestly astonished how loud it is.

While I want to offer some leniency to having kids, and kids will be kids and run around and play, I think at the same time, unless the apartment complex isn't actually talking to the family after we brought it up, since we've notified the family and the apartment complex and it isn't changing at all, I'm wondering if we should escalate it further.

I'm really not sure what to do and I don't want to be an asshole, but my boyfriend gets up at seven in the morning and when he can't even get to sleep at a decent time because of the noise and I have to hear it for hours on end, it's incredibly frustrating. We can't afford to move anywhere else until I get a job, so that's not an option. Suggestions?

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I have a cold, meaning I can't taste anything. I went grocery shopping a day before my cold and my fridge is full of delicious things I was excited to eat :(
TQC when was the last time being sick ruined something for you?

Dk/Dc - why are most of my posts food related?