October 14th, 2012

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Just saw this on twitter regarding Lance Armstrong and all the stuff going on regarding doping and cheating.

Based on what you know of the situation (as much or as little as that may be) do you think Lance Armstrong is a psychopath or sociopath?  Who has he victimized, if anyone, in your opinion?
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I'm in graduate school and within my department, I take two classes that only have either three or four students total. There is one person who is in both of these classes who is always at least half an hour late. In one of these classes, I was the only one there for half an hour and we didn't start until the others showed up. Normally I wouldn't give a shit if people decide they're going to waste their education and not show up for the first part of class, but it's affecting me because I would much rather stay home for the first half hour than just sit around chit-chatting with the professor (which is nice, but I work full-time and am in school beyond full-time so I really value any free time).

Is this something I should address with others? Should I talk to my professors or the person who is chronically late? How should I say it? Or should I just start showing up for my 6:00 class at 6:30?
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I'm in need of something like a two-way radio or baby monitor, but I'm looking for one that is completely hands free (on both ends) and doesn't require you to press a "talk button" to talk back.  Does something like that even exist?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, tqc :)
I just have a question for those of you with tattoos, or those of you who are looking into getting your first one.  How do you go about finding an artist to do your work?  Do you go on personal recommendation? Do you go into every shop and flick through the books and see what's on the walls?  Do you use Google?  My friend (K) got her first tattoo done a few months ago, and I was thinking of going to that same artist for my first one, because she is so good.  But then another friend, (I) who has many tattoos, said that just because an artist might be amazing at portraits doesn't mean they're amazing at cartoon type work, and so on.  So now I'm not so sure, as my tattoo is very different from K's.
So I thought I'd ask you guys - how do you find the right artist?

DK/DC: Have you watched Star Wars?  Did you like it?  Which is your favourite?  (I'm thinking original trilogy here).
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i visited a career counsellor a couple of days ago for a free consultation, and she told me that most jobs (including part time and casual work, internships and graduate programs) look at your cover letter and resume (of course), and then make you do psychometric tests, phone interviews, and face to face interviews before considering you.

she offered me a package where she fixes up my resume, writes my cover letter for me, trains me for interview skills (a total of about 2.5 hours long), makes me do psychometric tests, and record my video resume, for a total of $1500.

would you take this package or not?

i was actually looking for help with knowing about the job market in my field, so i said ill think about it and get back to her. she said the $1500 includes a 25% discount because she "wants to help" me, and that i wouldnt get the discount if i didnt "show interest" by paying a deposit right then and there ($750, but she said it could be less than that). again, i declined by saying i dont have the money for that at that moment, and that i would need to talk to my mum because she's funding me. she then asked if it was possible for me to call my mum right there and then. i kept telling her i just needed to go away and think about it, and after like 10 minutes of that, she finally let me go without paying a dollar.

would this attitude have pissed you off? what would you have said and how would you have reacted?

i think i should've told her how rude that was, to ask me to contact my mum for payment right in front of her. i just wanted to get out of there ASAP D:
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Need some quick help. I really want THIS for my Halloween costume (Big Ang). I THINK it will fit me. The size says SM/MD but the measurements seem bigger. Of course I'm not counting fake boobs. Any girls out there know their measurements enough to help me out? I usually wear a men's large in everything.
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Why do you think women have to wear make up to have their look be considered professional? Should men have to put in the same amount of time and effort into their looks as women? Should supervisors, bosses, etc. be forced to take into account that if they want their female employees to "look professional" that it takes time? Or do you think the whole thing is bunk?

Costume days

So, hi. There's Halloween coming up, so everybody's looking out for costumes or something, right? Where I live, we don't really do Halloween much, sometimes we use it as an excuse to have a costume party and all, but this year, as a senior, I have two days where I can go in a costume, so it's like a two-time Halloween party at school. It would be all swell, except for the fact that I'm drawing a blank regarding costumes. I don't want any skimpy, cheerleader-outfit thing because I don't really feel confortable going to school in miniskirts and I would love to go as, say, a zombie but it takes too much time to put on the make up and school starts really early (I have to be up and reaady by 6:20 a.m.) so I'm officially zeroed on ideas. How do you suggest I go, tqc?

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People who work in restaurants:
If you know you're going to be tired on a shift, are you ever tempted to ring up with a large fake booking that mysteriously never appears?

People who work on their feet all day:
Is there ANY type of shoe which doesn't make you feel like you have bloody stumps instead of feet at the end of a long shift?