October 2nd, 2012

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Is there a good way to go about trying to find a song that you don't know any sliver of the lyrics to, but the only information you have is that there is a part where a horn is playing, the song sounds mellow/indie, and the female vocalist kind of has a baby voice?

I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out this song. I first heard it randomly at an acquaintance's housewarming party, and then heard it again the other day at the locker room in the gym, but with all the hairdryers on and muffled sound, Shazam didn't work.

bar scenario

Hey guys, can you tell me how you'd react to this hypothetical scenario?

You are 19 and sitting in a busy bar late at night with two friends (let's say they both identify as female).  At a table opposite you, with her back to you and your friends, sits a very attractive young woman.  She is wearing a white, see-through cropped top displaying her back and stomach, as well as low-cut jeans.  She is shifting a lot in her chair and playing with her long, blonde hair as she speaks to her two male friends, and you can see that she's getting a lot of attention from the large table of guys seated behind her, who are getting rather "excited" by the sight of her bare back and talking amongst themselves about her.

Your friends immediately express their anger at the woman.  One of them says "If only she'd stop sitting like that and actually had some personality.." the other tells you that she finds the woman's behaviour "Annoying".  Bear in mind that neither you nor your friends can see this girl's face, never mind hear what she is saying over the background music.

- what would you think of this very angry reaction from your two female friends? 

- how would you react?

- would you think the way the woman dressed and sat was in any way "wrong"? why/why not? 
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-Say you work in two locations or have a job in one city and school in another. Would you rather:
A) Have a 45 minute commute to each
B) Have a 20 minute commute to one and 1.25 hour commute to the other?

-Have you ever heard of a couple having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party?
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Say you have the choice between two basically equivalent versions of the same TV show, but one is the US version, set in America with American actors, and the other is the UK version, set in England with British actors. Which one would you be more inclined to watch, disregarding other factors(i.e. which one is the original)?

Why do you think that is? Where are you from?
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What should I do with my day off today, TQC? What would you do? I have a car full of petrol but not LOTS of money and there's shitall at the movies. It's a bit chilly but sunny, I live by about 15 beaches but the water is FREEZING right now, and I have my boyfriend for company. 

What would you do if you had the day off today?

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Three weeks ago, I went into a retail store. While browsing, one of the sales associates asked if I would be interested in working there. The manager gave me an application, and asked me to come back with it filled out and with my resume. I still haven't received a call or anything, and it's been like three weeks.

Not to toot my own horn, but I feel very qualified for the job (maybe even a tad overqualified), so I'm not sure why they're not getting in touch.

Is one supposed to follow up with retail stores regarding jobs? Or do I just leave it and assume they'll eventually get in touch if they're interested?

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we were discussing Silence of the Lambs in psychology class today, and an interesting debate was brought up:

do you think SotL criticizes or supports the idea of the American Dream and class difference? how so?

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You're driving along at night. There appears to be some kind of commotion up ahead. You're the only car on the street, but you see a car pull out of a driveway at breakneck speed and head off. A cop comes running up to you. "This is a police emergency. I'm going to need to borrow your car". What do you do?

Step out. Give the policeman my car
Step on the gas and take off
Ask the cop to show me proof he's a cop. If I'm satisfied, then I will
Refuse. I feel it's within my rights to refuse.

You're walking your dog (pretend you have one in this scenario). Near where you're walking, there's a dog show. On the corner where you pass, you see 3 cops and one plain-suited undercover cop. You hear them say "he's definitely in there. We need to blend in, but where can we find a dog on such quick notice?". Then they notice you. "We're going to need to borrow your dog. Official police business". What do you do?

Give them my dog, but get them to promise that he/she won't get hurt

You're at the mall. It's a crowded day. Near the nicest restaurant in the mall, you see a few cops, and one undercover cop (of your gender). You overhear them talking about the undercover cop will have to go in and masquerade as a server, but word quickly gets passed that the servers in there wear black pants. The undercover cop is wearing grey. "There isn't time to hit a store. We need to get in there now!" Then the cops notice you. Boy, this was a bad day to wear black pants. The cop looks roughly your size. "Official police business. We'll need to use your pants. Here's $50 to buy another. ASAP!" What do you do?

Take off my pants in the middle of a crowded mall and pass it over to the undercover cop
Give them my pants but only after they provide extensive proof that they're cops

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If you were a nanny to small children and took photos of them on outings, would you ask the parents' permission to post those photos on Facebook or anywhere else online?

If you were a parent, would you allow your nanny/babysitter to do this?

If you found out they had done so without your permission, what would you say to them (if anything)?

TQC: All Natural Make-Up?

Backstory: I haven't worn make-up consistently in over a year or two. My skin is really sensitive and so if I wear it more than a day (and sometimes even for a day), I end up with my eczema rash on my face :( I don't have a terrible complexion, so it's not like I need to be dolled up, but it'd be nice to have some on hand that I could wear when going out or to cover up an unsightly pimple.

Question: Does anyone know of a good make-up that is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and without the petro-chemical base (I guess I'm looking for something organic and all natural)? 

I've googled but I don't know what's good, what's not, and I don't know how to buy make up on the internet (I've always gone to a store so I can try to shade match).

On another note, I want to plant some pretty bushes/foliage in my backyard against a fence, but I want them to change to reds and oranges in the fall, what would you recommend? 
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Photoshop or general graphic skills question

I know nothing about graphic design (I think my questions are too basic for real graphic design) or photoshop so.

For work, I need a map of the country I live in. I have to colour the borders to indicate certain services the states offer concering funding. Additionally, they (the states) may be in various colours.

Do I need photoshop for that or can you do that with paint? Open canvas? We don't have photoshop AFAIK)

Unfortunately, the borders aren't as neat as the US ones.

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Do you feel like your posts get enough responses?

Do you get offended if they don't?

Do you ever feel like there's someone in the community who purposefully and consistently ignores your questions, posts or comments?

Do you ever get offended or upset if you address someone directly in the comments and they don't respond to you?

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if you heard a neighbors child screaming and crying multiple times of the day what would you do? sometimes it goes on for 30 minutes+

I walked by to see what the hell was going on, and the little toddler was half naked outside with a very large dog, 2 parents inside.
the dog saw me and barked and the little girl was startled and started banging on the glass door to be let in.
then I heard the mother curse "what the fuck!!....." like she was blaming the child or something?

I've called CPS once and the cops went over there to check on them, they came over to my place first and asked which place it was and one cop said to the other "oh yea that place with the big dog, there's something weird about them"

needless to say the crying and screaming hasn't gotten any better what so ever, in fact worse.

I am torn, because maybe it's a temper tantrum child like I've seen on wifeswap or whatever show, or maybe it is child abuse. I also wouldn't want some other childs' childhood memories be of crying 24/7.


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I recently moved to Georgia, USA (not the country). There is an area here by the name of Martinez. Mar-TEEN-ez. However, the people that live in this area strongly insist on pronouncing it "Martin-EZ" and it bothers me to no end. WHYYY do they do this? srs/nonsrs answers welcome.

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For those of you who do online dating, what are some things a person's profile can have that will immediately turn you off before you even try talking to them?

For me it's names with either "sexy" or the number "69" in them, and profile pictures of their bodies/abs rather than their faces.

What do you use to wash in the shower? Pouf? Loofah? Something else?

I alternate between a loofah and a pouf. Loofah when I need extra exfoliating.

Do you have Halloween plans?

I think me and my bff are going to see the new Silent Hill movie.
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what television shows are you currently watching? with tTrue Blood and Mad Men being done for the season, I am watching the Good Wife.

what shows do you need to catch up on? British Skins, Royal Pains and White Collar. I'll probably speed watch Gossip Girl soonish
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If you have Netflix, how many things do you have in your Instant Queue?

My roommate says I'm ridiculous for having 203 lol
I'm so bad about adding everything to it.

Also how the fuck do you edit entries in the new version of posting? I just tried to and there was only a delete button and a preview button. I didn't see anything that would have let me post the edited post so I just switched back to the old style.
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How do you manage your stress?

I have to start running or something, any tips? I just started a really demanding program last month and I'm going to hurt someone if I can't chill out.

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1) Would you want to live life as a conjoined twin that shared one body and had two heads? Ex I'm thinking of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abigail_and_Brittany_Hensel (I mean if the option was you living or your parents aborting)

2) Would you continue a pregnancy if you knew you were carrying children with one body and two heads? (Yes, I know it's two people, but they do share parts of their bodies)

3) Would having sex with a person that shared a body with someone else be like having sex with one person or two? (If the twins shared sex organs like the Hensel twins do for those who want clarification) 

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I've been offered a job in the British part of Epcot in Disneyworld. Leaving in May. 
Am I mad to not go?

My reasonings are - I want to travel (properly), a year is a long time in my life when I could have many little adventures rather than this long one, I don't like the idea of sharing a bedroom for a year, Disney is pretty evil, there's not an awful lot else out there (I could be wrong but it seems to be theme parks), i've been poor for ages and wouldn't mind something with better pay, I love where i'm living now, it'll be a very female heavy working population and I like working with guys, everyone else will be obsessively Disney. 
ETA: I have a job where I live at the moment, and so far I really like it.