October 3rd, 2012

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Have any traumatic experiences that you've overcome?
Any goals that you've accomplished? (Can be anything. Doesn't matter if its big or small)
Did you ever think that you could accomplish this goal?

I recently got in contact with an old friend and she brought up my fear of men that I had when were small. Around 12 years old I believe. Due to some traumatic experiences I was completely disgusted by adult men. I would be scared if a man got to close to me and when I would see a male stranger I would think of pedophiles and rapists and cry and ask my friend why they did those things. (Of course I know that not all men are this way and that women aren't perfect I just couldn't help it). But my step-father showed up and was the kindest man ever ,never hurt me or my mom, and thanks to him I got over my fear to the point that I forgot about it. And I am Damn proud of myself and the fact that I can have so many amazing relationships with the men in my life now. Today is going to be a good day :)
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i am super tech-incompetent so tqc..
apparently my google chrome hasnt been updating adobe flash player automatically, like it's meant to. i checked it out and found out its because i have an old OS for my macbook? it's a version 10.5.6. i tried to update software, but theres nothing new to update. my brother told me to install snow leopard on the app store, which i dont have because its only available on version 10.6 and above.

what to do TQC? im really clueless about this. i dont want to bring my macbook to the store just yet, because i use it daily for uni.

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I have a decent bit of school loans and I finish my degree in December 2013. I've thought about asking into a program that lets students go abroad for 3 months and stay/work on a hotel as a chef. I don't have a job just yet and am still living at home, so I have open days.

Should I look into it?
If I did, it would be my first time out of the country. Would you give any advice?

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ok, i have an interview tomorrow for a teacher's job. i'm graduating in approximately 3 months. if i were to become a teacher, i would have to go through another year of education and be bonded for 4 years to a school.

i am not passionate about teaching, at all. i do not connect with kids, srsly. but everyone around me keeps saying omg you totally fit the profile of a teacher because well, i *look* like a nice person and never outwardly say rude things. i'm meticulous blablabla

if you were in my position, would you still go for the interview?

should i take the risk and just look for jobs elsewhere? i'll survive, right? :'(

part of me is worried i am unable to find a job after graduation, though i am actively looking!

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My mom just got a new job after a year of temping (she was laid off last September). She has her own office and she's really happy. I want to get her something for her office. Any suggestions?


I have three dogs. An English Mastiff, A Chihuahua, and a Golden Retreiver. They are all up to date on their flea treatments. The Mastiff went to the Vet on Monday, full check and shots, and they checked her for fleas. No fleas. Today, the Chihuahua went to the vet, full check, shots, and they checked her for fleas. No fleas. The groomer came to my house today to groom my Golden Retriever only, and he apparently has fleas.

What is the likelihood that only one of my 3 dogs has fleas? They all live together, potty together, sleep together. She is giving him a flea treatment right now and I just checked my other two for fleas and nothing. No one in my house has bites either. I've had fleas twice in the past about 4 years ago and only had one dog at the time, so I'm really confused. I thought if one got it they all got it?

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Is it normal to keep in contact with your exes? What about when you are in another relationship? What about if you're married to someone else? If you think it's normal, then how close of contact do you think is acceptable? Talking daily, weekly? Spending time together in person?

ETA: How would you feel if your current significant other was in close contact with their ex(es)?

Inspired by a Michael Swanwick story

Here's a situation: There was an accident at a local research institute for advanced physics involving inverted and vectorized meson fields and failing verge stabilizers and other scientific mumbo jumbo you don't understand. And there is now a herd of triceratops roaming about. Not to worry, they're pretty harmless. To resolve this anomaly, the research team is going to go back and prevent the herd from appearing. And everything after the herd appeared never happened. You have ten weeks before they fix things. What do you do?

Short version: What would you do if your actions had no consequences?
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pet turtle questions

I am thinking of acquiring a turtle. I have owned dogs and cats in the past and would like a pet, but my household can't accommodate fur or feathers (allergies). SO vetoed a snake on the grounds that it would be extremely inconvenient to get someone to care for it when we travel. I would rather not do an aquarium--realistically I don't have the time for that much maintenance. I think turtles are pretty cool, also, but I will only invite a turtle to my home if I can be a good pet owner.

We are two adults and one high school-age kid. Turtle care would be 90% my responsibility.

Have you ever had a turtle? What kind? What is the daily/weekly time commitment like? Anything else I should consider?

ETA: Thank you, turtle owners. It looks like I have to wait until life allows me more time to properly clean up after turtles.
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What should I be for Halloween?

The last two years I've gone as Tim Drake Robin and the year before that I was a ninja.

I don't want anything complicated and I don't want to buy a costume out right I want to put something together out of ordinary things so I can wear them as none costume things later on.

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I've just started work in a restaurant/bar on full time hours. 
However, every shift i've had this week i've been sent home early as it's been quiet. 
I need those hours for my rent - whats the best way to go around this? 
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Cone Collar on Cat

My pussy has been scratching hisself raw behind both ears for the past few weeks; we've tried lotions and potions, ointments and salves, all but to no avail. This evening I couldn't stand the bloody mess anymore and put the cone on him. It's the first time for him, and he's still very disoriented, moving like he's half blind or something, which I guess he is since the collar's not crystal clear, but nearly clear.

So's it got me to thinking that while it's all well and good to keep him from scratching his ears, what's he gonna do when it comes to his instinctive, necessary grooming? Eating and drinking? Is 2 weeks too long to keep it on until everything's good and healed? Any insight or advice, TQCers?  
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I'm going to start a big lifestyle change on Sunday. Major changes in my diet and going to start exercising a lot more. So these are my last few days to eat foods that are pretty bad for me. What should I include in these last days of indulging?

If you were no longer going to be friends with someone, would you just say the one thing you actually had to (has to do with a joint bill) and leave it be? Or would you tell them exactly what you thought of them after getting the business part out of the way?

Do you think telling someone off actually has any impact on them, or is it just to make yourself feel better?

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So I am moving next week and my new place has an eat-in kitchen and I would love to get a proper table for the kitchen --- after cleaning up the area around my coffee table I've learned my lesson about where I eat.

I realize this is kinda pricey but I'm hoping to buy something that'll last and I can afford it, so which do you like better:

round table

Square table.

DK/DC: How long would it take you to pack up your place? It took me about four days and I had help from a good friend for most of yesterday and today.