October 16th, 2012

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Will you please share your terrible neighbors stories?  

Right now, the people that live off to my left are standing outside of my door (my apartment is at the very end of a hallway, so they must think that no one can see or hear them there) screaming about whether or not the wife slept with their mutual female friend.  Their child has come outside three times already to tell them to come back inside and stop yelling.  This is the fourth time they've had this argument in the last two months.  I've already told them that I can hear them through the door but they continue to do this every few weeks.  

I've also mentioned the assholes that live upstairs.  I ended up calling the police on them early Friday morning because I was desperate to get to sleep after being up all night listening to them thump and pound on my ceiling.  Before I called the police, I called our property manager who told me that the wife is watching a friend's kid from 5am to 9pm every day, which makes a lot more sense than their very small child being the one that's running back and forth constantly all day.
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how often do you buy new underwear? is it a sin that i still use underwear from 3-4 years ago?

should i buy new underwear? what website is good? i love cheeky bottom-styles and hipster bikinis.

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should i go to class today? i have a cold and i don't feel as bad as i did yesterday (i went to class yesterday), but i wasn't coughing yesterday and now i'm coughing like every minute. :/ only one of the classes has an attendance policy and you just lose a couple of points if you don't show up. i'm doing well in that class and haven't missed any classes this semester.

would you be annoyed/disrupted/disgusted if you had to sit near someone who was coughing a lot?

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If I wanted to pay my student loan off with my credit card to get more reward points (and then pay off my credit card before the due date so no interest accrued)...could I do that?
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There are all those things one is supposed to do with one's time: eight hours of sleep, daily cardiovascular exercise, home-cooked meals with fresh vegetables, keeping up on current events, grooming, housekeeping, home improvement, quality time with family, keeping in touch with more distant family and friends, and of course work and/or school. Since there simply aren't enough hours in the day for all of them, which ones do you skimp on?

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If you were vegan, lived in the US and liked Oreos, would you take a chance that they were not 100% vegan and eat them anyway or avoid them completely?

What are some foods/ other things that you are squeamish about because of stories you've heard about them?

What is your favorite thing that other people do not seem to like?

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Has anyone here had a GOOD experience as a tenant of a live-in landlady/landlord?   Would you like to share?  For how common the arrangement is, the experience of my housemates and myself just can't logically be the norm, but I kinda need anecdata to support thiat.
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What are some good horror or creepy shows I could get into? Something like Tales from the Crypt.

I've watched
- Tales from the Crypt
- Tales from the Darkside
- Are You Afraid of the Dark
- Goosebumps - nostalgia!
- Masters of Horror - shitty but I was bored
- Twilight Zone
- The Outer Limits
- The Hunger (show and movie) - really crappy, don't watch it
- X-Files - my favorite of all of these

...yep. I like procrastinating.
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Is there a certain format for resumes as part of a membership application to an honor society? The application packet contains a separate form that lists leadership activities and civic engagements, and now I'm wondering how much information I have to give about employment (job title, company name, tasks?) and especially periods of unemployment as I've been a SAHM for two years.

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Have you ever wondered what the candidates actually say to each other while shaking hands before the debate?  I totally picture Obama saying "You're going down" with Romney retorting "I'm going to squash you" or something of the like.


1. How many women are in your binders?

2a. For you single women out there...how many deaths do you think you're personally responsible for because you haven't gotten married, which is the only apparent solution to gun violence?

2b. Do you feel guilty, putting your own romantic freedom ahead of American people who are trying their best not to have bulletholes in them?

a work question

Is it ridiculous of me to ask employees to put their cell phones away during business hours (unless on breaks). We work in a medical office and It's like I tell them over and over and over and they don't listen. Is it an unreasonable expectation? Can you have your phone in front of you at your job?

Also, an employee comes back from lunch late, and then goes straight to using our paper and fax machine to fax her social worker. Shouldn't she have asked me first?

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What websites do you use to get stock information and tips from?

Which stocks do you own, if any?

What do you think is the best way to invest money?

DK/DC/Stocks are Stupid: When was the last time you did laundry?