October 11th, 2012

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Two friends are going out together - say to the movies or something. One of them has a coupon - buy one ticket, get one free. Which of the following should happen?

A. One of them should buy a ticket at regular price and the person who has the coupon should get their ticket free.
B. They should each pay for half of the first ticket.
C. Do people seriously argue about this shit?
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What is bothering you right now?  

ETA: Related to that, do you find that a lot of people do not respond to emails or messages? Is this a trend that we're going towards? I've sent a few messages over the last month that have been unanswered. I don't get it, it seems really rude.   
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With my right eyeball...

Every now and then I poke/rub my right eyeball and it makes a kind of creaking, squishing sound- kind of like the sound in PotC when the guy puts his wooden eye back in. It doesn't happen on my left eye.

I'm able to crack (like crack my knuckles) in my neck, toes and both hands. Can you crack the knuckles air bubbles (which crack when you crack your knuckles) in your eye socket? If not, what am I doing? What makes that sound?

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What do you say to someone when they try to one-up you on something?


"Whew, my day at work was exhausting."
"YOUR day at work? Try working at my office, it's so hard because..."

"I feel so stressed right now"
"Man, you don't even know a thing about stress. Today I had to deal with..."
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theres this girl in my building (and on my floor) who id like to befriend. not sure how id go about it tho. how would you do it, tqc? srs/nonsrs

we live in a building full of students our age so i feel like it'd be kinda weird for me to single her out to say hey

also, during easter a friend and i left little easter eggs in front of everyone's apartment doors. i wanna do something similar for halloween but those little chocolates are so expensive. what treat / trick should i give people?

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Every few years you take a trip out of state for a week or two to visit family (not immediate family, but uncles, aunts, cousins)

Do you invite your SO or spouse?

I think it would be fun for him to come for a few days, but I think he'd be bored visiting with a bunch of my relatives and plus, I'd like some time away to visit my family without him.

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does it bother you when you see pictures of people's food on instagram/twitter/facebook etc?

I love to see pictures of food, I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about it. I'd rather see your spaghetti than your duck face.

Do you take pictures of your meals often?

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I've been dealing with some stuff as of late. To cheer me up, the male companion agreed to come into town a night early (he lives out of town, but works here) and take me out to dinner and a movie. He told me this yesterday. Apparently he forgot. My feelings are really, really hurt. I feel stupid and childish, but with his work schedule we never really get to do anything (he works from noon until 12 am Friday - Tuesday... and on Tuesday when he gets off work he goes back home).

Will you validate me?
What should I do to cheer myself up (going alone isn't an option... anxiety)?

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What key is office suite pro referring to?

I bough office suite pro app a couple of weeks ago. When I try to go in it gives me a device number and wants me to Enter Key. But what key is it referring to. Is it the order number or what?
  • vulora


Recently I got a job as a client counselor. In my resume, my new boss saw that I was a freelance computer repair technician, and now she wants me to work on computers they have in the office etc.

My question; should I just go with my normal hourly fee (barely above minimum wage) when doing repairs, some which can be long and labor intensive, or should I stipulate since it isn't part of my job title that I get paid my separate freelance rates?

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Do you have an alarm clock? What kind of noise does it make? Or if it plays a song, what song?

Do you like chocolate? How about white chocolate?

Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? What holidays do you celebrate?

Sprint Phones and Music

My sister just got a new Sprint phone. When she had her old Sprint phone she bought over $100 in songs from Sprint and saved them to her micrSD card. She moved the SD card to the new phone she none of the songs showed up. She checked on her computer and they are still on the card. They are all the file type that will only play on Sprint phones. She wants to know if there is any way she can make them show up on her knew phone, or if she downloads them again if she will have to pay for them again. If that doesn't work does any one know how to convert them to mp3s? I am her go to computer person so any help I can give her would be great.