October 4th, 2012

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Have you ever had a picture or video go viral? What was the story, and how did it get picked up?
I took a picture of a woman holding up a sign that said "I SKIPPED CHEMO TO SEE CHIPPER" at the Braves game on Sunday, tweeted/tumbl'd/facebooked it, and it got picked up by multiple news sources! She got tickets behind home plate for the next home game--I'm hoping she'll get to meet the man himself!

DK/DC: How much money would you say you spend on personal hygiene products in a month? What do you buy?
devon ramen

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hey tqc :)
so i was on the pill for 3 weeks and stopped (because of crazy mood swings). i usually gain weight on the pill but i didnt notice any changes this time. its been 2 weeks since i've stopped, and ive noticed that ive gained weight. ive also been breaking out after i stopped. do you think these could be an "after" side effect of the pill? 
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Bank of America started doing mobile deposits - yay! Their website is being really vague though - after you upload the photos of your check, "you'll get a confirmation and instructions on what to do with the check." What does that mean, TQC? Am I going to have to mail the check in? Because I'd rather drive down the street than waste a stamp.


can you recommend any solemn, somber music? not anything that really has much to do with breakups and whatnot, just reach in and pull your heart out kind of music. got any?

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How would you approach quitting your job if you were in a similar scenario:

1. Your boss is swamped with work and you'd really leave him/her high and dry for awhile if you quit
2. A new person would require months of training to take over your position
3. Basically you'd be creating a ton of extra work for people to cover your job for awhile

ETA: Also, if you are quitting without having a new job in place first, what is a nice way of saying you are leaving because you just can't stand the work anymore?

Dating this or that

You meet someone cute in a bar. What would make you less interested?

White particles on their shoulders (dandruff)
White particles on their upper lip (coke)

You meet someone cute in a bar. What would make you less interested?

He/she has 3 kids with 3 different people. Has custody of none
Has full custody of 2 kids from one previous relationship

You meet someone cute in a bar. What would make you less interested?

Is a high school dropout. Got as far as the 11th grade
Graduate from Liberty University (Christian college)

You meet someone cute in a bar. What would make you less interested?

Last time he/she had sex was 8 years ago. Doesn't give specific reason why
Last time he/she had sex was last week

You meet someone cute in a bar. What would make you less interested?

Has the body and face of a 25 year old but is actually 45
Has the body and face of a 45 year old but is actually 25
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Can you think of any books meant for toddlers or very young children that have a geeky bent to them? I'm not looking for chapter books or novels: just those little short books that parents read to their babies before the babies really learn to read on their own.

I already know about My Little Geek ABC Book, but I'm looking for more ideas. My nephew's going to be around 1 year old come Christmastime, and his parents are brilliant geeky people, so I'd like to incorporate both of those things into my present for him. (Please note that I'm not posting the dreaded "what do I get for ____?" question because I don't think my nephew's going to care very much about the actual present, no matter what I get him.)

DK/DC: What were your favorite books growing up?


I am having a few issues with where I am living and I want to move out ASAP but my husband thinks it's just my OCD acting up and I'm over reacting.

What issues, if anything, would cause you to up and move where you are currently living at?
Ginger Snaps

Halloween poll 1

You have to have a ghost haunt your home. You can select the ghost. Who famous dead person would you prefer to inhabit your home?

Amy Winehouse
Abraham Lincoln
Steve Irwin 'Crocadile Hunter'
Whitney Houston
Bob Denver (Gilligan)
Mother Teresa
Marquis de Sade
Michael Jackson
Audrey Hepburn
Leslie Nielson
Richard Pryor
Ronald Reagan

Zombies are coming! How do you picture them moving about?

Shambling, like the Night of the Living Dead
Sprinting, like in 28 Days Later (technically, they're not zombies, but they're close)
Dancing like in the Thriller music video
Crawling on all fours because they lack the muscle coordination and strength to stand upright

What traits do you consider to be notable vampire traits?

Transylvanian accent
Burns if exposed to sunlight
Creates glitter if exposed to sunlight
Well-dressed, fancy, slightly gay, European wardrobe
Meticulous appearance; not a hair out of place, despite the fact they can't see themselves in the mirror because...
They cast no reflection. And don't show up on film
Brooding, emo kid
Mistrust or hatred of werewolves
Sexy. No matter what gender, they're sexy
Vulnerable to holy symbols, and holy water
Strong dislike of garlic
Stakes through the heart kill them (and, for the most part, people who aren't vampires)
Can turn into a bat
Superhuman strength and speed

Best father figure to an animated humanesque creature?

Gepetto (Pinnochio)
Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein's monter)
Anakin Skywalker (C3PO)

You suspect you're werewolf. Whenever the moon is full, you black out. No memory of what happens that night. You wake up the next day with great amonts of blood and mud all over your clothes, and the next day, you read about livestock being slaughtered and eaten. Wolves are suspected. What's the first thing that crosses your mind with this lycanthropic revelation?

"Oh...my...god. I'm cursed! I turn into a monster!!"
"Those poor sheep! What have I done?"
"Zooks! I have to be careful that no one sees me in my other state. Now how can I make sure that I'm not seen...'?
"Well, SHIT! So much for my vegan/vegetarian diet!"

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So I haven't bought a new game console in years, when is the best time to get a good deal? I have my eye on the 3DS XL, but $186 is the cheapest I can find it and that still seems too high for me. Are prices typically better during black friday - December?

Alternatively, where's the best place to buy refurbs at? I'm assuming most places won't have them right now since it's so new, but I'm looking to get one in the next 6 months or so.
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If someone was convicted of a crime before the widespread use of DNA technology, should the inmate have the right to demand that the evidence be tested now to prove innocence?

Pros - Could potentially clear a lot of innocent men.
Cons - Would be very expensive and clog up the system.

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I filled up my lounge room with balloons for my hubbys birthday and the little bastards keep popping randomly and scaring me.

Any tips on keeping them from popping until he comes home in an hour?

Alternatively, I have a sharpie and want to draw silly things on them, suggestions?
r lee ermey

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have you ever left a youth hostel after checking in?

yes, because it was nasty
yes, because my roomates were evil
yes other
no, i have never stayed at a youth hostel
don't worry haj, you won't get molested in your sleep (again)

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TQC, I'm making Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.
I always forget things.

What would you have at your ideal Thanksgiving dinner?

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Also, any dessert suggestions? I am a decent baker but I CANNOT for the life of me make a pie. I'm hoping my aunt comes to my rescue with a pumpkin pie or 3, but if she doesn't offer what could I make?

(Holiday dinners are huge in my family. There should be about 30 people, so I need a lot of food)

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So I have to fire my daughter's babysitter tomorrow, except I'm really afraid of confrontation. Everyone says just tell her the truth but I feel like its going to turn into a fight. 

How do you fire someone?

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I am currently wedding planning and have tentatively picked August 31, 2013 as a possible date.  I just realized that's labor day weekend.  Is this a bad idea considering how many people travel that weekend?