October 12th, 2012

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i bought a pair of heels online and it has an unadjustable strap around the ankle, and a zipper down the back. the strap is too loose and makes it difficult to walk in. 

would getting one of those gel insoles for the back (by the zipper) work?? im thinking cause itd be right on the zipper, it wouldnt work. is my only option to go to the shoe cobbler and get them to cut the straps to fit my ankle?

if it helps, it's 9am now and i need to use these by tonight.

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Inspired by the food bank question:

If you had a friend or family member who had no money for food and you offered to buy them groceries, what would you say if they kept insisting on only buying their favorite brand-name items (much more expensive than store-brand)?
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What are some home remedies for a bad toothache? I don't have dental insurance right now and I'm pretty much miserable because of the pain. I don't have that much money for dental work either so please help me out, TQC!

When's the last time you had a nasty toothache?

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Halloween question o' clock:

So I just died my hair dark brown...alright, let's be real it looks straight-up black. I'm going to take advantage of this issue by turning it into a halloween costume aide. It's shoulder length-ish.

SO. What weird black-haired lady can I be? I was thinking Mia in Kill Bill. Or wonder woman, but I don't want to be naked, so. Idears!
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Irritating Workmate Habits

Dear TQC - I need your help!

I've just started a new job, and the guy I share an office with... well, he's a little strange. I can cope with that. I can cope with him constantly trying to tell me the correct way to walk up and down stairs, or how to finish a phone conversation by putting the receiver down, or when he tells me every detail of what he's going to do today like it's at all relevant to me. I can even cope when he blows his nose like he's trying to play a tune, then spends the next couple of minutes picking any stray bits or inspecting his hankie. What I can't cope with is the noise he makes when he eats - at first I thought it was just when he sucked on cough sweets, but no. It's EVERYTHING.

He chews in this really weird manner, and makes so much in the way of unpleasant saliva-y smacking noises that I can hear him ten feet across the office. It's driving me mad. For some people nails on a chalkboard set their teeth on edge, but for me it's really wet eating noises, saliva-y noises, licking noises. I'm only three weeks into my job and already I get twitchy when I see him reach for a snack.

What can I do, TQC? He's worked here for years, so I'm not sure what I can say to him about it... And I can't look for a new job, having only been here 3 weeks. What advice do you have for dealing with irritating noises?

DK/DC: What things really irritate you?

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Inspired by an earlier question: When grocery shopping, what items do you prefer to buy name brand? Do you have any store brands you like a lot better over the name brands?

For me, it's Hunt's tomato paste. I also like Watkins flavorings, but they're expensive so I save them for special occasions. Back when I drank more soda, I used to like Kroger's Vanilla cola over Coke's.

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do u think it's weird for a couple who lives together to only have sex on weekends?

eta: not exactly a planned thing, but both work full-time jobs during the week and are just..tired. haha

Stupid Google!

Alright I've already tried google, so does anyone have any ideas as to why my oven might be fine at heating to up to 350 degrees but no higher? If I set it to 400, it won't even heat to 250. 

You are all just going to tell me to get a new oven aren't you?

ETA: I'm renting this house as well as the oven... if there is something wrong with it, do I tell the rental company or am I expected to pay for its replacement/repairs?
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About an hour ago, at the grocery store, a man who was parked next to me came out of the store and before he got into his car he opened a 20 oz. Coke and poured all of it over his windshield. Why on earth did he do this??

ETA: Thanks for the info. I have actually never heard of using Coke for this purpose. Learn something new everyday!
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How could someone be so evil & heartless? Rest in peace, Jessica Ridgeway.

What was the biggest excuse/lie you told someone just to get out of work or a situation?

What are you going to be for halloween?
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Whatcha got?

I need a digital voice recorder that can transfer 3 hour lectures into an MP3 for my laptop. The hall is pretty large and the professors do not use a mic, sooooo it needs to be fairly sensitive and I have a budget of $100. Can you recommend one?

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Do you wash your hair every day? Why/Why not?

I'm trying to get in the habit of not, but it's hard. It's dyed black and takes 10 years to dry and I like to avoid using heat on it so I figured if I only washed it every other day I could avoid blow drying/straightening it... right?

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TQCers who have or have had Vitamin D deficiency:  did you have muscle weakness and/or muscle spasms as a symptom of the deficiency?  If so, how long did it take for you to notice an improvement in your muscle control/a reduction in spasms after you began taking prescribed or OTC Vitamin D?

Recovery times vary, I know, but I'm just having a hard time finding info on this particular symptom.  

dk/dc/go outside nerd:  cats or dogs?
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Today I went to lunch with my boss and just as I took a hearty bite, my boss asked me a question.

So I either had to chew quickly while feeling like it took hours for my food to go down or answer with my mouth full of half-chewed food.

Urgh. Don't you just hate it???

Especially when they are staring expentantly at you?

Do you have any funny stories involving your boss/co-workers?

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Let's say you have 2 kids who are close in age. When it's one child's birthday, do you give the other child a gift so s/he doesn't feel left out?

If so, is there a certain age where you stop doing this?
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When it comes to giving family members and close friends gifts for the holidays (provided you do this), do you generally have a pretty good idea of what they want? Are you the type to gather ideas based on what they mention all year long, or you scramble to try to figure out something they may want?

When you know someone is going to be buying a gift for you, do you give them ideas about what you might like, or do you tell them there's nothing you want and force them to guess?

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do you find it offensive when white people wear native american headdresses? i didn't think much of it until i saw comments on lana del rey's new music video about her headdress and how it offended people.

i still don't really get how it is offensive. someone elaborate please?
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Marijuana for thought?

For all of you who smoke weed, or have smoked weed; truthfully explain the effects of it while driving and is it, honestly, after you've smoked quite a bit, any different than alcohol? Long-time users, remember back to when you first started smoking. Mainly, a lot of the problems with weed remain in how to regulate it in terms of driving, aka insurance having to pay boatloads for accidents. 

Idk but for me, I got really high before I had to work once (I was a noob) and when I was driving, it was terrifying. I kept leaning to the side and couldn't see straight. 

I really want truthful answers! :D

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Can too much caffeine kill you? This morning I had two cups of coffee, then two diet cokes, then a iced green tee, then two more diet cokes. I should've known better, but I was soooo tired.

Also, who do you think won the debate last night?