October 6th, 2012

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So I started a job last month on the 11th, first job and it's fast food. I do frontline which includes cashiering. At first I would be short about 80 cents to a dollar.. but yesterday I was short $8, and today $10. I got written up, and it's being investigated because the safe was short $10 too (which I think means I was actually short $20...) I can assure you now that I didn't steal it and even offered to provide the lost funds myself.

And now, today, they're going to put me on drive thru for the first time for 7.5 hours. If I really am doing something as idiotic has handing out too much change, I'm terrified I'll fuck up majorly again since d-t is completely new for me. Any tips on handling change besides "counting up" (didn't do it earlier because I was doing fine just counting out the needed change)? As well, how many write ups do people normally get before being terminated? Couldn't find anything on it in the employee handbook.
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So for Halloween I want to go as Big Ang. Where does one find really tacky, over the top clothing and jewelry online besides eBay? I've been to every store I can think of and everything that screams Big Ang is too expensive.
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How cold does it have to be before you want the heater on?

(It's not supposed to get above fifty degrees Fahrenheit today, and it's going to rain off and on. And it may freeze tonight. Also, I'm kind of a sissy when it comes to the cold...)

DK/DC/I live on the Equator, neener neener: how's the fucking weather where you are today?
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I will be leaving my beloved Amsterdam in about 2 hours.
What can I do with my final 2 hours besides sit in a lame internet cafe?
OH...its raining and I have my back pack that weighs 890457349065 pounds

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so i'm canadian and not super up to date with what's going on in american politics, but even i can see that romney is the human eqivalent of a clogged drain. so why are otherwise rational people willing to vote for him over obama? from what i've heard people say, obama hasn't been OMG AMAZING but he hasn't been THAT abysmal either. :S

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I'm making a photobook for my sister's 40th birthday. The idea is that everyone who comes to the party will sign the book where their picture is.

Should I put the pictures in chronological order or just throw them wherever? OR would it make more sense to sort of keep the pictures of each particular person together (ie have a page of pictures with grandma, etc)?

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Let's say that you've been offered a lead acting position in any movie that's already been made. What movie would that be?

Hypothetically, this movie wouldn't have existed until now, so this will be the "original". The results of either movie will be exactly the same (how much money has been made, Oscars, etc.).


If anyone's an artists or works in the art industry, would you recommend getting a medium Intuos 5 or a large Intuos 4?

DK/DC: What's the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?
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Do you find that the older you get, the less involved your friends are in your life and vice versa? 

Anyone else watched My Boys? It's on Netflix and it's such a strange show I can't believe it was ever on TV. 

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An employee at a sub shop drops a container of potato salad into the semi-full recycling bin. He pulls it out and puts it into the fridge to be sold.

Does this gross you out?
Do you say something?

EDIT: Lid popped off. He put it back on.
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So last night, around this time, I posted about how my till was short as well as the safe. I came to work today and the manager told me they found it! Apparently one of the $20s had gotten stuck to the metal plate thing we use to insert the bills into the drop box. And today, my till was over by 2 cents. Pretty good I think!

But gosh, was I an overly dramatic worry wart until then! Has anything that you worried excessively over turned out fine? What was it?
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What is your least favorite scent of scents that are suppose to smell good? Like scents they use for candles, body spray, etc. not dog shit or other smells that most people think are gross.

I hate anything lavender scented. It's so vile.

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earlier today i spilt boiling water on my leg.
i put ointment on it and wrapped it in gauze and ignored it.
when i checked it a moment ago i found HUGE blisters.
does anyone have any advice on the best course of action to take here?

edit: you guys! you don't put ice on burns!
thanks for the other advice. i'm going to see if i can get into the clinic tomorrow.