October 13th, 2012


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I'm both proud and thrilled to say these two are my classmates. /heavyheavysarcasm

WTF was going through their heads???

Some people in our class are saying things like "Of course what they did was inexcusable and they should be punished, but any of us after a few too many ill-advised shots could have made as terrible/detrimental a decision." What do you think about this rationale?
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So my job has an ipod that we can put music onto. The music has been the same for about a year so my boss is sick of it. So I got the task of changing it. However I realized not everyone has the same taste in music as I do and while I have a lot of music I'm running into the problem of one line will have a curse word in it and that means it out. Suggestions?

Its for a art school college bookstore. If you can link a good quality youtube video that'd be awesome as well.

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Weird question, but cat owners, how often do your cats cough up hairballs?

I was just thinking about my 15-year-old cat, whose coughed one up at least once a week her entire life. But she's an excessive groomer, and the vet didn't seem worried. I don't recall any other cat that I've ever had coughing one up, ever.

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So after a lot of thought, i've decided to take the job in Disney World.
Obviously I need to save as much as possible. 
Should I move home (200 miles and away from the sea and all my friends and happy place) to live rent free for 5 months (in a place where I don't have a job/have not looked for one yet) or stay where i'm blissfully happy but would really struggle to save?

Can you give me some feedback?

So, I wrote my first song. My first song ever. And I would like some feedback!!

This is TQC, so telling you to be brutally honest is really unnecessary. But if possible, I would like some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. I have ZERO knowledge of songwriting or singing and did this as an experiment. I'm not saying that to garner sympathy--it's the unfortunate truth. But for that reason, I would appreciate comments beyond "u fucking suck, bitch!"


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My sister had her baby! What are some meals I can make for her and her husband so they can just heat and eat?

So far I've made lasagna, chicken enchiladas, and stuffed shells. It needs to be able to make and transport easily to their home :)
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What projects do you have to do today that you would really rather avoid?

I am currently online procrastinating because I have to finish staining the deck today. It's cold!

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it's been a while since i've read a good novel because of school. i'm a bit picky, so it's hard for me to choose something to read when i have limited time. can you recommend something?

i like urban settings, drama, suspense, crime, bromance, books that deal with addiction, modern fantasy, ghosts, etc. i dislike scifi, memoirs, vampires, werewolves, romance, and excessive victimization of/violence against women etc (sorry, i meant it when i said i was a little picky. D:).

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The rainy fall weather and the post about baking makes me want to bake.  I'm looking for a cookie, scone, biscuit or bread recipe that has oatmeal AND maple syrup or pumpkin puree.  Suggestions?  I've got access to all baking supplies and can run to the store if needed.
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I want to sell my engagement and wedding rings - how should I go about this in order to get the best price? They're not expensive/quality or anything and I don't expect much, but I don't want to get totally ripped off.

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Is it weird that I've had an LJ account for almost ten years and have never even been tempted before now to do the two week paid account trial?

Is it even worth it to try it, knowing I would never actually pay for it?

FWIW, I really only use like two userpics, lol. And I don't update my journal much, my account is mostly for comms.
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How upset would you be if the total time it took to receive your food (from driving up to the menu to the point of receiving it) from a drive thru was 13 minutes?

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My friend asked me to post this on her behalf, her kids are 8 & 5 and have never ate haggis. They probably wont eat it if they know what it is, What can we tell them it is so they at least try it?
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On average, how many times a day do you check your balance(s) in your bank account(s)?

Is there a particular bank/credit union you just won't do business with for any reason?

2.5 questions

1. You go on Facebook on a public computer. You log off and go home and a few hours later, you receive a message from a stranger that says something along the lines of "Hi, I saw you were on Facebook at [place] earlier and caught your name at the top. You seemed like a person I'd like to get to know. Want to get coffee?" How creeped out are you on a scale of 1-10?

2. What is your favorite sauce for chicken wings?
2a. Boneless or bone-in?

Jewelry Information

I saw a question regarding a jewelry set and it sparked off a question of my own - 

I have a pair of earrings that belonged to my great-great-grandmother. I don't think they'd be worth anything - she immigrated to the US from the Middle East (my heritage is a mix of Lebanese and Syrian) and the earrings are gems that are irregularly cut and the backs are like something I'd expect at a hardware store. But I wanted to know more *about* them. I thought that taking them to a jeweler would be a good bet, but then I wondered about someone who specializes in antiques...or antique jewelry? I want historical information (like people cut gems like this because they weren't professionals but were village jewelers cutting by hand...you know that kind of thing).

How do you find one of those? Or rather, what questions should I ask before taking them in to a specific place?

If you don't know - what's the oldest piece of jewelry you have? Or oldest heirloom for that matter?

EDIT: Some people were curious about the earrings, just what they looked like. Like I said, I don't think they're worth anything, but I would love to know more about them: