October 15th, 2012

Dog Mom

I'm taking my pup in today for a teeth cleaning and possible extraction of a loose tooth and I'm worrying myself sick. They need to sedate her to clean her teeth, and I am just so nervous for my little baby.

Can you post something to reassure me or at least cheer me up?

When do your pets make you nervous or worried?

(no subject)

I was in Target the other day, and there was a row of Disney Princess dolls, and one of them was Belle (from Beauty and the Beast.) How does she rate Princess status? Doesn't that just burn you up, calling any old romantic heroine a princess?


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So, I managed to forget my class shoes at a friend's place and he is not picking up, so I'm kind of screwed for class. Already sent in my homework, he's just gonna kick off participation points.
I also forgot I had left a food container in my bag and it got slightly moldy. Not enough to ruin it, but white fuzzies on the side. Eww.

What was the last important thing you forgot?
What should I do today at home since I can't go to class?

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What would you think if someone told you that a guy they knew made his child flush a (live) turtle down the toilet because he didn't want to keep it? The child had won the turtle at a carnival.
malfoy cant believe it.

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how do you let someone know they are a flake? make's an appointment with me, either cancels the entire thing or moves it to another time. I dunno, I am a major planner and if someone means 10 a.m. I plan my day around that time to be there then, I am not late to appointments.

I have a friend, who is going to basically be a "manager" to me, so I dont want to say something would turn our friendship/partnership sour, btw she's very defensive about anything. she's a great lady but EVERY single time I make an appointment with her she flakes and reschedules the appointment.

This is literally probably the 8th time she's done this to me in a matter of I'd say 3 months so its gotten ridiculous. it's strange because she's suppose to be a professional at her job she's been at it for probably 30-40 years & I would'nt have ever expected this out of her.

it makes it worse that she will soon become basically a manager to me for potentially 1-2 year[s].

what to do??
maybe she keeps doing this flake thing because no one has ever confronted her about it?

(no subject)

You're on a first date. You seem to be getting along well enough. Your date is cute enough and seems smart enough. Then during the date, your date takes off his/her jacket and you spy a tattoo on their right arm. Which of these tattoos would really make you think twice about the possibility of a second date?

Pentegram, inverted, with droplets of blood dripping from it
Bush/Cheney 2004
Creed (the band's name and logo)
NRA member 4 life
Symbol or name of the local gang in your city
Marijuana leaf
Crack pipe, with a pair of lips puffing on it. The text 'the party starts here' is underneath
Not 1 tattoo, but several tattoos of names. Each name is crossed off. They look like ex-lovers
A bible, with the words 'I believe'
The star and crescent of Islam
Ronald McDonald pissing on a package of tofu. The text says 'Eat Meat or be a bitch'
A Justin Bieber tattoo. Looks recent
Not an arm tattoo, but you spy that he/she has a tramp stamp. A butterfly
I wouldn't judge someone by their tattoos alone

(no subject)

What is your experience with video games and computer games? Do you play them? What do you think is an "unhealthy" amount of time to play them each day, if you think there is such a thing?

Do you think it is better to be doing other activities than playing computer/video games?

ETA: I ask because sometimes I find myself playing games for hours, then thinking "Maybe I should do something else." But I am enjoying myself...so why would I? If that makes sense.

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Last night companion counted a total of 15 times that I got out of bed to go "check to make sure the door was locked." I don't remember any of this. He also has full on conversations with me at night that I don't remember the next morning.

Do you do anything strange in your sleep?

Hair question

Help me, TQC!

Ok, so, no matter what I try, I can never seem to get my hair to have any volume, or, on the off chance I can, it's so fly-away-y that it's a horrible awful mess.

So my question to you is, what do you do to have you hair have volume? My hair's layered & shoulder length. I color it a couple times a year but usually not more than twice.

Any help appreciated!

DK/DC: What's the last movie you watched? Any good?

I just watched Ides of March. It was well done, if entirely predictable.

(no subject)

if you bake, do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the actual amount of sugar you are using (especially in cakes) that you do not feel like eating the finished product even though it turned out well?

i'm having a really tough semester in school. how did you alleviate your stress when you were still in school, or currently in school?

have you ever met people who say things that hurt others, but they (the speaker) remains completely oblivious to it?

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So, the other day I watched Forrest Gump for the first time in a long time. I watched it a lot as a kid, but of course back then I didn't really understand 50% of what it was referencing. Anyway, last night, I realized there was another part I'm still not sure I totally "get". When Forrest and Jenny are kids, there's that one day that "Jenny wasn't on the bus to go to school."

Why wasn't she on the bus? Did her dad take her out of school entirely or is it just somehow tied to him being an abuser? Is there something specific I'm missing there?
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If Romney gets elected, how long do you think it will be before he repeals Obamacare?

I'm not eligible for my breastpump till April and I will be a seriously sad muffin if he screws it up for me. :(
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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water bill+clogged tub

How much was your last water bill? (What kind of place do you have?) Are you conservative with your water?

Also, gross (and ignorant) question: My tub is clogged up. I would rather dislodge all the hair in there myself, but I have a feel it's a combination of my own hair+previous tenant's hair. Plus, the metal drain part seriously grosses me out I can't even look at it. Can I call maintenance for that?

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when a company emails you asking for your resume/portfolio after you've applied for the job, what do you do?
it's a selective process to begin with so being asked even to provide the above is a good sign.

do you email them later asking how the process is going/check in, or leave it be?

the suspense is killing me D:

(no subject)

1. What makeup items are your 'holy grail' items that you would recommend?

2. What makeup items are currently on your wish-list?

Alternative questions:

1. Best halloween themed recipes?

2. Favorite halloween movie?

I freaking finally have some money in the bank... and no wish-list for makeup.

Also, I think sweet roasted pumpkin seeds are the best and Hocus Pocus the best movie of this season!

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Have you ever eaten any kind of pizza with a spoon?

Yes I have
No, but it sounds like a good idea
No, and I see no reason to ever try it
I have never eaten pizza
I have never eaten with a spoon