October 10th, 2012


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At work I sit in a mainish office and share it with at least one coworker at any time, but up to three or four. Each of these people has their own taste in music, and each of these people when I ask them for music reccomendations on pandora tells me to "play whatever you feel like".

Well, TQC - I'm fucking bored of my Pandora player right now.

Please suggest to me a band/song (preferably song) that I can create a station with -- we'll call it the TQC mix or something.

It has to be sorta appropriate for work. And if the band is described as "noise" I won't add it.

So, what have you got to add to the TQC mix?

Here's the station: http://www.pandora.com/#/station/play/1071180584686717717

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A friend I don't see very often and mostly only talk to online just got me a double stroller for my twins (she got it for free from her boss). It was very unexpected and a thoughtful surprise. I'm going to pick it up from her work today and I'd like to bring her something to say thanks, but I'm not sure what!

What's something small I could bring her to show my gratitude? 
Should I also bring something for her to give to her boss? 

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do you ever see a post with lots of responses, wonder why, then when you investigate you just realize the OP is repying to every single comment? gets me every time.

do you have a date coming up? are you excited?

what's your best friend's name?

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do you get angry towards cyclists on the road while driving? why?

do you always look first to make sure you're not about to cut off a cyclist before turning?
do you always look first before flinging your car door open into the bike lane while parked?


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Are there any foods or beverages that you enjoy having at a different temperature than they are regularly consumed at? Which ones?

Inspired by a friend's mother who drinks all of her beer warm :(
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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My little sister just broke up with her first more serious boyfriend and she is pretty sad. I'm going up there to visit this weekend and I want to bring her a care package. Any suggestions of what to include? 
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Can anyone help me with a car mechanical question?

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So who should I believe?? I don't particularly want to trade the car in (especially if there's nothing really wrong with it and the mechanic was lying), but I don't want to risk my car having some serious mechanical problem that isn't going to be covered by my warranty! Help?

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Do you have a tumblr?

What kind of things do you like to post?

Will you post your tumblr so we can follow eachother?

I just rediscovered tumblr today haha and now I am obsessed with posting things.

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Have you ever lost a pet? How long was your grieving process?

My cat escaped the other day and was mauled by a dog. He passed away last night after a surgery where his prognosis was 'good.' There was much more trauma than they expected once they had him in surgery and unfortunately he wasn't pulling through after at all...

I've never lost a pet before and this feels horrible.
Make me feel better?
sunshine donna

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Does anyone know where I can get either whole spelt flour or gluten free flour in bulk? Hopefully fairly cheap?

I've got a friend with a gluten allergy that I like to bake for and can't really afford Whole Foods prices.


Hi, all. This is my first question here and I want to know:
When do you get married? OR When do you want to? OR Do you want to get married?
My is 24 or 25, that is after 2 or 3 years' working ( 22 now ) :D
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i have half a small bottle of wine that i opened like a week ago. its been corked but not refridgerated and temp in room has varied from quite cold to quite warm. is it ok to drink still or should i pour it out? im a bit afraid of it lol but dunno if that is rational...

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Last visit with the Psych was on October 4th. My understanding from that visit was that my "expected return to work date" is October 22nd (which is the Monday after my next appointment). I got a call from the short term disability lady who is telling me I'm expected to return to work this coming Monday (October 15th). Should I contact Psych or disability lady? The thought of contacting either of them is sending me into a panic...


How do you feel about candy corn?
I love it.

What's something productive you've done today?
I got my school work for two classes done... getting ready to work on a third once I'm doing being distracted by YouTube and LJ.

What are you having for dinner?f
Beef Stroganoff which is in the crock pot right now... mmmm
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To whom it may apply: what is your relationship with your stepmom like?

Edited to add a self-admitted validation bit:

My new job is literally 3 minutes away from my dad's house. I have an hour lunch break and not really anywhere to go during that time other than the stores nearby my work. My stepmom and I got lunch today (I initiated this...she hardly ever reaches out to me) and she told me she'd only be comfortable with me coming over once a week, and only on one certain day (e.g. only coming on Mondays). It kind of hurt my feelings and makes me feel unwelcome because my dad has always said that this is my house too. I wish she would have just said I'm welcome anytime - it's not like I'd be coming over all that much by my own volition anyway. Am I overreacting or is she being shitty?

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Can anyone tell me what these degraded animal tracks are, or at least give a suggestion as to what it might be?
 We took this at Lee Canyon, Mt Charleston Nevada over the weekend. My kid is dying to know and now I'm pretty curious myself.

Is there any subject you're fascinated with for no real reason? Like the tsars of Russia, the lindbergh baby or ship building. How much do you know about your pet subject exactly?

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Book Question

My brother and sister in law have a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory published in 1964.  This is the year that the first edition was published and it has the same illustrator as the first edition, but the cover is not the same as the first edition covers I can find by googling.  In fact as much as I try I have been unable to find the cover by googling.  Help me?  There is a picture of the cover under the cut (they do not have the dust jacket).

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DK/DC:  What dessert should I attempt making next?
family on bed

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I had a job interview yesterday and was told today that I had been "shortlisted for one of the roles" and they now needed my permission to contact my referees, which I gave.

Does this mean that:
a) they will offer me the job as long as the references are good,
b) they had several good candidates at interview and are using the references to narrow down their selection,
c) something else ??

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How many sick days would you assume an average 9-5 worker would take per year?

Do you think calling out sick 4-5 times a month is too much for an employee who has not stated she has any medical problems?


I mentioned a while ago about working at a haunted corn maze. The problem is that I have no idea what to dress up as. I have nine days to figure it out. I won't know the official guidelines on what I can wear until Sunday but I'm figuring you guys can at least give me an idea or two.

Because my brain hurts:

It needs to be:
Comfortable (lots of walking on uneven ground)
Warm (it'll be in the 60's [Farenheight] or maybe 50's)
Not look too weird with tennis shoes or Chucks (I have a dark red pair, a neon green pair that's somewhat faded, and a pair that's black with purple)
Brightish (I'm leading a group of six people and it'll be dark)
Kid appropriate
Make sense with a crazy hair color http://www.manicpanic.biz/store/c/85--Classic-Cream-Formula-Hair-Color-Guilt-Free-Glamour-PPD-free-.aspx that's dark. (I like my natural hair color, I just get bored with it, so it needs to be one of these: After Midnight, Enchated Forrest, Green Envy, Vampire Red, Infra Red, Raven, or Purple Haze)

Info that may help:
My breasts are on the large size.
I usually wear size 14 or 16 pants
My hair is about shoulder length

A recentish picture (I'm the girl on the right): http://www.flickr.com/photos/66211072@N02/8075717749/in/photostream


strange question is strange

One of your friends is frequently complimented on his/her attractiveness (by friends and acquaintances--not strangers). This makes your friend uncomfortable and self-conscious. S/he complains to you about these compliments. Would this annoy you?
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ok hello all.

1. i'm going to be stuck in the house for 2 days "resting" can you recommend a totally awesome movie for me to watch that wont fall into the mindless comedy category?

2. people in Australia are freaking out over rises in their electricity bills. my bill for the last 3 months came to 379.94. how much is your electricity costing you?

3.what is your favourite poem?

thanks everybody.
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