October 9th, 2012

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This has been driving me crazy forever. ALL my tshirts eventually get little holes in the front, near the bottom. Do you get these? What do you think causes them? Tips on avoiding them? I know it's not the washing machine, it's not moths, I don't wear belts and I'm very careful about not getting them stuck in my zipper or something.

Also, any tips on how to dress for a fall wedding (as a guest)? Are bare legs still appropriate?
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Do you think that getting a PhD is over-rated or useless these days? Why or why not?

I'm thinking about doing it if I don't get on SSI, or even if I do eventually. Surprisingly, my brother and sister want me to do this. But a PhD doesn't guarantee you a job and it wouldn't be like my disability would just vanish as soon as I got one. Not to mention that you'd have to go off of SSI while in the program and it would take a long time to get back on it, let alone that I could fail in getting a PhD. Yeah, I really don't know.
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how long are you willing to leave leftovers in the fridge for later consumption, before throwing them out?

i have a tiny container of spaghetti bolognese i made probably just over a week ago :/

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You get picked as the maid-of-honor or best man. It's your job to take charge of the bachelor/bachelorette party. Assuming that you'll have a fair budget (and not settling because of costs), what features will you put in your party?

Strip club/Chippendale's (male dancers)
Live weaponry/shooting range
Hotel room (local)
Las Vegas
Controlled substances (ie drugs)
Fancy restaurant
Alcohol (you're buying and bringing back)
Some kind of extreme experience, like bungee jumping/zip lining/parachuting/what have you
Wine tasting
Disneyland/theme park

2. If your party plan isn't mentioned in the poll, what is it?
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hey TQC, any of you watching FaceOff (airs on SyFy - reality competition for special effects makeup artists)?

if you watch, who do you think will/should win this season? who are you rooting for? who can you not stand?

DK/DC/don't watch it: what NEW show(s) are you hooked on and why?
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My friend's office is getting really into Halloween and decorating their cubicles and planning a party for the day of. My friend is on the committee to plan the party and is sending out emails to the office to remind them about the costume contest, etc. One of her coworkers emailed her back and said she did not celebrate and was offended.

How would you reply to this coworker?

ETA: Friend just let me know that coworker told her the reason she didn't celebrate was she thought the holiday was greedy and encouraged people to "dress slutty."
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Are there are foods that do bad things to you, but you eat them anyway because they are so delicious/it's worth it? What are they?

These Hot Pockets will literally cause me to lose my hearing, but I love them so. And I occasionally get an extreme craving for Taco Bell's chalupas even though I know I'll spend a lot of time in the bathroom afterward.
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have you seen Persepolis? have you read the graphic novel?
what did you think of it?
I feel like I could watch the movie a million times.

do you watch Adventure Time? who are your favourite characters? what were your favourite episodes?
i think the episode The Creeps was genius tbh. i love Finn, Marceline, and Lumpy Space Princess!

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Congratulations! You've just scored a job interview with Your Favorite Company Ever!

You've scheduled it so that you can leave your current job and go straight there. However, when you get in your car to drive to the interview, you realize you've forgotten your shoes.

Do you:

A. Go to the interview in your awesome outfit while wearing sneakers?
B. Go home and get your interview shoes and show up 5-10 minutes late to the interview?
C. Other?
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Help me settle a debate with my boyfriend!

Today is Tuesday. When I say "next weekend," which weekend do you think I mean?

The weekend coming up (Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th)
The weekend that is after this coming up weekend (Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st)

Today is still Tuesday. When I say "the weekend after next," which weekend do you think I mean?

The weekend after this coming up weekend (Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st)
The weekend after that weekend (Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th)

This is obviously very serious business and is causing great stress in our relationship. /nonsrs

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Do you/would you take stray animals to the vet if the bill was your responsibility?

As I live in the country and kittens are dropped off here all the time, I run into this problem pretty frequently. I will put a lot of time and *some* money into caring for orphaned animals, but I just can't spend vet bills on them. If I did, I wouldn't be able to afford the bills for the animals I own.

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What was the last time you indirectly felt really awkward for you or someone else in your class or work? Either you felt embarrassed for them because they did something inadvertently to piss off the professor or you were really mad at them for wasting the class/work time for everybody else?

The only thing I remember is the first term at my university, our sociology professor had us do an exercise where we write down all of the stereotypes for each race/nationality, whether or not we believed it. She had us write down our names purely for extra credit purposes and she made it clear that whatever we wrote wasn't going to be a personal reflection on the student. This classmate spent the next 20 minutes out of a 50 minute class complaining about how we had to write our names down on that paper instead of making a separate paper with our names. The majority of class didn't actually care about writing our names on the paper and was getting super irritated with her about her complaint because the professor was really close to yanking the extra credit away from us because of her.

Which is the most underrated?

In case the question's unclear, try this: If this item suddenly disappeared from your life, you would notice its absence the most. Kind of like taking something for granted until it's gone.
**Edited to remove redundancy.
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Which is most underrated?

Comfortable shoes that fit well
Daily bowel movement
Hot water from the faucet
Literary fiction
Washer and dryer for laundry

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Do you have a hard time keeping your commitments to people? I feel like no matter how much I like a person/people, I just can't bring myself to keep my promises to them. At the time that I make the promise, I will really mean it but when it comes time to actually following through on it...I just don't feel like it, idk. I guess I'm a little self-indulgent/self-obsessed.

Anyone else have the same problem?

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So I just moved and it's awesome and all, and I am wondering, would hiring someone to come by, say, once a month, and clean the kitchen & bathroom, because I cannot stand cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, be unreasonably extravagant?

Assuming it is not unreasonably extravagant, how much would be a reasonable amount to pay for such service?

DK/DC/Ugh just clean it yourself: When do you, or your landlord, turn the heat on?

I always thought heat got turned on October 1st and off on May 1st, but my new landlord hasn't turned it on yet (it's in that sort of nether-region where it's to warm for heat but too cold to leave it off so I am sitting wearing a scarf and oversized fleece).
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When someone who normally doesn't annoy you seems to have changed quite a bit and you're suddenly rolling your eyes at their texts, calls, presence, etc., what do you do? 

My initial response is to just cut ties and GTFO.

my last wedding related questions, i swear

I am having a hard time find a church to have the ceremony in who will accommodate non-members, who is also close to the reception venue.

I found one church that is breathtaking. They will marry us for $3500, which includes: facility use, minister, organist, church coordinator, custodian, and security guard.

Is this outrageous? Keep in mind its a few blocks from the White House. Help me please :/