October 8th, 2012

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Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

What kind of friend are you? Do you and your friends drop by each other's houses unexpectantly? Do you care if your friends eat your food/ share your things? Will you lend your vehicle, money, posessions etc?


We just moved into a new apartment last Monday. Since then there has been more and more small scraps of food and things in our bushes in front of the patio(were on the first floor). We know its the third floor apartment, since there isnt anyone in the second, and they do have a small girl. I would have let go a little bit but its a little much, so we need to tell them something, but we JUST moved in, and I'm not sure how to approach it. I feel like I should just talk to them but maybe...should I not? Should I just leave a nicely worded note? If you were the third floor apartment what would you prefer?
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Do your parents curse around you?

I've never heard my parents curse at all except for my dad saying "damn it" or the like while watching sports, so when my mom just said "I don't give a fuck anymore" to me it was pretty jarring. But then I know people whose parents curse around them all the time and that's so bizarre to me.

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If you could be anywhere in the world, where would  you be? And what would you be doing? Do you have any idea why?

What are you currentyl watching/reading/writing/working on?

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Can you help me find this exact quote by Oscar Wilde?

It appeared in a list of statements at the beginning of The Picture of Dorian Grey when I read it, but the statements didn't have anything to do with the story. One of them said something like, "The way the viewer interprets a work of art says more about the viewer than it does about the artist," or something to that effect. As in, the viewer's preconceived notions and personal experiences determine what the person takes away from the art, and it doesn't necessarily mean the artist intended it to be viewed that way. Does this sound familiar?
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2013 will be the first year that im going to make a contribution to my FSA account.
Do you contribute? How much? What have you used it for?

Dk/ Doesn't apply: On average, how much do you spend a year on medical/vision/dental related expenses?
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TQC, I need to get my friend a birthday gift and a graduation gift but I need some auggestions.

We are both certified teachers, but she is having trouble finding a job. I had originally bought her 2 teacher resource books that I had found super helpful when given to me... as well as 3 children's book. So that when she does get hired as a teacher on call she will have them for her on call bag. I also know that at Xmas she asked for a bunch of children's books for this reason. But XMAS was before she graduated and had trouble finding a job.

Now I am not so sure they are good gifts as I know it upsets her that she isn't finding a job. The last thing I want to do is upset her more :(.

Are these still appropriate gifts or should I get her something else? If so, any suggestions?

Clothing is out, as we have different styles and she is very picky.. although I could get a giftcard to one of her favourite stores. Or I could get her a pair of Toms as I know she loves them. But, they are a bit expensive, and I don't have much money. (what up paying back student loans).

space and stuff

Inspired by this post.

As a general rule, should you have the proper amount of space/stuff ratio?

If you do not have a place for everything, do you have too much stuff? Well do you?

Do you employ ye ol' "A place for everything and everything in its place"?

If you find that you don't have a place for everything, would you get rid of some stuff? Or move?

We humans need so little stuff to survive. Yet we all probably have too much stuff. Whhhyyyy.

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I'm in charge of 'entertainment' for a small LARPing medieval event. The schedule is already planned and I am running a play. However, there is always down time and those who choose to sit out of certain scheduled parts.

What types of things can I do to entertain?

I was thinking something like a mini carnival game that a single individual can play. Like the game in a carnival where you throw a ball into a field of cups and different cups are worth different points. Then whoever got the highest score at the end of the event got a prize.

I was also thinking doing henna but it will be November so people will be covered up.

Alternatively; what is your favorite carnival game?

Obviously very serious.

This is spirit week at the school where I work. Tomorrow is pajama day. The principal mentioned at our faculty meeting that people can even just wear robes over their work clothes but they keep mentioning pajamas.

I barely feel comfortable in normal clothes and I can't find a pair of pajama bottoms that I feel confident wearing to school.

Do you think it's bad if I don't participate in pajama day?
If you insist that I must: hot pink with a black polka dots, red with coffee cups, or red with Christmas dogs on 'em?
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it's my sister's 15th birthday. when we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she replied, "play on the computer without interruption." we let her do that all weekend. this morning, my parents made breakfast for her and did a traditional thing (which took all of 10 minutes) and throughout the whole thing, she was very apathetic and ungrateful. for every birthday in the immediate family, we buy an ice-cream cake and cut it together at night.

when i asked my dad when he wants me to get the cake, he said, "don't bother". I think he was hurt by my sister's attitude. Should I go buy a cake anyway or ignore it?

I did slip a birthday card under her pillow and gave her cash but I don't think she's opened it yet.