October 17th, 2012

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Do any of you use polyvore? What do you use it for, will you show us one of your sets?

It looks so fun and I know it would be useful, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for collections.

*eta: what defunct web services that nobody gives a shit about do you still use, besides LJ? 
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Did you sleep well last night, TQC?
Do you have a regular sleep pattern or, like me, do you struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep?
How many hours sleep do you need to function like a normal human the next day?

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In elementary school, we read a book about a girl who lived with her mother in a tent in the woods. I think the mother was a waitress. Any idea about the title of this book? I can't find it, although I have found many other weird books in my search.

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It's early, but I'm starting to plan what I want to make for Thanksgiving dinner.

I usually make the desserts and one side dish of my choosing. My mom and other guests make the other stuff.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
What about your favorite dessert? If there were going to be 2 desserts, what would be your choices?
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what are some healthy and filling breakfasts do you love?

TQC, i am feeling rather shit and fuzzy (idk how else to describe it) and i only have one tutorial to go to today, which i would like to miss. i would need a medical certificate though. 
my question is, how easy is it to get this from the doctor?
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Backstory - I have a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship. My husband has been in his life since he was very very young and my son calls him dada. My husband's brother and sister have never met my son (they live 6k miles away) but they've talked on skype once or twice and we refer to them as "aunt and uncle."

I'm due with my second child on Christmas, my husband's first biological child. His parents mentioned that his brother and sister were planning on sending something for the new baby. I'm sure they're excited about the new baby, but frankly, it rubs me the wrong way because they've never sent my son a birthday or Christmas gift.

My question - would it be bitchy/inappropriate of me to tell them "You either buy gifts for BOTH of my kids or neither of them"?

Bed bugs+Craigslist

Has anyone successfully gotten a bed off Craigslist? I'm looking to get a mattress, but am worried about bed bugs. Is there a way to prevent bugs/somehow kill any existing ones before I bring it into my apartment?

Spray recommendations/treatments would be great.

DK/DC: What are you afraid of?
Armrat judges you

Would you rather?

Would you rather have a phone app that turns your phone into a...?

Stun gun

Would you rather take poops...?

That glowed in the dark
That contained 25 cents (you'd have to sift through it to find it)

Would you rather...?

Lose 20 IQ points in exchange for the ability to never gain a pound more than what you weigh now
Gain 20lbs in exchange for gaining 20 IQ points

Would you rather your SO...?

Lose 20 IQ points in exchange for losing 10lbs and never be able to gain a pound again
Gain 20lbs in exchange for gaining 20 IQ points

Would you rather...?

Spend an entire week wearing a monocle (to work, after work, etc)
Spend 2 weekdays wearing hot pants (to work, after work, etc)
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Have you ever had a root canal done? What was your experience like if you had one?
I'm getting one in a few weeks and I'm super nervous.

DK/DC/I have awesome teeth: What's the weather like in your area today? Where do you live?
It's like 60 degrees Fahrenheit, windy and cloudy. Minnesota.

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I am a part time employee in a grocery store deli. I just looked at my schedule last night, and combined with what I work the rest of this week, I am scheduled a total of 10 days in a row. I also have more than 40 hours on schedule for next week. I am not a full time employee, nor am I paid anywhere near a full timers wage.

What is the best way to bring up the subject so that I can get a day cut out of there some way? Because I'm already prepared for the excuses of having someone on vacation, and someone else fired/suspended/whatever, and it's not gonna fly. But I really need to keep this job, and I'm a little afraid of what being very firm about this is gonna do.
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This Sunday, I'm doing the zombie run. A 5k that involves lots of obstacles and avoiding zombies. I'm going with 2 friends, Tabatha and Manuel. We're toying with the idea of going with a theme/costumes. Tab suggested that we dress up in Catholic school uniforms. Manuel's not too hip on that. So we need a cool idea, but something that won't be too bulky, too constricting, too hot, or too complicated. We will have to run.

Any ideas?
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My wife and I ordered new computers, and they shipped from the same location on the same day (Monday). As of this morning (Wednesday) the tracking info said they were on schedule to be delivered tomorrow. Imagine my surprise when I get home and decided to track them again (I might be a little bit excited) and it says my computer has been rescheduled for delivery on Friday. Her computer is still scheduled on time. I call UPS and they say there was a delay at one of the shipping centers and it is in transit nothing can be done.

Am I really out of luck and screwed out of 3 day shipping, or is there something I can do/say to UPS to get their heads out of their butts considering the last scanned location is ONLY 4 HOURS FROM MY HOUSE???

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My boss wants to speak to me 'fairly urgently' and when I asked what it was regarding he said 'unfortunately work availability'.
I'm going to be told there isn't any work for me, y/n?

What was the last seemingly bad thing that was actually totally perfect for you?

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I'm likely going to have to almost-quit caffeine cold turkey starting tomorrow (through circumstances imposed on me).   How much is this going to suck?  

What am I going to feel, besides VERY tired?  What can I do about these effects that doesn't involve buying something?

Edit: This is an "almost" quit situation due to logistics: my crazy old landlady has had her latest rage fit about the house coffeemaker and banned us from it, and meanwhile, the severe muscle weakness of my Vit, D deficiency means I can't just walk the three blocks to Starbucks as per usual, at least not for another few weeks.  But I hope that's the length of it.  

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You are walking along a busy street in the city centre, there are people everywhere. You notice two children in a car, aged about 3 and 6. They are alone. The windows of the car are down about 1/4 of the way, so it would be easy enough to reach in, unlock the door and get the kids out. The weather is cool, the kids seem happy enough, but there are no adults in the car.

What do you do?

Take Note

For those in college (or who can still remember college): what was your method for note-taking for term papers, etc?

Write out notecards, type notes into an outline, something else?

EDIT: Specifically referring to taking notes from books for writing papers, not note-taking in class.

The classic use of notecards where you write one quote/fact per card seems tedious to me (and wasteful of paper), though I can see its merits for younger students or people who have trouble organizing their thoughts.
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I just got an email that says I didn't use all my credits at Big Fish Games so I can get a game or two for free.

If you play casual games, what do you recommend? I like hidden object games and Bejeweled, for an idea.
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Has anyone here ordered from the dorothyperkins website and encountered problems?

They said they shipped my stuff on the 24th of September, I chose the standard (non-trackable) shipping and it hasn't arrived.

I sent them an e-mail last Friday and have't heard from them yet. :(
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We're doing Trunk or Treat at my work next Friday. I'm planning on a mad scientist theme. EDIT: I work at a daycare, so I don't want it to be *too* scary for little kids. Can you help me think of some ideas/help me tweak the ideas I currently have?

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DK/DC: What are your Halloween plans?