October 5th, 2012

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Do you ferment anything? I make kombucha, and I have a long list of other things I want to try.

Have you ever kept chickens? Do they need direct sunlight to thrive, or is open shade enough to keep them healthy and laying? I know they need a few hours of artificial light to keep laying when the days are short in the winter. (Cold isn't a concern where I live.)

Have you ever eaten a javelina? What's the weirdest animal you've eaten? I ate a bear once. (Well, part of one.)

On an unlrelated note, can you think of a creative use for a steady supply of dead rats?

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I've been tossing and turning for the past 3 hours. I have to wake up in 3 hours. At this point, would it be better to not even try sleeping anymore? I do have a lot of work I could be doing...
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Buyer with 0.0% feedback...

I sold a Macbook Pro for $970.00 on eBay. I just went to send the buyer an invoice and his current feedback rating is 0.0% and the account he's using only has two transactions, both of which were made in 2009. Albeit, both of them were positive.

TQC, is this a scam? Am I being scammed? What should I do? Also he's in the US and I'm in Australia... Why would he buy a Macbook from so far away?

What would you do?

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So I got hit by a truck last night. (I'm fine. My car is not.)

Have you ever been in a car accident? What happened? I hope you & any one else involved was ok.

DC/Want a less depressing question: what is your favorite sandwich?

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I have an issue with talking to men (I'm a woman). Not in the "I can't find a boyfriend/male friends" kind of way, but talking to male receptionists, speaking to men on the phone, male nurses, male Drs. It's one of my anxiety quirks. I just don't know how to explain myself to them (Okay, I don't know how to explain myself to anyone).

Do you have any strange anxiety quirks?
What are you doing this weekend?
What did you eat today?
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I have a friend who tells me that, by the end of the Harry Potter series, he didn't think it was clear what side Snape was on. He says he's talked to other people as well who thought that maybe Snape was working for Voldemort the whole time. What do you think of Snape's loyalties? Is there any doubt about his position in your mind?

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1) Will share with us some of your scariest life moments?

2) For my birthday I think I'm going to celebrate by getting some more tattoo work done. With the understanding that I'm ultimately going to make the decision for myself, should I:

- get one of my current tattoos I'm not happy with covered up (it's small and not readily visible, I like the design, but not the location, it doesn't cause me agony but I would be happier with something different there) or

- begin on a larger tattoo project I've wanted for many years now (I've really wanted this design forever, it would satisfy my desire for a large, visible piece, and I'd feel SO PURDY with it finally on my body)
My Wild Irish Rose

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Anytime I try drinking my head hurts like it's in a vice and my legs feel all weird. I'm not drunk by then, by any means, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't really be qualified as "tipsy"--- my head just really fucking hurts.  It doesn't matter what I drink, either  (with the exception o wine, which I feel fine with for some reason).  
Am I doing something wrong? how do you drunkeness.

DK/DC/nope:  Favourite type of drink, alcoholic or not?

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In response to this picture, someone says:

"'No cost birth control' that's an interesting way of putting it. Nothing is 'free' or 'no cost' someone is paying for it and that someone is you and me. Also, there are prescriptions at Walgreens that are as low as $4 a month. That's less than gas is right now."

Do you agree with him/her?

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Have you been sick recently? What were your symptoms?

I've mostly gotten over a cold myself. It started with a couple days of fever and feeling awful, followed by a sore throat, stuffed nose, aching sinuses, and lots of gunk to cough up. I'm still bringing up phlegm. It's been 9 days. Yay!


Awkward Situation...

I had to fire someone today due to them calling out an INSANE amount, lying, and literally saying 'No, I'm going home now' when asked to finish their work. This has been on going for a while and my husband is just too nice sometimes. Anyway. The employee has a WORK PHONE. We paid for the phone, and pay for the service on it. It was given to him after working for us for about a month. Now he's claiming we 'gave him the phone no matter what'. (Yes, he actually said 'no matter what') and refusing to give it back.

I'm kind of at a loss of what to do now? Do I call the police? Do I withhold his final pay check until he gives it back? I just really am at a loss on the proper way to handle it. The phone is an iPhone 4S, so it certainly isn't cheap, or something I'm just going to let go...help?

EDIT: In my state, I am legally not allowed to withhold his paycheck, so that option is out.

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You're out and about with no particular timetable, and spot a sign on the corner that says "GARAGE SALE." You're headed that way anyway. As you go past...

What would make you most likely to stop?
What would make you most likely to keep right on going?

Multiple answers in encouraged. :)

For me, the bright colors of children's toys and baby clothes are like poisonous dart frog warnings - stay away! On the other hand, a cute dog off leash or shelves/tubs full of books reel me in like siren calls. Unless they're romance novels/cookbooks.

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If you had a clone, would you ever go down on that clone (blow job or cunnilingus), knowing that they would reciprocate? (Just pretend that you're not getting any from your SO, if you have one)

ETA: Would you let your clone go down on you if you didn't have to reciprocate? Knowing that, as your clone, they would know your body better than anyone else ever could?

I'm especially curious to know what the straight guys of TQC would say. My SO says he would never go down on his clone or accept a BJ because it would still be from a male. I would totally go down on myself, but I'm not 100% straight.

PS: Isn't this what the guy was doing as a teen in Time Traveler's Wife?

PPS: Anyone use a female condom before? I got some from a health fair but I'm terrified...they look like a grocery store produce bag combined with a nuvaring...

make my medical decisions, tqc...

Sometime in the near-ish future, I have to have oral surgery to have a tooth uncovered and have a bracket attached to it. The tooth is in the roof of my mouth and likely under a bit of bone.

I have two options:
Option 1: I get put under and don't experience any sensation whatsoever during the procedure. Insurance will not cover anesthesia so this will be an out-of-pocket expense, and several hundred dollars.

Option 2: I get local anesthetic and stay awake for the procedure. This is a much cheaper procedure, but I will have to hold my head at an awkward angle and I'm not sure how I feel about staying awake.

Money is kind of tight; we are trying really hard to put money back into savings after dumping a ton of it into my braces.

What should I do?

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I ordered food online and when they brought it they forgot some of it. I called to ask where it was and they said I didn't order it and they weren't going to bring it because they were shut :( But I can see on my screen that it was ordered and received. I was also charged for it (paid online) It's 11.20pm, and I have no way of getting to the restaurant. What should I do TQC :(

Dk/Dc - last food related disappointment?